Sad Don Draper

Just four days after an epic episode of Mad Men (so good, right? It’s weird everyone hates that show so much and it never wins any awards) generated a new Internet meme, some people are already declaring that meme “over.” Perhaps. But if that is true, then let this be the death knell! As it stands, we sort of sat back and watched the Sad Don Draper meme pass right by, but guess what? This is the Internet. NO RULES. This is not real life, and there is no nostalgia in this shit here. So, IN MEMORIUM, let’s have a Sad Don Draper meme Caption Contest. Entries can be text based (what is Don Draper CRYING?) or a Photoshop. The choice is yours, guys. So choose. (If you need the original image, it is here.) Now if you will excuse me, I have an incredible comedy show to attend!

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. Nothing to cry about! (BOO.) (Image via.)

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  1. theres no more gin

  2. Is meme-ing still a thing?

  3. “Man, they did NOT like my pitch for Agent Orange Crush.”

  4. So Photoshopping the heads of actors onto photos of genocidal atrocities in which innocent children are mercilessly tortured and probably killed is what passes for humour on the Internet now?

    • Sentiment shared. Peaceful Monsters, pls refudiate.

      • I was going to try and caption this, but I threw up in my mouth a little bit.

        Also, Gabe didn’t credit my tip from earlier so if he wasn’t on my shit list before, he’s on it now.*

        PSYCHE! I HEART Gabe. The internets is so crazy!


    • i was pretty shocked/uncomfortable to see that photo…had to triple take to even notice Sad Don Draper was in it….but, I am an american, so I just shrugged my shoulders and went along with it anyway.

    • BLAMMMM!
      This Kurt-CoBLAM just served himself some finger-BLAM to the side of the head with his fingers, and got dead! Hope he didn’t get any brains in his cap-BLAM-cino. Let’s see that one again:


    • Concur. New low, Gabe.

    • I LOL’d but at the same time I was going “This is horrible”. So many conflicting emotions.

      I think it just taps into the root of humor that is the juxtaposition of two strange things. That incongruity is what got me. But at the same time, it’s like, real people suffered and died and that’s not even a little bit funny, and this is coming from the Gabe who talks about the Slumdog kids all the time and makes references to starving AIDS children in comedy posts? What’s going on?

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          • I was about to go to bed, having court tomorrow, but I something compels me to make a few remarks.

            1. After some time of lurking, I was driven to create this account and post my first comment almost exactly a year ago in very similar circumstances. Napoleon Complex had, in a very thoughtful comment, criticized a too liberal use of the sad children in the dirt. I agreed and wanted to say so.

            Her comment was so smart and so right that I feel in some way that I am the Athena to her Zeus, me springing fully formed from her head.

            2. I don’t think that there is any doubt among us that when it comes to issues of morality, rightness, thoughtfulness and “not being an empty husk of a human in a crumbling world by trying to be real and alive,” Gabe does it right an is on our side. His thoughtfulness is the internal combustion engine to our Model-T.

            I also agree that the picture is really off-putting. Now, I read it, not as a crass grab at humor, the type of thing that would appear on a lesser blog, but at part of Gabe’s continuing lament against the emptiness and terror of our current existence. That is, reading his post, and seeing the picture in the context of this blog, I understand that rather than get a cheap laugh, the point is “These meme things are really, really meaningless in light of the ongoing horror and despair that is life for most people in this world.”

            So I give him the benefit of the doubt–though that doesn’t mean that I am not made uncomfortable by the picture. And certainly, if you were not familiar with the totality of the work of this blog, I think the picture comes off in a way that is probably not intended.

            3. To Capt Clown: I know the folly of responding any way–thoughtful or otherwise–so what I say is not to you. What you think doesn’t matter and soon enough you will slip out of this skin and spirit your sharp wit else where (perhaps Ask Yahoo). No, I say this just for the rest of us: Why you got to be a dick?

            The people who post here–regularly or infrequently–and the people who just read and never post are all good people who are just trying to do the best they can in this world. They are trying to be smart and think about the meaning of the ones and zeros that we vomit out into the world.

            What we do and say matter. I have to believe that. Everything matters.

