BONK. (Thanks for the tip, DS3M.)

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  1. …and next time it’s gonna be more than just a watermelon in the face…

  2. And now we need Spencer Pratt’s Daughter, Pratfall, to make a song Called Whip My Melons.

  3. Wow, I already found an animated gif:

    The internet works fast.

  4. No thanks Angry Watermelons, I’ll stick to Angry Birds

  5. And the award for most TWSS’s in 70 seconds goes to…

  6. hopefully there wasn’t a baby in that watermelon

  7. There are a lot of slingshots there, not in use. But I guess only one was open, like at the supermarket. She probably had a long line of people behind her, all of them frustrated because they thought that by coming to hurl melons during off-peak hours they would just cruise right through. And then only one slingshot was open. The worst.

    • and someone clearly took 20 watermelons to the 10 melons or less line, and I only have 2 melons and now need to wait another 10 minutes on line

    • OR she thought she could handle the “hurl it yourself” slingshot, as though that isn’t twice as complicated and frustrating as the standard slingshot. “Unknown item detected,” the robotic voice repeats, as she removes and replaces the same watermelon over and over. “Unknown item detected.”

    • some general advice in that situation is to keep reminding ourselves, over and over: “This is water[melon], this is water[melon].”

  8. That throwing stick has boomerang’d on us!

  9. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

    • It makes you orgasm but also feel very, very alone?

    • Oh geez, I just realized I accidentally typed “pornography” when I meant to type “Gore’s biography” because he’s dedicated his life to conservation and this clip was such a blatant waste of food, which motivates me want to conserve more in the future. That’s what I get for typing too fast!

  10. Hahahahaha, “they don’t call it ‘The Amazing Race’ for nothing.” Nice partner. Pretty sure they don’t call it “The Amazing Race” because you are supposed to get hit in the face with a melon going at 30 mph either.

    • Exactly what I thought when she said that…I assume “The Amazing Race” means you will race and it will be amazing, not you will get a serious concussion from a fruit.

  11. Dugg?

  12. Are we sure this isn’t a Gushers ad?

  13. something something …phil keoghan… something something something …she’s not there to make friends… something something …melon balls.

  14. Velocity × [Melon + Melon(Head)] = ∞ Lolz.

  15. This is horrible! Also, why can’t her awful partner finish it for her? Oh this just really bothers me!

  16. The second funniest thing I’ve seen today. BESIDES THIS:

  17. it’s called the Amazing Race, lady, not your Amazing Face.

  18. I think the blond is a witch. Right before it happens she says “Right in the kisser.” Indeed. Also loved when the costumed Renaissance Faire workers reluctantly walk over to her. “I do juggling. Not blunt force fruit trauma.”

  19. What? “An Inconvenient Truth” gets you hard?

  20. If it was seedless, it probably didn’t hurt that bad.

  21. “In Soviet Russia watermelon smash you!”

    -Yakov Gallagher

    • FINALLY! I was all “Where’s the Gallagher jokes?” which then became “Crap, am I gonna have to make the Gallagher joke?” to “Am I witty enough to make a Gallagher joke without looking like a racist/homophobe/right-wing lunatic myself?” to pure relief. Thank you Big Fat Dynamo…

  22. This makes my day better because I am not this woman and that is not my face being crushed by a watermelon!

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