From the Orlando Sentinel via BoingBoing:

A “suspicious” toy pony was blown up after it was found abandoned in the middle of a cul-de-sac near an Orange County elementary school this morning.

The FurReal pony, an expensive, life-like toy, was investigated as a possible explosive device after someone called Orange County deputies to report it. A robot inspected the toy before a pack of explosives was placed near the stuffed animal and detonated.

Sometimes the fact that we live in a confused and terrifying nightmare world that is spinning wildly out of control is hilarious.

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  1. Sadly, that’s how I lost my real pony, Princess Sniffles.

  2. Probably the work of Awwwww Qaeda.

  3. Granted I’m no bomb expert, but isn’t the point to not have the bomb blow up?

    • that’s what i thought too. i feel like 24 is going to copy this pony scare.

      “i’m jack bauer. we need to defuse the nuclear bomb in the whitehouse. but all we have are more bombs.”

      “wait. if there’s one thing i’ve learned from being jack bauer’s potential love interest that will inevitably betray or die while saving him, it’s that you have to fight fire with fire.”

      “good call. all those phds you got from harvard in between supermodeling jobs have finally paid off. we’re going to kill that bomb. WITH A BIGGER BOMB.”

      emmy please.

      • It actually makes a lot of sense-you use a smaller, shaped charge to disrupt the firing mechanism of the larger charge. Very common technique for disarming bombs.

    • It might not have been a bomb, so they turned it into a bomb. Just to be sure.

      They weren’t taking any chances. It’s called professionalism.

  4. Bing is definitely my favorite new Monster:

  5. Wow, the terror babies just raised the stakes.

  6. Some men just want to watch the world burn.

  7. This is like when the police thought my Furby was a bomb and blew it up, and the whole world rejoiced on that day

  8. This is just smart bombsquadding. We don’t need another Lotso on our hands.

  9. That is one terrifyingly cute Trojan Pony!

    • “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, well, you can’t fool me twice, you can’t get fooled again. I’ma blow that up.” — Trojans everywhere

  10. Using a bomb to blow up something you think has a bomb in it? Isn’t that like shooting somebody in the head because they’re threatening suicide?

  11. I smell another Oscar.

  12. “Happy first day of school infidel’s!” – All The Terrorists

  13. “a fully clothed bomb expert and a bomb robot, with a stuffed animal”

    “Get them clothes off and lets PARTY” – the bomb robot, I bet.

  14. Police released a sketch of the suspect:

  15. just like in reno 911!

    get real, orlando

  16. Aaaand here comes the ‘Florida’ tag on Fark.

  17. Dad, Where’s my toy pony?

  18. Someone set us up the Buttercup.

  19. A pony isn’t a little horse!

    • Not to be a douche, but:

      “A pony is a small horse…”

      Ponies aren’t *baby* horses, but they are horses. Also horses doesn’t sound like a word when you say it a lot. Horses horses horses. Horses.

      • I’ve been lied to. My whole life I’ve been lied to. This is literally as soul-shattering as when my mom told me she made us go to church because she wanted US to believe in god, even though SHE wasn’t really into it.

        Monsters, don’t lie to your children.

        • To be fair I thought the same thing until I was around 19 years old. I think most people get confused by the “ponies aren’t baby horses” vs. “ponies aren’t small horses.” When you’re little you usually think ponies grow up to be horses, and in that sense saying a pony isn’t a horse is correct – the term you want there is foal. But they are the same species, it’s just a matter of size.

          Sorry, being all ponygum over here today.

  20. Christmas in Orlando is going to keep the bomb squad busy this year. “Yes, 911? I need to report a suspicious object. A lot of them actually. Toys. That’s right. I woke up this morning and the house was full of toys. They weren’t there when I went to sleep, I have no idea where they came from. It figures — I’ve been good this year, and you know Al Quaeda hates that.”

  21. Parents in Orlando wanted to make sure condoms weren’t being distributed to schoolchildren, so they blew up the horse, just in case it was full of Trojans.

  22. so this overtakes the previous holder of the “Cutest Bomb Scare” title…

  23. Oh god now there’s a bomb in the apple store too!

  24. So many applications…


  25. “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.” – Toy Horsie, American Hero

  26. “suspicious toy pony” is repetitive.

  27. This makes me feel really sad for some reason.

    • OMG me too! I was logging in just to try and investigate these feelings with you all.

      I think the fact that the pony was specifically described as “expensive” bothered me. Like I find myself assuming that the detonation was (for whatever reason) witnessed by many children who desperately wanted to give the terror pony a home, knowing full well that they were unlikely to see another one like it, ever.

      • Yep, this. I’m pretty sure that if I was still five years old, I would have burst into tears watching this because I could have given it a home instead of blowing it into smithereens.

  28. “Life-like”? Really?

  29. memorial site for the little guy…

  30. Say what you will about American foreign policy but they will never be duped by a trojan horse.

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