Some people say that this is a video taken in the dining hall of a cruise ship during rough seas, and some people say that it is a VISUAL METAPHOR FOR LIFE! Because in life, as you may know, sometimes we are tossed around by forces beyond our control. One second we are holding onto an overturned cash register, and the next thing we know, we and the register both are flying across the room, and uh oh, look out, here comes ALL THE CHAIRS! Eventually, one hopes, the skies clear and the ship of LIFE rights itself, and we cruise through crystal blue waters, the sun beating down on our shoulders, and we barely even remember the part where the overweight security guard was holding onto a support beam and screaming at people to return to their rooms. Of course, that is even more metaphorical, since we don’t have a video of a cruise ship on calm waters. We only have a video of a cruise ship on rough waters. But I am pretty sure that in LIFE as in CRUISE SHIPS, there are both. In other news: WE’RE BACK! (Via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. To stay with the metaphor, the safest place in this particular situation seems to be behind the bar.

  2. It would be a more appropriate metaphor for our world if the passengers tried to combat the rough seas by burning all of the emergency manuals.

  3. When I was in the Navy, they insisted that everything be secured, so nothing could fly up if we hit rough seas. But he still got upset when I velcroed his mouse to the desk.

  4. Whoa are those people in the back room and what grants them the right to just sit there, chilling, while everyone else is being completely pummeled by furniture?

  5. We’re gonna need a calmer ocean.

  6. Were this really a metaphor for life, the song would be “Who Let the Dogs Out.” As it stands, it’s pretty clearly just a couple of security videos from a boat.

  7. Can i just say that this video is totally art. I go to art school so i can do that(its what i pay 50,00 a year to do…). I think this makes Gabe some sort of artist now?

  8. That is virtual insanity! This guy knows what I’m talking about.

  9. I thought this was going to be a video of Suri Cruise. Color me disappointed.

  10. Guys, Titanic 2 looks AWESOME.

  11. I would like this video better if it was set to the song “Sit Down You’re Rockin’ The Boat” from the hit broadway musical Guys and Dolls.

  12. Fuck, this was a bummer.

  13. This video was my head yesterday after returning to work from a long weekend on planet “no responsibility” and finding videogum vacant.

  14. There was a smaller metaphor for my life within the larger metaphor of everyone’s life. I am the lady in black who does a face plant into the column then slowly and dramatically falls to the ground while wailing with pain. Someone comes to comfort me but we both just slide out of frame and are crushed by a cabinet.

    • Oh my, that became quite the bold statement.

    • Dear wwwest, before this submerges forever in the deep dark sea of internet oblivion, let me say that this comment, and especially the last sentence, is so beautiful, poetic and devastatingly true that I couldn’t help but think about it on several occasions this week.

  15. So the metaphor for life is: If you’re on the top decks you’ll get a face plant into a poll, but if you’re on the lower decks you might get turned into street meat by a giant rolling forklift?

  16. The Bing results are great. Three movies about cruise ships and rough sea water. One movie about Gene Hackman. EXACTLY BING.

  17. This video just sealed the fact that I will never go an a cruise.

    • But you are going to continue Cruising right ?

    • Would it convince you otherwise if I told you that on a cruise ship, you can order birthday cakes and wine from your home computer, and then when you get on the boat they will be in your room waiting for you? Because I had really never considered going on a cruise before I found that out, but now I am ALL ABOUT CRUISES.

  18. It’s like the old saying.

    “Life is like a box of chocolates– when placed in a room on a cruise ship on rough seas, it will fly across that room and probably hit someone, or at least fall on the floor and slide around a little.” –Human Folklore, ????-2012.

  19. It wasn’t a holiday weekend in the UK, Gabe. Way to cater to your International audience!

  20. That ship took on water! Scary times on a boat!

  21. Wow, that guy was literally 3 seconds away from getting destroyed by a forklift.


  23. the high seas – 325,585
    humans – 0

    • I don’t think that score is entirely accurate. Sometimes when I go to the beach I entertain myself by punching the waves in the face as they break on the shore.

      • And I don’t think anyone will forget the landmark Little Pete and Artie vs the Atlantic Ocean battle.

      • A dog that is dead now (awww.) would bite at the waves on the beach…she would growl a bit, run around, and bite some more. “Fuck you Sea!” she would bark. “You think you can come up here on MY land? Fuck you and your endless vastness!”

  24. Seriously, that music made it downright apocalyptic. Also, not that I need them, but this gave me more reasons never to take a cruise.

  25. this video should cheer up Keanu Reeves, as he remembers why he didn’t do Speed 2: Cruise Control

  26. Ok, So In the beginning, I’m like, why are they not just Working that pole♣? How many back and forth passes do there have to be before the people realize you stand on one side, brace, and let the debris pass while the post does the work, and then switch it up to the other side as it comes back again♦?
    And then came the Cargo Hold Video, And I was scared shitless for the dude that JUST got out of the way of that flying junk.♠

    ♣No Homo
    ♠Moderate to Light Homo

  27. I’m wondering whose dream this is and what’s going on in the level above it to cause the ship to move like that.

  28. UM, don’t they know by now to TIE THAT SHIT DOWN!

    If there was any one above decks, how were they not thrown into the ocean?

  29. A scene from “Moby-Dick 3D” (2010)

    This reboot of the classic tale, directed by Brett Ratner, finds Ishmael Jones (Sam Worthington), man with a mysterious CIA past, on a luxury cruise across the North Atlantic. When Ishmael is forced to share a cabin, and bed, with the sexy and mysterious south sea cannibal Queequeg (Kiera Knightly) he learns that even on the roughest seas love is seldom calm.

    The ship is piloted by the mysterious Frank Ahab (Samuel L. Jackson) who has an obsession with finding a mysterious illegal casino that floats in international waters, the Moby Dick Casino and Show Palace, where Ahab once lost everything…including his leg. He is now forced to totter on a mechanical transformer leg (voiced by John Leguizamo) which is full of guns and lasers and wise cracks.

    Also staring Corbin Bernsen as Starbuck, Jet Li as Stubb and Cate Blanchett as Father Mapple. 210 min.

  30. Looks like someone forgot to press the button in the hatch.

  31. They added a second chocolate fountain that night, so it all worked out OK in the end.

  32. “We must go deeper (underwater),” – Boatception.

    “The boat is collapsizing,” – Boatception.

  33. In this metaphor I am the sinking ship.

  34. Even though I’m a good 10 miles from the closest body of water, I just tied down all the chairs in my office.

  35. Despite multiple threats of mortal injury happening everywhere inside the boat, this looked like it was kind of fun.

  36. BWAHAHAHA! What the fuck man. Why am I just watching this fucking video for the first time now!

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