I guess Zach is sick. Get well soon, Zach! But his twin brother, Seth, filled in for his interview with Sean Penn.

Best one yet? Why does everything need to always be compared to everything else? Sometimes we should just be able to enjoy things for what they are in the moment that we are enjoying them.

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  1. Well now I have to get a pug and name it Funyuns. THANKS A LOT, SETH.

  2. Note to self:
    1. Go get something to clean off the computer monitor.
    2. Don’t drink something while watching Between Two Ferns.

  3. Sean Penn looks like he’s ready to turn this into Between Two Blams.

  4. If someone had asked me to make a list of 1000 people that I thought would do “Between Two Ferns”, I probably would not have put Sean Penn on that list. Also, my hand would probably be tired from writing out such a long list.

    • He likes Zach Galifianakis because his teenage son apparently watched the snowboarding movie Out Cold like a million times, and that’s why he put him in Into the Wild (Zach’s part in which I cannot take seriously in any way.)

  5. Ecstasy makes me a better dancer.

  6. Well, that is definitely the other character that Zach does.

  7. Hey guys, did you know that Sean Penn’s brother was Romeo in black jeans? I just found out! Just thought I’d share that in lieu of actually watching this video.

  8. Sean Penn’s brother Pig is also famous.

  9. Hey Gabe, does this escape your “art that is bad on purpose” classification? I feel like this stuff and most of the work of Tim and Eric goes for the theme of being intentionally “low-quality” as part of their sense of humor.

  10. This may be TMI, but this joyful experience was ruined for me because of a co-worker. He is a dirty old man that walks around for an hour everyday and hugs all the ladies. Well, today, while I was enjoying Between Two Ferns, he comes in my office and I said hello and turned away from him to try to avoid the hug. Bad idea! Instead he kissed the star tattoo on my shoulder and said, “That’s called kissing a star.” So, please excuse me while I go shower and talk to HR.

    • Ugh god oh god that’s awful. I am sorry, send him to jail.

    • He needs to meet Sean’s brother, Itentiary.

    • Ugh, seriously, that guy is an asshole and needs to be punched right in the kissing star.

    • wow! Is that a thing (sorry!) that still happens? In my job neighborhood that guy would be gone immediately. I thought that was the norm these days.

    • Ha ha ha ha, SERIOUSGUM: report that guy. Fuck that. Fuck that. Seriously. He should be fired. I’m serious!

    • Thanks for the support, guys! Hopefully, there will be some repercussions for him. And, unfortunately, Icy Mike, this does still happen in my workplace…alot. Not necessarily to the extreme of my experience yesterday, but I have been oogled at and spoken to inappropriately by other coworkers before. I have never experienced rampant sexual harassment like this in other jobs I’ve had, but according to HR they take sexual harassment very seriously here. Hmmmmm….So, that really sucks because I really love my job.

  11. Haha, that’s a pretty good spoof.

  12. that’s the exact deodorant my boyfriend uses. and the deodorant I had to use this morning when I couldn’t find mine :(

  13. True, somewhat related story: I had a professor in college that tried to convince everyone that “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” was one big allegory about the Founding Fathers, with Spicoli representing Thomas Jefferson and Brad Hamilton representing Alexander Hamilton. Yeah.

  14. I just can’t take Sean Penn seriously, even when he’s trying to be funny, ever since he got really mad at the Oscars a few years ago when Chris Rock insulted Jude Law.


  15. “It’s always Fugees and Funyuns.”

  16. This is the first ‘Gum post I’m prevented from fully enjoying because I’m not in America anymore :-(

    I feel your pain, Euro-monsters!

  17. I am gonna eat so much Speed Stick now.

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