Sean Penn This Must Be The Place

Check out Sean Penn, you guys! Looking good, buddy! Looking GREAT. Very good hair and VERY good face. Obviously, this movie is an outlandish, high-romp buddy comedy or something, right? And not a story about an aging rock star HUNTING NAZIS in order to avenge the memory of his dying father. That would be ridiculous. From IMDB:

Cheyenne, a wealthy former rock star (Penn), now bored and jaded in his retirement embarks on a quest to find his father’s persecutor, an ex-Nazi war criminal now hiding out in the U.S. Learning his father is close to death, he travels to New York in the hope of being reconciled with him during his final hours, only to arrive too late. Having been estranged for over 30 years, it is only now in death that he learns the true extent of his father’s humiliation in Auschwitz at the hands of former SS Officer Aloise Muller – an event he is determined to avenge. So begins a life-altering journey across the heartland of America to track down and confront his father’s nemesis. As his quest unfolds, Cheyenne is reawakened by the people he encounters and his journey is transformed into one of reconciliation and self discovery. As his date with destiny arrives and he tracks down Muller, Cheyenne must finally decide if it is redemption he seeks ….or revenge.

Haha. Oh. Whoops! Well, you still look so, so good, Sean Penn. Congrats on the way you look. (Via Glinner.)

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  1. It’s about time they remade Mrs. Doubtfire…. or should I say Mrs. SUREFIRE?! lolamirite? This is gonna be a hit!

  2. Mrs. Doubtfire: the early years.

  3. “Mr. Penn, excuse me, it’s Robert Smith’s lawyer on the phone.”

  4. Sean, making yourself look ugly for a dramatic role to win an Oscar only works for the Best Actress award.

  5. I hope someone got residuals!

  6. Cheyenne (what?) former rockstar (ok, seems kind of feasible. Sean Penn is pretty bad a, photos aside) Bored/jaded decides to find father’s perscutor (okaaaay…) who and an ex Nazi (oh yiiikes) and ps they have been estranged for 30 yrs (so, why does he care now?) After his dad dies (aw bummer) he gets extra pissed (natch) and so begins a life-altering journey across THE HEARTLAND OF AMERICA (you lost me).

  7. “Guess what I use as a pen.”

    “This guy.”

  8. He looks so much like my Aunt, it’s scary! I mean, if I saw him on the street I’d be like “Aunt Sherry, why are you so sad?” ::HUG::

  9. Funny, AV Club posted today that Warner Bros is developing an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman (again.). Hmmmmmmm……

  10. Only if it’s a farce, Sean Penn, and you get Prince Poppycock to play your sidekick. Like Austin and Santino on the Road, but with less sewing and more Nazi-hunting.

  11. on second thought sean penn kinda looks like bea arthur in that picture above

  12. oh you aging rock stars… always walking around with edward scissorhands hair and bright red lipstick.

    • Thanks for the translation! What with the Daggering Condoms ad and now this .jpg, I wasn’t sure if I even spoke English anymore. What button(s) would I complain about not needing to push on the automated telephone service?

  13. Eli Roth is to Bear Jew as Sean Penn is to Hair Jew.

  14. thank god! ive been waiting for an edgy ‘true-life’ tootsie for years!

  15. Movie Scriptwriter 1: Say buddy, what do you think our tranny-riffic rock star should be called. Something edgy, something rocking and rolling and symbolic of a history of drugs, sex and kick ass musical bombardment surrounded by groupies and heroin and adoring fans screaming your name.

    Movie Scriptwriter 2: I don’t know.

    Movie Scriptwriter 1: Fuck it, Native Americans are in at the moment aren’t they? Cheyenne it is. Pass the coke.

  16. this is totally shooting in michigan right now, you guys!

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