            Many people enjoy the dialogue that is to be found here. Perhaps you are upset that we made fun of your campaign speech when you wanted the Republican Nomination for Stark County Treasurer. Maybe you are just trying to get over when you hit your face when you fell out of your boyfriend’s shopping cart. I don’t know what you have going on in your life that makes your brain derive pleasure from mocking kind people talking quietly among themselves. I don’t know. The world is weird.

            All I can say is this: In the end, it is this soul-emptying meanness, this desire to belittle and deride that makes Don Draper very sad. He’s just realized it and hopefully can change.

            I hope you can to. You will be happier that way.

          • Fucking Lawyers.

          • Hopefully this is getting posted in the right place… It’s supposed to be re: “Mans” comment in reference to me and Napoleon Complex.

            1) I just started commenting here yesterday and *clearly* mis-read the room. I sincerely apologize. The wittiness of the comments on videogum is awesome (I started reading the site during the last season of Lost) and I thought the whole point was to make an unusual comment that caught people by surprise. I stand corrected.

            I didn’t expect my initial comment in this thread to cause a blowout, and I didn’t mean to hurt Napoleon’s feelings. Again, I stand corrected.

            2) I really, REALLY hate the picture in this thread. It didn’t make me laugh in the slightest, it felt like a cheap trick. I’m actually less conflicted about it than Napoleon, I just think it’s incredibly stupid. As babyastronaut said, when did videogum become 4chan.

            I hope that “Mans” interpretation of it being “Gabe’s lament against the emptiness and terror of our current existence” is somewhat accurate, and if it is, then it’s operating on a higher level than I’d previously understood.

            Not that it matters, because my comment to Napoleon was snarky either way, but I didn’t post that comment because I was belittling the fact that she found the picture/joke offensive (I did too), it kind of bugged me that she was even trying to struggle with it at all, because it’s the least-funny and least-clever thing I’ve ever seen on Videogum, ever (at least in my original interpretation of it).

            Anyway, I misread this group, which believe it or not is unlike me, so it’s back to therapy for me. I really didn’t mean to be a jackass barging in here. I was trying to be funny and screwed up. Sorry Napoleon (seriously). Sorry group. It won’t happen again.

            PS -If you guys feel like blaming all this on Gabe for posting that photo in the first place instead of me, I’m in…

          • I’m sorry. Perhaps I was too harsh. In my defense, I was standing my my bathroom in my boxer shorts with a mouthful of Listerine when I wrote this.

            I have a tiny pig we can all ride.

          • I’m not sure where this comment is going to wind up, but I hope you guys will read it:

            1. Mans I love you. You are literally the best. On the list of Best in my heart it goes Derek Jeter, Bruce Springsteen, Roger Ebert, Mans. THAT IS VERY HIGH UP ON THE LIST.

            2. Capt clown, I accept your apology. It’s hard to read other people on the internet, especially whenall you get is a little bit of text that may or may not be sarcastic and things tend to get blunted. You did hurt my feelings – in fact I had a pretty good mellow going, and you harshed it – but I understand that we all get yogurt cups on our heads sometimes. So it’s okay.

          • Thank you very much.
            Onward and upward…

            PS – I AM glad Jeff scored +129 (as of the moment) with that caption though, very funny. :-)

        • And by “:-(” I mean

          Watch it, asshole.

    • This image pretty much says what I am feeling.

    • Yeah, I’m pretty much in favor of whatever artistic license Gabe takes in his photoshopping jaunts, but this just struck me as over the top distasteful. A rare miss, Gabe. In fact, I believe Don Draper is crying over the use of his meme in such a disrespectful fashion. I hope in the future we will not see sad celebrities milling about scenes of actual human carnage.

    • Comedy = tragedy plus time.

    • Yikes,

      I found that in bad taste too :(

      Gabe, shut the door, have a seat.

    • Tanks for the meme-ories.

    • Ok, everyone, you can relax a little easier now. I’ve fixed everything:

    • I would like to think that the number of upvotes on this comment is due to the wittily eloquent setup, which perfectly explained the problems involved in using photos of genuinely awful events for the purposes of (not-very-good) comedy.
      But in my heart, I know the reason is because everyone loves Kim Pine

    • i shall respond to the drama around this meme with another meme that sums up my feelings about the general reaction to this:

      calm down, people.

