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  1. I tried playing that, but I got mad when I did not know the correct answer for the question “You got any gum”?

  2. More like bored game, amirite?

  3. so do we start blaming this for the movies, or are those still the TV show’s fault?

  4. Does this allow me to build a hotel on Joe Piscopo.

  5. No Jenny Slate? Fuck This Fuckin Game.

  6. If you roll doubles, Kenan Thompson just yells at you instead of doing a character. If you roll doubles, Kenan Thompson yells at you instead of doing a character, but does it in drag.

  7. I find it disconcerting that as of tomorrow, I will be as old as Saturday Night Live.

    Then again, it’s comforting to know that Gabe finds it frightening that he’s as old as “Little Orphan Annie” radio plays.

  8. Uh… isn’t your age relative to SNL a fixed constant? ie, every year on your birthday you’re as old as SNL? (ta-da!) Let’s not pretend we’re talking about Haley’s Comet here, sheesh.

  9. I can’t wait until they base a movie on this game.

    • I look forward to the movie based on a character from the sketch comedy show based on this game. Or at least a t-shirt inspired by the movie that I bought at Spencer’s Gifts.

  10. Please, only one black player per round.

  11. If you land on the “Radio Radio” square, you lose your turn for twelve years.

  12. No thanks, I’ll just wait for the “The State” board game, or at least the one for “Ladykracher” or the “Harald Schmidt Show”. Man, where do those Germans get their show ideas?

  13. Go directly to your van down by the river. Do not pass Go. Do not hug all your fellow cast members.

  14. hello all, long time reader, first time commenter.

    the best part is the last line of the article:

    ‘OK, nothing in that last paragraph is true. But still!’

    I’m thinking he spent about 12 hours going back and forth chomping down on 6 pieces of nicorette ‘they’ll know I’m kidding, maybe they won’t know, they’ll know I’m kidding, maybe they won’t know’

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