You know that part in action movies where the hero is confronted by a deadly warrior who provides a brief and terrifying demonstration of his unparalleled skill with his (or her! Ladies!) weapon of choice, blades flashing, chains swinging, bo-staff’s twirling, and then the hero just shrugs and shoots them with a gun? I was kind of expecting that to happen during that whole video. Minus the “deadly” and “unparalleled skill” part, though. Unless Danny Bonaduce’s deadly, unparalleled skill is causing fatally uncomfortable silences when his name is announced to a crowd. (Via WarmingGlow.)

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  1. Karate Trained Monkey actually seems about right; nice work, Bing.

  2. Actung Baby is the only U2 album I like.

    PS-Is Jack Kevorkian in the stands @ 0:49?

  3. Trying to function as an adult after being a child actor is like trying to keep commenting here after the Sad Don Draper meme.

  4. I was in a bookstore on LA once, and Danny Bonaduce walked in. He went up to the clerk and asked her if they carried notebooks.
    “Because,” he added, “I’m working on my novel.”

  5. I’m too busy to watch the whole thing, At what point does Indiana Jones shoot him?

  6. Danny Bonaduce is the Chuck Norris of unfortunate child actors who used rampant substance abuse to cope with the loss of their fame and recapture the love that they were once surrounded with.

  7. I’d really like to see Donny Bonaduce vs George Simmons with PRIDE rules.

  8. Gabe, please let Danny Bonaduce be a lesson in the dangers of juicing.

  9. Danny Bonoduce shaking his mullet is the new Haters Gonna Hate.

  10. That video was more uncomfortable than the last caption contest photo. Yikes.

  11. In Alabama the kids would always say “numb chucks” and to this day that is how I spell it in my mind

    • I lived on this earth for 23 years before learning there’s no such thing as “sherbert” (as in the frozen dessert). I lost a bet about it to my roommate and we actually drove to the grocery store just to find out who was right. Turns out, it’s called “sherbet”, who knew? (Everybody except me, apparently.)

      It was one of many, many sad days for me.

    • This is true.

  12. Dear guy in the background: Between sitting there staring off into space and watching DANNY BONADUCE PERFORMING WITH NUN-CHUCKS TO AWFUL MID-CAREER U2 you chose the former???? What is the matter with you? What, do you hate being amazed?

  13. What was up with the reaction shots? I hate them during stand-up comedy specials, and I hate them during Danny Bonaduce numchuck katas.

    “I’m a stand-up comedian and I’ve just mentioned black people in a joke!” (cut to black person in audience laughing)
    “Now I’m doing stand-up and I’m talking about how dating women is c-c-c-crazy!” (cut to attractive young white woman in audience, preferably sitting next to her attractive friend)

    • Nunchuck demonstration by Danny Bonaduche
      cut to a coke-addict former child star also using a dangerous weapon

    • I feel I was too specific in those reaction shot descriptions. I meant for it to be more of a template.

      All instances of “black person/people” should be replaced with “a specific ethnic group” and “attractive young white woman” should just be “attractive young woman.” It’s just that more often than not, but not ALWAYS, they ARE usually white.

      That’s why I love Louis CK’s policies. In his specials, which he directs, there are NO reaction shots.

    • Personally I thought the reactions were funnier than anything else

      • We’re in agreement. I’m sure the long reaction shots were used during parts where Danny was sucking hard, and I would rather see the crowd mystified/confoozed by Danny’s numchuck antics than watch the whole routine.

        The reaction shots reminded me of stand-up specials that do reaction shots, which I’m not too hip on.

  14. So glad to see a video here from Found Footage Fest. (I actually recommended Videogum to them–they hadn’t heard of this site!?!? Weird!)

    Anyway, Danny Bonaduce is gross. That is all.

    • Dammit, my post doesn’t make sense. I meant to say I attended the FFF this year and met the curators…then I recommended VG to them. So, if there’s some kind of Gabe-Found Footage Fest collaboration one day, I’ll tilt my head to the side, sigh, and nod knowingly.

  15. I think that announcer is Boston Rob from Survivor (shut up!…whatever Survivor is the best).

  16. I am terrible for thinking those are probs the faces danny bonaduce makes when he makes love to the womens.

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