As we all know, sometimes in life things do not work out the way you had planned. And so, for some of you, attendance at last night’s Videogum “Back to School” comedy show and party just wasn’t possible. Perhaps you do not live in New York (weird), or maybe you are not 21 years old (diapers), or maybe you are sick. Get well soon! For the rest of us, last night’s event was a reminder that sometimes in life things work out PERFECTLY. What a fun show, ladies and germs! There was a great turn out, but even more importantly, there were great jokes. With performances by Gabe Liedman, Joe Mande, Max Silvestri, John Mulaney, and a foot-long party sub provided by Jon Glaser, it was already one of the best nights of comedy you could ever see, but add to that surprise appearances by Jenny Slate and Judah Friedlander and now your head is spinning in circles because that is just unbelievable. Well, believe it. Hopefully we can do more things like this soon, because it was a very good time, and if you are capable of having more good times, why would you ever pass that up? Come on. Now you’re the one who is being silly.

For those of you who couldn’t make it, or for those of you who could make it and love remembering things right away, please enjoy this photo gallery. It’s hilarious, I’m sure. (Photos taken by the incredibly talented Alex Reside.)

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  1. That looks like almost as much fun as my evening on the couch, in boxer shorts, watching a rerun of “Jersey Shore” and eating Trolli Sour Gummi Worms.

  2. Gabe, you are so buff and handsome. Come to Virginia, plz.

  3. He shows a bit of arm, but not too much. He’s da BOOM king. (Gabe)

  4. Wow, did Max lose some weight, He’s looking great!

  5. I’m glad Jenny Slate is going out and doing stuff and not moping around after being fired by SNL

  6. Ugh, I am SO FUCKING PISSED that i missed this. i live in Brooklyn! The one goddamn night I’m out of town! Please make this a yearly event.

    Also: that is at least the second time Jon Glaser has sent a giant party sub to a comedy show because he “couldn’t attend” and then showed up anyway, and it is never not funny. You guys are all just the best. I’m such an idiot.

  7. Gabe, what do you bench? As in. Do you date me? No homo.

  8. I’m kind of jealous dudes. Though I did get to see the two-hour season finale of Rookie Blue, a show I’d never seen before, and drink 2 leftover beers from Labor Day.

  9. Seriously, great night — so much fun! EW gives it an A+. Don Draper holds its hand and makes furtive eye contact.

  10. Welcome to Videogum BLAM To School Comedy Show, your in-your-face guide to Videogum’s Back To School Party. Ahhh Gabe, it looks like he’s really been working out his arms. Or is it BLAMMING out his arms?!?

  11. I’m so upset I missed this!

  12. Amrit, call me.

  13. “So posting screencaps of Keenan’s facial expressions is what passes for humour on the Internet now?”
    ~ Gabe

  14. Thanks for teaching me all about tampons and masturbation, Jenny Slate! One-woman show, please?

  15. Had a great time last night! Gabe, thanks for getting all dressed up for the occasion! Zing.

  16. Looks cool! Now if only there was a video of these jokes… DAMN YOU PICTUREGUM!!

  17. Gabe, you’re looking rather Situation-esque. Without the grease and the STDs, of course.

  18. Gabe, are there any plans to turn this even into some sort of DVD package available only for monsters? Because I need to see these standup performances.

    Seriously, I NEED to see them.

  19. I can see myself in a photo (my worst nightmare) standing against the wall! This was the one event in the history of my life where everyone else out-nerded me and got there earlier and snagged all the seats. At least I got to be Mrs. Cool Stance in the back…? (I would’ve given anything, including Gabe’s abs, for a seat.)

  20. Hey Max Silverstri! You are ADORABLE :)

  21. Can everyone please stop telling me how BUFF and ADORABLE I am???

  22. Joe Mande! I’m calling you out! What happened to your T14TT segments? I need more Avatar Makeup Tuturial in my life. Is Gabe giving you summers off?

  23. Thankfully there are no pictures of my n’ boyfriend on the couch in the back. i looked rough, despite my videogum t-shirt (which i thought would be one of many… wrong. nerd). Also, FYI, I was the chick during Max’s set with the Coldplay tattoo… damn white wine for whispering in my ear that it would be funny to say that out loud to a room full of people who are far cooler than I.

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