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  1. Sometime, a simple “shut up” does not suffice.

    SPOILER: Will Smith’s daughter is the boat.

  2. I just don’t understand

  3. Aww Damn, she took my beat and everything for the vgum song contest :(

  4. But what movie is it supposed to promote?

  5. Tackling the big social issues of our day just like Daddy.

  6. I didn’t know the Fresh Prince was a fan of

  7. Mini Rhianna is mini.

  8. “I whip it real hard” is repeated several times. This song is probably just a trap.

  9. I shake my head back and forth.

  10. I feel conflicted about this because of my very real true-love feelings for Will Smith.

  11. This is your New Fall Jam #1

  12. Now, let’s just calm down everyone. She’s the child of a celebrity, she has the right to be famous. Now let’s all do what we’re supposed to and pretend we care about this person, until someone tells us we don’t.


  14. She has shoes coming out of her shoes!

  15. The fact that Will Smith’s daughter’s name is Willow Smith has given my brain whiplash.

  16. I refuse to click on the link. I already have “Mmmbop” in my head from this morning’s trip to the store.

  17. welcome to the willow-ennium.

    i’ll show myself out.

  18. so i guess this is what happens when you’re too famous to send your kids to camp.

  19. Representatives for Val Kilmer confirm that the actor is NOT in the music video for Willow Smith. Hopefully this will prevent any further Willow Smith related car accidents.

  20. She was really good in that Jackie Chan karate movie.

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