Conan O’Brien has announced the name of his new TBS show, which premieres November 8th. To do so he made a fun little video in which he sits in a shabby office and writes the name on a piece of paper with sharpie. Sure. TBS IS BROKE AS FUCK! You can watch the video after the jump, but before you do that, let’s all remember that this is a blog, and that blogs function by a certain set of blog rules, and one of those blog rules is that when the name for something is announced in a dramatic fashion, blogs have to give that thing other names. Sarcastic, winking, joke names. It’s blog law, and we are nothing if not abiding. I’ll begin:

    Team Talk Show
    The Conan O’Brien Diminished Hopes And Dreams Hour
    Conan O’Brien’s Nightly Reminder That The World Is Never What You Expect It To Be
    Tonight’s Show

See how these stack up against the real thing after the jump! (Oof. Relax.)

Haha. Conaw. Your turn. (Via Vulture.)

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  1. The Picking Up Bitter Where Letterman Left Off Show

  2. or it coulda been…

  3. ‘Oops! George Lopez Hosts the Other Late Night Show on This Network’ With Conan O’Brien.

  4. Ugh god he looks like the fucking Burger King King now.

  5. The Cone Zone

  6. Not Jay Leno

  7. Hi I’m Conan O’Brien! You Might Remember Me From “The Human Centipede 2: The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.”

  8. Tyler Perry’s Conaw

  9. King of the Gingers starring Conan O’Brien

  10. CocOMG

    (It’s called ’2010.’ Look it up.)

  11. I don’t know you know, he’s sort of looking like a bitter NYU professor. You know, the kind that puts brandy in his coffee to face his class every morning?

  12. Conan Obrian’s Mildly Heartwarming Story Hour, Because While I’m Sad He Got Screwed By One of the Worst People In America and Happy He Got A New Show, The Bottom Line Is He Still Got Millions of Dollars to Wipe Away the Injustice of NBC’s Decision And Its Hard To Feel THAT Bad For Him, but Selfishly I’m Happy He’s Back On Television

    • I know what you mean. I saw Conan’s live show in LA, after it was announced that TBS gave him a show. I am a huge Conan fan, but I have to say I was rather disappointed that the vast majority of his material focused on how NBC screwed him over. At that point, Conan had the public’s sympathy, he had millions of dollars, and he had a new show on a network that will probably give him complete creative control.

      But there he was on stage, taking swipe after swipe at Leno and NBC. I wanted to just be like, You win, man. Just move on. It’s hard to feel bad for a guy that loses the thing he wants most but then gets the best consolation prize in the history of anything.

      Still love him as much as one bro can love another bro, though. Which is A LOT.

  13. That’s so Conan

  14. A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Comedic Genius

  15. The Arsenio Hall Show

  16. Conan and Pals*
    *Writers Taking Significant Pay Cuts, Goddamn It TBS.

  17. CoConversations

  18. This guy is my hero.

  19. COnAir

  20. “The Lamentations of Their Women Hour”

    Or is that too long?

  21. Conan meets World

  22. Conanheads

  23. The Jay Leno Show Starring Conan O’Brien

  24. I’m glad you’re following Bob Loblaw’s Blog Law, Gabe.

  25. The “I’ll Leave You a Trail of Breadcrumbs So You Can Find Me on TBS So I Don’t Get Canceled AGAIN” Show

  26. He should call his show ‘Lebron James’.

  27. Conan and Kel

  28. Coco’s Modern Life

  29. The George Lopez Show [to let everyone know who's boss at TBS]

  30. The Poor Man’s Millionaire
    Big Fat Contract
    Very Funny

  31. TBS® Very Conan.

  32. Street Cred with C-Dawg O’Bling Bling

  33. Masturbating Bear and Friend

  34. Hanging with Mr. Conan? Mr. Conan’s Neighborhood? (The beard is really adding the creepy next-door neighbor vibe, which goes well with “Mr.”)

  35. Conissa Explains It All, in which Conan dons a blonde wig and his best friend Andy climbs through the window. Also starring Joel Godard as “Pet Alligator”.

  36. A Little Hot Coco Before Bed

  37. Bearded Tilda

  38. Should have called it “The Topher Grace Show.”

  39. “Put that sandwich down!” is what I would say to Mischa Barton on opposite day.

  40. MelanConan and the Infinite Sadness

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