I’m still worried about Chris Klein, you guys. (Via DavidCho.)

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  1. I like how anything about Chris Klein automatically has the “cocaine” tag. Truth in journalism.

    • Facetaco, you’re a mind reader. You read minds!!!

      I was thinking, “those are some pretty big nostrils… for sniffing the COCAINE!!!”

  2. I am not sure whether to be amused or sad that Chris Kline has no related Bing videos.


    If only he had taken his own advice…

  4. what a terrible jason lee impression.

    • Or, as it was reblogged on the tumblr of David Cho:

      “One ray of light [among all the bad videogame movies] was Chris Klein’s performance as Charlie Nash in the Street Fighter reboot, “The Legend of Chun-Li.” This kid really Nicholas Cages the fuck out of the movie. It’s that level of bad where it loops back around to good and you start to wonder if maybe it’s on purpose.” [http://www.money-cash-hos.com/post/1083940746/jeffrubinjeffrubin-more-research-from-bad]

      “This kid really Nicholas Cages the fuck out of the movie.” That is an amazing sentence.

  5. This guy acts through raindrops.

  6. This video solved a major crisis I was having. I want everyone I know to watch Chris Klein’s performance in this movie but could not in good faith urge people to watch the whole crappy movie.

  7. Why doesn’t he ever let anyone answer his questions?

  8. I never leave a room without saying “Nash out.”

  9. Hey everyone, just remember Oz from American Pie……

    No, me neither.

  10. He had the audacity to execute a “look into the distance while recaling a tough memory” and immediately follow it up with a “squinty eyes means I’m serious” manuever. This guy is a professional.

  11. worried? pretty sure that boy is exactly where he was always meant to be.

    “you just inherited a big problem”, and by big problem i mean gary busey’s career.

  12. I bet there are so many good stories from the set of this movie, and by good stories I mean waiting hours for Chris Klein while is has barricaded himself inside his trailer in a coked out paranoid delusion.

  13. “Can you repeat that?” – Moon Bloodgood’s face in every one of these shots

  14. we’re gonna need a bigger oscar

  15. Can someone make a gif from 1:02 – 1:05? That eye roll reaction is the best.

  16. The Legend of Chun Li starring Chris Klein as “The White Guy”

  17. His nostrils are clearly going through withdrawal in most of these scenes. Look how they flare and undulate, like a fish gulping for water on the deck of a fishing boat.

  18. “Nash out” is some new slang for doing a brick of cocaine while on the set of a feature film, right? As in, “Wow, Chris Klein sure nashed out before that last take.”

  19. Great…now I want to see this movie.

  20. Proud to say I was one of the 27 people that saw this in the theater. I know an instant classic when I see one.

  21. “you just inherited a big problem” is my new catchphrase.

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