There are two (and only two, probably) things that I like in this world: Girl Talk and animated GIFS. So you can imagine how this makes me feel.

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  1. gif party!

  2. Well, I know that you have more than two things you like. In fact, I have the full list right here:

    “1. Animated GIFs
    2. Girl Talk
    3. Topher Grace
    4. Getting a mid-afternoon sponge bath from that lovely new nurse. What was her name, Christina something? Harris? Henderson? It’s so difficult to remember things at my age…”

  3. I have been having a pretty shitty week and then this just lets me know that it’s going to be alright.

  4. I really need to learn how to make gifs…

    On an aside, I’ll be missing the Videogum get together tonight after all. Getting married Saturday, and the planning takes precedence.

  5. So ladies, speaking of Girl Talk, does anybody remember the board game Girl Talk from the late 80s/early 90s?? That was a slumber party favorite for me!

  6. You like Girl Talk!? Oh you got me, Gabe. Good One.

  7. There is a rumor going around that Girl Talk is debuting his new album or a side project at the VIA festival in Pittsburgh on October 2 and 3….. Oh wait this isn’t Stereogum. Someone get this comment to Scott.

  8. If you don’t plan on watching this (for whatever stupid reason you may have), at least fast forward to 3:52 and enjoy the funniest transition in internet video history.

  9. First gif. Fingers crossed and…



  11. We must start beaming this into deep space immediately. Somebody out there might actually want to visit a planet that fun.

  12. Holy crap, that felt like a high school class video! But awesomer! And more nostalgic and less deepstirring regretty… plus more phallic .gifs! Well, an even amount.

  13. Friday’s are the best!

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