January Jones X-Men: First Class

The first images of January Jones as Emma Frost on the set of Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class have leaked, and she looks great! Seriously. She looks amazing. I want to go to the zoo with her. We wouldn’t have any children with us, and people would be like, uh, you guys, the zoo is kind of for families, and you both look really intense, and I would be like, “get lost,” and they would be shocked. Then we would sit on a bench outside of the lizard house eating sandwiches wrapped in wax paper. I want to travel on an airplane with her. As we boarded, people would look at us and think that we were awfully dressed up for a 2 hour airplane ride to Chicago, and I would look right back at them and respond out loud, as if I could read their minds, “have some self respect.” I want to sit in the waiting room while she visits the doctor. My point is, she looks great.

Of course, the funny thing is, every other time we have talked about someone dressed in their costume on the set of a Hollywood movie, it has not been as flattering. For example, Mr. Wizard over here, and also Sean Penn Nazi Hunter. Is it sexism? MAYBE. It turns out beautiful women can wear WHATEVER THE FUCK THEY WANT and still be VERY ATTRACTIVE. That being said, the counter-argument is that Nicolas Cage can wear whatever the fuck he wants, and he will still look like a transexual wizard with a serious Oxycontin addiction. So. Even Stephanies.

Click through to enlarge. (Photo via TheSuperficial.)

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  1. “She’s pretty” would probably have covered it.

  2. Is it bad I want to see Jon Hamm in the same outfit? Guys, I have a problem…

  3. I didn’t know Emma Frost was a Russian czar!

  4. Six weeks in Vegas did her well. Or it was Henry’s “temporary” schlong.

  5. Well, if January Jones ever stars in a movie called ‘Everything Smells Bad’, she will probably win an Oscar.

  6. So is January Jones just going to basically play Betty Draper in this movie?

  7. I feel Like I’ve been hit in the face by her melons in a slingshot

  8. Because I am not about to abandon my self-initiated meme of posting Keenan faces all week, I will go with:

  9. Why have I not been using ‘Even Stephanies’ as a response to everything already? #anewofmyfavouritethings

  10. “You can have my Twix, just as soon as you dress-up like a sexy Go-Go Q-tip.” –Guy in the background

  11. yeah but when’s the last time someone commented on how pretty sean penn is?

  12. So is this why Betty Draper has been all but written out of “Mad Men”?

  13. My eyes are feeling quite well now.

  14. All these articles I’m seeing about this read “January Jones as Emma Frost, the Ice Queen”. Seems like everyone is in on the irony of this casting choice.

    If i hadn’t quickly told my housemate (huge Marvel geek) when showing him that picture that Kevin Bacon is also in this movie, consequently revealing the over arching absurdity in casting, I am pretty sure he would’ve punched my laptop. Instead he just walked away humming “Footloose”. Crisis averted!

    • Facebook is dead fucking set on revealing my true identity on here. I should’ve had coffee before attempting to post. I’ll show myself out.

    • Is that irony or the exact opposite of irony?

      Also, not to be a total nerd here, but Emma Frost dresses exactly like JWOWW, so I’m gonna go ahead and say that jacket is covering way too much.

    • I’m sorry I’m asking this, but are the articles calling her the “Ice Queen?” Because she’s the White Queen in the comics.

  15. can we get a gif of betty draper slapping someone in the face or otherwise freaking out here? i feel like that would be her way of thanking gabe.

  16. I just can’t get over how pale and skinny her legs are.

  17. Maybe I don’t get the joke but I don’t think she looks that good. But we all know Gabe has a gigantic crush on her (he DID name his dog birdie) so it makes sense. To be fair, she generally is very pretty.

  18. Am I the only one who read the article and all they gleamed from it was that Gabe is coming to Chicago!?!?

  19. Gabe, as a female person, I really appreciate your desire to not be sexist. I think maybe you could stand to worry about it a little less, though. It is a little weird that you’re so into January Jones’ “who farted” face, but it is not sexist.

  20. At least she’s having fun.

  21. I can’t help but hate her a little bit because she’s dating my boyfriend, the Floydster.

  22. Gabe, you didn’t use my tip but you kinda did. I guess people discover the same things simultaneously all the time… It happened for Darwin.

  23. Yay, Gabe is coming to Chicago.

  24. It’s my first time making on of these, sorry if it’s too big.

  25. My mom taught January Jones in high school. She also graduated the same year I did (I went to a different school). I never met her and mom remembers her only as “nice”.

    So is it weird that I have somehow translated this tangential connection into “I have a special affection for January Jones”? Or does this just happen because she’s pretty? I don’t imagine myself having a special connection to other famous local alumni (that means you, Pat O’Brien!).

  26. I saw these pictures yesterday on the SuperHeroHype website, “Where nerds go to bitch about comic book film adaptations!” (not their slogan but it should be). Their comments sections sadden me greatly, and people trash shit just to trash shit without knowing anything about the subject matter (Ex. Every time there was an article about the Scott Pilgrim film, people would ask what this has to do with superheroes and why’s it on the site).

    When most of them saw this picture of Ms. Jones they just said she looks stupid as shit and asked why she looks like she’s from the 60′s… … … X-Men: First Class takes place in the ’60′s.

    I would just like to say I was very happy to read through all the comments here and not a single person was anything like the SuperHeroHype commenters. You guys rule.

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