  5. no need to get all Glenn Beck, we already know you really are a Dick.

  6. how about i just caption the chosen photo instead of making my own:
    “too soon.*

    *never will this be not too soon.”

  7. please work

  8. “Agent Orange would be a great name for a new soft drink.”

  9. Why Don Cries:

  10. “By the time my sad face becomes an internet meme promoting a show about my life, I will be too old to benefit from the avertising posibilities it will create.” -Don Draper

  11. The real question is WHEN is Don Draper crying.

  12. I’m a bit sad that this is the last videogum action for the day… I don’t like ending on a sour note.

  13. Happy belated Michael O’Donoghue’s Birthday, everyone.

  14. I agree with the assessment that this image is in poor taste, but something about the use of the “too soon” critique amuses me. Perhaps it is the idea that maybe sometime next week photoshopped images of napalmed children will finally be hilarious. Or maybe I secretly hope that Gabe will see the criticism and respond with an impromptu post consisting of his best attempt at telling “The Aristocrats”. One way or another, I think he needs to buy this child a house as recompense for exploiting her suffering.

  15. Phan Thị Kim Phúc, O.Ont (born 1963) is a Vietnamese-Canadian best known as the child subject of a Pulitzer Prize winning photograph taken during the Vietnam War on June 8, 1972. The iconic photo taken in Trang Bang by AP photographer Nick Ut shows her at about age nine running naked on a road after being severely burned on her back by a South Vietnamese napalm attack. The image of Phúc running naked amid the chaos became one of the most haunting images of the Vietnam War. In an interview many years later, she recalled she was yelling, “Nóng quá, nóng quá” (“too hot, too hot”) in the picture.

    After snapping the photograph, Út took Kim Phúc and the other injured children to Barsky Hospital in Saigon, where it was determined that her burns were so severe that she probably would not survive. After a 14-month hospital stay and 17 surgical procedures, however, she was able to return home. Út continued to visit her until he was evacuated during the fall of Saigon, three years later.

    So the girl ended up ok, the photo became iconic, america learned nothing and started a bunch more wars doing things like this, we don’t really ever see pictures of the hundreds of thousands of other people that have been maimed like this… but all these 38+ years later you folks are complaining that using this photo that everyone has already seen in a joke comparing how iconic images work and last before/after the internet age is in poor taste.

    jesus. chill the fuck out

    • You got my upvote! But I don’t think it’s going to make much of a difference…

    • I don’t understand your point.

      Are you saying that it’s okay to use pictures of atrocities for jokes because there are so many atrocities anyway? That is both depressing and more than a little nonsensical.

      • I think his point is chill the fuck out

      • guess I had 2 points

        1. the joke (I suppose I should say here, “to me”) of using this picture as the context for this dude crying about is not at the expense of the people who are in pain in the picture. At least not at this point. Yeah, a day after it was taken this joke would have meant something different. Then it would have been “what if this guy were crying cause he was in pain like these kids?” not funny. not really a joke.

        But there is a long story behind this picture. It’s not the only one out there with this job, but there’s a worldview about pacifism that a lot of people have that comes from fact that we’ve all been through seeing this picture and we’ve all thought about this girl before. This joke wasn’t messing with her and what she went through. It was about the life-span and power of images. I think.

        2. most of us here are american. and so, fuck us. we’re still doing this shit to people. we wouldn’t have let this shit happen again if we looked at this fucking picture more often. instead of using ANY of your life/effort/time ever thinking things like “I don’t want to look at pictures of kids in pain” why don’t you spend that time and effort thinking things like “I don’t want kids to be in pain”?

        seriously – getting sanctimonious about a picture from 20 fucking wars ago? don’t bother.

        • backwaxer, I think those points are pretty irrelevant.

          1. “It’s not messing with her”. No, it isn’t making a joke about Agent Orange ["LOLOL toxic chemicals on children!"] but that isn’t the only way it can be wrong. It’s wrong because it’s USING something – an image of an atrocity and by an extension the atrocity itself – for a laugh. That is, the juxtaposition of something terrible and a silly internet meme. I think this deserves the dignity to not be used in that way.

