Kelsey Grammer announced on his Twitter feed a concept for a Frasier/Niles spin-off show featuring their KIDS. Incredible. That idea makes me feel like tossed salad and scrambled eggs.

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  1. Slow down, Grammer. We still need the Hank movie that resolves all the unanswered questions

  2. I love Frasier as much as the next person who has serious love feelings for Frasier, but weren’t their kids totally insufferable? I guess spinoffs generally disregard source material in crafting their characters, but yeesh.

    • When I first read this, I thought that it was about Frasier and Niles *as* kids. Which didn’t sound awesome, but still sounds a whole lot better than a show about their kids? (They had kids? Weren’t they brothers? Is that legal? etc.?)

  3. Here’s the twist: the kids don’t like fine wine and hate their fathers!

  4. Fraaaasier Baabiiies we’ll analyze you dreams for youuuuu

  5. I love Frasier so much it hurts. But I really don’t think I would watch a show about Fredrick. Yeesh. And David only made his appearance in the last episode. Ya know, they should just bring back the Frasier show, about Frasier. I’m so very, very old.

    These guys know what I’m talking about:

    • For real! Franklin was such a goober. Though, really, look at those two old nerds up there. I’m willing to withhold judgment until the pilot.

      • Old nerds are the best kind of nerd. I should know–I’m not just the founder of the Old Nerds Club, I’m also a client. (See also: outdated jokes.)

      • Well, Fraiser itself was a spin-off of a great show.

        • Also true! I’m sure when Frasier came out, people were like, “What? Seriously? That guy’s basically just a nerd/dick.” It depends largely on whatever the conceit of the show is and who’s cast as the kids. Maybe they can be sent to an all-boys boarding school?

  6. “He just wont stop beating me.” -Dead Horse.

  7. I’d rather watch Babies Dancing Lebanese Dabka.

  8. Fraiser would know to use the plural of cameo, not the possessive. #kelseygrammar

  9. I would absolutely watch Fresh Prince Babies.

  10. Only way to make this a rad idea is if you spill water on Frasier and Niles and they shoot out little hairy fur ball nuggets that quickly turn in to malicious munchkin versions of them and then after they eat some food after midnight they turn in to slimy pods that emerge as demonic looking reptilian slimy versions.

  11. “Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs” – Sounds like the previous season of “True Blood”

  12. This idea might seem a bit confused, but Gabe-y, you got it pegged!

  13. We may have nuclear precocity on our hands here, Jonathan Lipnicki levels of precocity.

  14. This counts as a spin-off of Cheers right? (Is what I say with every beer).

  15. Must I live in a world where Black Frasier doesn’t really exist, and this does?

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