Ellen Degeneres

This is one of those situations where I could try and do some research and explain what is going on here, but does anyone really want that? I don’t think so. Sometimes it’s more fun to have a little mystery in life! Seriously, though, these photos make me laugh a lot. This is me right now: “Hahahahahha! I am laughing! Hahahaha!”

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  1. I think Gabe is just mad that Ellen can squeeze into a smaller shirt than he can.

  2. And people mocked me when I predicted Simon Adebisi would be a major fashion influence. Comically tiny hats for everyone!

  3. Portia De Rossi is fucking that?

    Aaaaaaaaand I’m not getting laid. Okay great.

  4. Zoolander 2 started filming already? I’m excited

  5. Hey gang. I hate the “unrelated” post thing, but here goes:

    Also, ’tis Friday.

  6. Mondo would totally love that.

  7. bruno looks great!

  8. Why is Ellen stealing hats from flamboyant chipmunks?

  9. Fashion!

  10. She looks so unimpressed! I want her to like me!

  11. god i really do love tiny hats. anything about tiny hats. talking about them, wearing them, looking at other people wearing them…. i have one at home to be completely honest. i clip it over my bun sometimes.


  12. “Are those space pants?”
    “Space pants? Huh? Why?”
    “Because your ass looks fucking ridiculous right now.”

  13. She Mad. (on the right)

  14. Because you can’t choose both. Obviously.

  15. “All the kids have always known…That the emperor wears no clothes…But they bow to down to him anyway
    It’s better than being alone”

    - Ellen Degeneres (I think)

  16. This Photoshop is more offensive than the Don Draper Atrocities from the Caption Contest

  17. Wait. Are tiny hats the thing now?!? SHIT.

  18. Richie Rich is a better look for her than Heatherette would’ve been. As remote a possibility anyone ever might have considered “Ellen in a tiny hat and a suit of space-fabric” to be, “Ellen in a fuchsia-colored shredded tutu and six-inch platform sneakers” is just ridiculous.

  19. This is even more baffling to me

  20. She is Posing a Threat! …do sense and decency? Nah. She looks fierce!

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  22. she’s making a mockery of Fashion Week and I DO NOT appreciate it!

  23. I wish she would tone down the eyeliner/mascara. She looks like Jenny Humphrey.

  24. She is trying to get in character for her latest role – she’s playing prof. Emma Brown, Doc Brown’s sister in BTTF 4, duh!

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