          2. Sure, Mr. Nihilist, looking at this picture won’t stop the people in charge from sending troops to kill people for unimportant reasons. So fucking what? That isn’t what we’re talking about. We simply need to be respectful when it comes to crimes against humanity. That’s it.

          • 1. I don’t agree with the blanket statement that “USING an image of an atrocity for a laugh” is wrong. That’s too vague a rule to lay out.

            I don’t mean to sound callous. I doubt I’m less sensitive than the average person to thinking about whether jokes are callous or offensive. In fact, I’ve thought a lot before about what makes a joke wrong. I know that even benign-seeming jokes can hit someone that is in the wrong state the wrong way. And ones involving serious things can have real consequences – I’m always thinking about whether things of this nature could trigger PTSD in someone. That’s important

            And I’m sorry we’re using the term “for a laugh” to discuss this joke, when I don’t think of this joke as laugh out loud funny. There’s all kinds of jokes, and there’s all kinds of reasons to make them. Of course this was a pretty dark “let’s take this meme thing to an exagerrated conclusion” sort of groaner.

            With all of that said, as uncomfortable as it is, I’m not offended by where this joke went. It’s fucked up and I didn’t LOL, but I’m ok with it.

            And I should probably get my anonymous head out of my anonymous ass and not anonymously comment that I think other anonymous commenters are wrong – but my honest reaction to people that anonymously commented that this was out of line is still – “hey, anonymously chill out”

            That’s not enough to explain why I think USING images of atrocities in jokes can be ok, but I don’t have all night here.

            2. hey, wait. I’m not a nihilist. you just wrote “so fucking what” about troops killing people. I don’t think like that kind of thinking, and that’s not my answer to anything we’re talking about.

            gonna use my copy/paste skills for a sec – here’s my answer to that:

            I don’t know if those are showing. if not, it’s charts showing popular support for war in the US from 2003 to 2008. Support for war wouldn’t have been so high when it really mattered if people remembered shit like this and thought about it more.

          • NC, you need to come be in my class. For realz. I have a couple of kids that I can boot to make room.

          • This is a perfect exmaple of unintended ambiguosity in internetting. When I said “so fucking what” I didn’t mean that soldiers killing innocent people for unimportant reason is not important ["War crimes? Meh." - Not Me] I was saying that that fact is irrelevant to our discussion of the appropriateness of this picture.

            That said, I think I’m willing to err on the side of Gabe in this respect. Yes, people’s terrible suffering deserves to be treated with dignity, but I think Gabe was probably highlighting that agony by using this picture, when we could have just gone on making Mad Men fart jokes. And it’s to Gabe’s credit that he regularly bums us out with reality because, hey, while you’re watching this fat lady fall into a tub of grapes, real people are dying needlessly. That’s important. What I think needs to be addresssed is the need to capture people’s attentions in the midst of silliness, while being respectful.

            The use of the picture makes me uncomfortable, but it’s not quite immoral.

        • Yeah, it would really suck if someone were to get sanctimonious.

        • I respect what you’re getting at, but I think you’re reading too much into this. I don’t think whoever did this photoshop was attempting some statement about how we perceive powerful images. It just seems like milking tragedy for a cheap meme that will be gone in a week.

          I’m just speaking for myself here, but the problem I have with it is not the image itself. Not by a long shot. The crying Don cheapens the image, and seems almost mocking in tone – like the creator is saying “oh, boo-hoo”. That’s just my perception.

          Also, I’ve always been a firm believer in “everything’s okay to joke about or nothing is”. I’ve laughed at some pretty fucking horrible things, but mining real-life tragedy for comedy is a tricky, delicate thing. Using such an iconic reminder of one of the all-too-common dark parts of American History for an internet meme just seems in poor taste.

          Ugh, this long diatribe makes it seem like I’m stewing in rage over this image. I’m not. I saw it and simply thought, “no thanks”. I think the reason everyone’s talking about it is because it seems out of character for our beloved Gabe to post something we’re not exactly fans of.

          Anyway, thanks for the thoughtful comments, backwaxer. I don’t agree with you, but it’s nice to see someone with a dissenting opinion give a respectful, well-thought-out argument.

          • “Thanks for the thoughtful comments, backwaxer.”

            - That One (1983-2012)

          • I think that That One (a married person) is very right.

            In comedy (trust me, I am a lawyer), context is the only thing. A joke that in one context is a sharp critique of racism or sexism or war, becomes racist or sexist or jingoistic in another context. A joke involving homosexuality is going to have a different feel on the John Boy and Billy Show than it would on the Kids in the Hall.

            Or think about it in the context of what we do in this place: If a video is posted of someone doing something strange, do we laugh at the person becuase the think they are dumb? Do we laugh because we identify with them? Do we laugh out of a generous spirit or are we being mean spirited? It matters. I derive no pleasure from laughing at the folly of a person who isn’t doing anything other than being themselves.

            So the context matters. Is there anything too horrible to joke about? No, but the end of the joke, the end of the laughter–that is what matters.

            I also thinki it is great too that we can have these civil and thoughtful conversations. Rabbits and money for EVERYONE!

          • Mans: FWIW, the context (unless you were reading carefully) would at first seem to be an invitation for us to caption the Kim Phúc photo, which I think accounts for a lot of the internal soul-wrestling..?

          • Oh, I know, and agree. I was feeling metaphysical in my morning post-court moment and thought a rambling comment was just thing.

          • Mans: no one knows we’re still in this thread. Let’s plan a surprise party or something.

          • Now I can tell all of my secrets:

            1. One of my feet is controlled by the Gotcha Media.
            2. At the age of five, I was the CIA’s most accomplished killer, but I retired.
            3. Black holes are just this big joke that I started that got out of hand.
            4. Ponies don’t really know how to love.
            5. At night, the sun goes under the water to sleep in a nest made of bones.
            6. I do not differentiate between clean and dirty clothes.
            7. People around me do though.
            8. I was raised by possums.
            9. When I was in high school, I was voted most likely to eat a Slinky.
            10. I am afraid of ponds.

          • My real name is Matrick P.
            I run the “Lincolnshire Poacher” Numbers Station.
            I worked for HAARP for eleven years and succeeded in creating phlogiston in the lab.
            My mother was a shower of silver coins and my father was a swan or a river or something.
            I am not wearing any pants below my avatar box.
            It’s real and it’s spectacular.

          • We win. We. Win.

        • You know what? Go fuck yourself. I’m an American, and I haven’t killed any children. I was even in the military, and I didn’t kill anybody. What is going on right now is a war, and whether or not you agree with it, there is a big fucking difference between that and genocide. You’re putting up charts showing that people used to agree with the war, and now you don’t. And then you say “most people 7 years ago were wrong, and most people today are right, and they should have been more like us.” Quit being so goddamn self-righteous, talking about how terrible this country is. Believe it or not, people don’t start wars for no reason, and they don’t do it to go kill people with a different color of skin. People like to go on about how terrible Bush was, because that’s the trendy thing to do, but you showed the numbers yourself. Most people agreed with the war at the time that it was started. If we hadn’t gone to war, you think people would have been any happier? He would have been remembered as a weak president who didn’t do what the people wanted. Maybe this war is the right thing, or maybe it’s not. But insinuating that Americans are genocidal just because you don’t like it is extremely ignorant and narrow-minded.

          In summary: go fuck yourself.

          • (1) Didn’t most people agree with the war at the time only because Bush & Co. manufactured evidence that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and ties to al-Qaeda?

            (2) Backwaxer never said the war WAS genocide, he said the U.S. “started a bunch more wars doing things *like* this,” which is demonstrably true.

            (3) If we had never invaded Iraq, it’s possible that “people” (read: Americans) wouldn’t have been any “happier,” but a lot more humans would be alive.

          • holy moly facetaco

            you want to get into an argument where you defend the reasons that we went to war in Iraq? NOW??? in 2010?

            you’re really going to take a side in an argument like that just cause you put some of your life into being in the military?

            the side you’re on lost that argument a long time ago

            letting tribalistic alliances you have with your country cause you to justify a GIANT fucking war crime is SOOO 2 milleniums ago.

            don’t be that guy dude

            the US and the war in Iraq are SERIOUSLY fucked up things man. get with it already

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          • i’m not sure where backwaxer wants me to reply, or about what, but i generally like being called out. i choose to reply to the photo and not the Iraq war. to me, this photo is horrifying and i want it to stay that way. when i first saw it, as a child, i remember totally freaking out to my mom about how people could do this, how could people continue to think war was an answer, etc. now that i’m older i have a better understanding that everything is not that black and white and i can’t be an idealist about world peace.

            however! peace would be nice, right? i think anything that demonstrates how terrible war is is a good thing. i love this photo because it still affects me (and, clearly, other people). if iconic photos that mean something to us are reduced to silly internet memes they will slowly lose their power. (case in point: the picture of the starving kids Gabe likes to use. i don’t see human suffering now, I just see a weird joke.)

          • Oh good fucking god backwaxer. You had me and then you lost me.

            Facetaco was mad because you seemed to be accusing us all of not paying enough attention to this photo of a terrible thing that hapened in an American war and deciding to go ahead with another war and do terrible things. 1) That’s not what we’re talking about when we talk about Don Draper/napalm photo, but okay 2) That’s fucking offensive because not all of us agreed with that. I was in 2nd grade at the time, and obvz couldn’t vote, but my family was against Bush and the war. You’re basically calling us hypocritical bastards, and WHOOPS, PEOPLE DON’T LIKE GROSS INACCURATE GENERALIZATIONS.

            I disagree with facetaco that the war was equally justifiable and not justifiable.

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          • I’ll decline from “taking down” a fellow monster who was justifiably upset by your incredibly sanctimonious assault against sanctimony. Honestly, your posts have been founts of irony, starting with the defense of the appreciation of recontextualized imagery in humor. You managed to argue for the importance of context in considering that horrific image while managing to incorporate a blanket condemnation of American military history for the last 40 years that was almost entirely devoid of context, save for that of the single image for which context was so important.

            The world is complicated, and the incredible complexities of geopolitics cannot be dismissed because bad things happen during wars. War is a bad thing, but the lesson you seem to be drawing is that war is always the wrong thing. That is an incredibly shallow viewpoint. Facetaco’s post was a valid defense of America in terms of the complexities of American politics and geopolitical relations, and, frankly, it didn’t even come close to scratching the surface. Your posts condemn America on the basis of your personal feelings about the negative repercussions of war, without considering the myriad other complexities involved.

            One of the multitude of problems with hindsight is that is crystallizes the repercussions of decisions so that we can only see the effects of the decisions that were made. I’m not going to speak for or against any particular war, but we can always see images of the horrible things that happened because a war was waged. What we cannot see are images of the horrific things that might have happened because that same war had not been waged.

            When the American people are asked whether they are for or against military intervention, they have to consider that either choice has consequences. They may change their minds when they have to face the specific consequences of the choice that was made, but it is unfair to judge them for that. It’s more than unfair; it’s foolish, because we have no alternate universe with which to compare our reality. Frankly, we just don’t know whether it would have been worse had they made the other choice.

            Regardless of whether we like America’s dominant position in the world, America has for the better part of a century had a responsibility to engage the world and participate in its conflicts. Of course we haven’t always made the best choices, but you have no idea which of our troubling choices averted larger disasters.

            It is easy and lazy to point at a tragic image and feel smug in your superiority to the people who actually had to make the impossibly difficult decisions, but it’s fucking obnoxious to do the same thing to give yourself the false moral authority to criticize people who found in bad taste the use of that image in the service of a lazy joke.

            I can respect the positions taken in defense and in critique of this image, and I can respect varying positions on the politics of war. I have a hard time, however, respecting someone who is so convinced of his own shallow interpretation of the world that he sees his perspective as self evident. Your opinions are not obviously correct. Good and intelligent people can disagree with you without deserving condemnation. It is possible to have constructive and valuable discourse with those who hold different positions on individual issues and even with those with contrasting ideological viewpoints. The stipulation is that you have to have a modicum of respect for conflicting viewpoints.

            In short: kindly pull your head out of your ass. I know you enjoy the aroma, but it’s difficult to hold a conversation with it stuck so far in there.

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            Really, that’s your stance? That it should not be socially acceptable to have differing opinions? I’m going to ignore evey other ignorant, narrow-minded thing you’ve said and focus on this one. You think that people should not be allowed to support the war. And although I never said that I DID support the war, you assumed that I do because I was arguing with you. There is a war going on. That is a fact. Everything else regarding whether or not there SHOULD be a war is opinion. You seem the think that there are only two opinions: that there should be a war, and that there should not be a war. You also seem to think that anybody who doesn’t agree with your extremely limited and uninformed opinion should be considered “socially unacceptable.” So again, go fuck yourself.

          • Backwaxer, I’m not going to make a rebuttal of all the ridiculous things you’ve said, because Godsauce and Facetaco have done a pretty good job already, and it’s a Friday night and I’m tired, but basically I would like you to know that you should consider running for President of Oversimplificationia because you run a pretty good platform.

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          • Yikes! Here’s an idea, why don’t you calm the fuck down?

            I actually do think that Iraq war was/is unnecessary and terrible, and I don’t think many people here would be willing to argue with that.

            What I and everyone else is objecting to is not the assertion that the Iraq war was terrible, but that you are being an arrogant, sanctimonious prick. That’s all.

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          • Hi, guess what! I never said any of the things you are saying that I said! Either you greatly misunderstood my initial points or you are plain making things up! I’m done arguing with you, because I can only deal with so many straw men in my life before I want to shoot myself! Bye!

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    • Backwaxer, your cut and paste skills aside, your point is invalid.
      I have a real problem with any photos LIKE this being used for non-progressive comic purposes. (could explain more another time.)
      That “the girl ended up okay” does not make this use at all okay. If it did, it would legitimize all kinds of genuinely sick material.
      I’m just flat out disappointed Gabe would use this.
      And I am also chilled out.

      • Guys, are we even sure this is a Gabe post? It feels like a Benji Meyer.

      • No, “the girl ended up ok” doesn’t just not make it ok. “The girl ended up ok” is wrong and a really terrible minimization of human suffering..

        How do you tell a story about a 9 year old girl being nearly burned to death to the point that she spent more than a year (MORE THAN A YEAR! she didn’t get to be 9…that’s the year she was in terrible pain constantly and had 17 surgeries) in the hospital, whose village was torched to the ground, who doubtless had some form of PTSD for the rest of her life (in addition to horrific scarring to her entire back) and finish it up with “So the girl ended up ok…chill the fuck out”? Gosh you guys–the picture became iconic. What more do you want?

        Also, I believe the term you were looking for was “relax, ______”.

        Oh and also, I agree this post is gross especially coming from Gabe who writes so many words about hating all the little and big injustices of the world.

      • What That One said.

    • “her burns were so severe that she probably would not survive. After a 14-month hospital stay and 17 surgical procedures”


      “the girl ended up ok”

      We have very, very different definitions of the word “ok.”

  16. Since I have no good captions to submit and absolutely no photoshop skills, I am calling it a day. I have a Digiornio pizza and a bottle of wine* calling my name, and a very important football game is rapidly approaching. WHO DAT!

    *Because I am classy like that, you guys.

  17. I am really bored at work today.

  18. Whoa… unexpecteddownergum.

  19. I am a lurker for over a year (maybe two). I have even commented as a lurker. I read this site every day (more than once a day) and love it, but this post made me uncomfortable. But, if I am totally honest, I thought Gabe seemed *off* all day.

  20. Should we start the Angry Don Draper Meme, now?

  21. Gabe’s post should be this week’s lowest rated comment.

  22. Am I going crazy? Was there a Mad Men recap this week? (Are we NOT going to talk about how no one on that show knows how to make a fist? i.e Don and Duck.)

  23. What a clustercuss.

  24. “You all should be thanking me every morning when you wake up, along with Jesus, for giving you another day on this blog!” -Gabe, after 12 drinks and 20 minutes of reading this thread

  25. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  26. Don in Vietnam, I thought he died in Korea?

  27. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

    • Go back to your Arecibo party cab.

      Yeah, I said it.

    • @Max, so now you can do anything, say anything, post anything and as long as you say “chill the fuck out’, anyone who objects is being a tool?
      Simply put, this fucking photo is seriously not what a lot of us come to videogum for.
      I don’t expect that you have corporate tonal meetings (TG) but scan the archive, come back to this post. One of these things is not like the others.
      If your comment is a heads up that this is the way you’re going. Fine, but some of us would steer the other way.

    • At least we’ll have you! *disappointing trumpet sound*

    • WTF? I don’t understand this. You sound like we’re about to have a major brake-up with Gabe and he’s threatening to leave. All because of a Caption This that HE posted? Yeah, okay. Well, I guess I’d rather not be all third grade about this and wait for HIM to speak for himself rather than caring what his best buddy has to say on the subject. Thanks anyway, Max.

  28. How about this caption:


  29. the Jon Hamm face is great. I’m glad that I’m not alone in thinking that this is a terrible venue for it!

  30. Standing back from all the indignation over the photo, can’t we all at least agree that Don has a reason to be sad in the photo?

    We all cheapen history and life to a certain extent for a cheap laugh, its just human nature and our eReality is often easier to deal with than the worlds atrocities. Reality is what we tend to escape by reading blogs, watching true blood and posting pictures/GIF’s of cute cats. We laugh one week at someone falling face first out of a shopping trolley, and theres nothing wrong with that. But shit that must have hurt.

    Im not here to make any real point (obviously), but to reiterate the request of chilling the fuck out. World=bad, monsters/VG=good.

  31. I would like to hear what Gabe has to say. I would like to laugh or “chill”, but that picture makes my womb hurt.

  32. One a those days, huh? Wal, a wiser fella than m’self once said, sometimes you eat the bar and sometimes the bar, wal, he literally eats you.

  33. I see your Kim Phúc and raise you an Eddie Adams…

  34. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  35. I don’t know how to use Photoshop but I compensate with pure MOXIE

  36. This whole thread is awesome–and why I read Videogum. Thanks Gabe for the great blog, but that Vietnam picture makes me extremely uncomfortable. It’s hard to say why you thought it was funny.

  37. i know i’m late, but keanu rode his joymobile into the past, and he brought some friends to make it all better!


  38. The picture is not funny.

    Would it be funny if it were superimposed against the WTC collapsing? No.

    Too soon?

    OK, would it be funny if it were superimposed on those prisoners being liberated from Auschwitz?


    So why is it supposedly funny because it’s Vietnam? Because the WTC and the Holocaust are sacrosanct, but napalming children in Vietnam is good for a laugh?

    • I agree that the picture itself is not funny, seeing as the humor is supposed to be in Don Draper’s sad face placed into various scenarios to invoke a “Awe, Don’s sad” kind of feeling. The humor missed the mark because the only avenue for it would be in Don’s face placement.

      But I have to admit that I’ve laughed at plenty of jokes by comedians that cover a number of controversial subjects such as the Holocaust, Vietnam, the WTC, and many more, because they were well done jokes.

      It’s all about context. Why is the WTC being brought up in this joke? How is the Holocaust funny from this perspective? The humor usually comes from a place of intelligence and understanding that these events are truly tragic moments in human history, and here’s how you can laugh ABOUT them, not AT them.

      Laugh with napalmed Vietnamese children, not AT them, I guess is what I’m saying. The Sad Don in Vietnam image did not get this right.

  39. This whole thing is disappointing.

    I think the thing I’m most disappointed in here is not the original action, but the subsequent reaction — posting a wildly insensitive and unfunny photo is one thing (“a rare miss”, sure, it happens) but then telling people to “relax” and “chill the fuck out” as a defensive posture is invalidating of a truly intelligent community that cares enough to point this rare misstep out.

    It’s one thing to be wrong. Everyone is wrong sometimes, everyone messes up sometimes. It’s how we handle ourselves in those inevitable moments that defines the person. And this was handled poorly. Don’t make people feel stupid for caring about being good people.

    So. Videogum is kind of over for me.

  40. i just make a sad don draper face every time i try to post an image to videogum. in fact if you could see those images youd see how many of them WERE don draper faces. (meta)

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