Yesterday, Sidney Dalton became a trending topic on Twitter after posting this video of her and her friends tearing down Justin Bieber posters. LOL:

Yiiiikes. HOW DARE HER?! Apparently, the unrestrained anger of Justin Bieber fans has resulted not only in Sidney Dalton’s momentary blip, and a few reaction videos (one of which is posted after the jump), but she has also received death threats. DEATH THREATS! You know, it’s totally normal for teenagers to be into things that grown adults (in some cases, very grown, like maybe too grown. I’m writing this from a hospital bed, and I can’t wait for you read my cloud-blog in iHeaven) don’t understand or relate to or see the appeal of, but kids seriously need to re-examine their death threat priorities. You don’t just toss that shit around, 12-year-olds! When I was in school, our death threats were about things that mattered. Like Big League Chew. And pegging your jeans.

Anyway, this is probably the best of the reaction videos so far:

Oh, ladies. Go back to bed! (First video via Popeater. Second video via HighDefinite.)

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  1. “We’re over him. We’re moving on…. to Kesha.”

  2. I’m gonna go tear down all my Sydney Dalton posters now, she betrayed my heart

  3. Irregardless is a word I cannot possibly fathom.

  4. Cork and all! Woah!

  5. I’m on logic overload here!

    “I don’t care if you don’t like Justin.” Yes, clearly you DO NOT CARE in the least.

    “I’m not a mean person… I will hit you over the head with a full wine bottle, cork and all.”

  6. “Pubescent girls are threatening each other with violence and calling each other ‘whore’ to defend the honor of a pop star with a bowl cut who will never, ever know of their existence? Sweet! My work is done here. Anyone want nachos?”
    – Gloria Steinem

  7. I don’t know why this amuses me so much, and I’m sure I’m going to jail for watching this high school girl’s videos, but it makes me grin to see her already using the “it’s MY first amendment right to say what I believe, and YOU have no right to criticize me for espousing my beliefs” argument.

  8. You should only peg your jeans if you’re wearing white canvas Tretorns and argyle socks.

    ~me, 1986.

    • I also like the gem: “I’m sick of your shit!” followed by “Ten minutes ago I didn’t know who you are.”

      That is pretty fast to tire of anyone’s shit, so she may have a point.

  9. By the by, you’d think she’d be happy to have Sidney and her two friends off of Team Bieber. Technically her share of Bieber just went up by 3/20,044,021 points

  10. All I know is what AERObelieber tells me. She lives in Arizona.

  11. That Gap ad unzipped some jeans and took me straight to a video of the inside of a twelve year old girl’s room.

    Later guys, I’m going to jail.

  12. Is one of them wearing a Free Scooter (Libby) t-shirt?

  13. Sidney Dalton may be done with Bieber, but she still needs to work on that J Mascis paint job she has going on in her bedroom.

  14. This is nothing compared to the fatwā declared on me for burning my sister’s NKOTB Teen Beat special.

  15. “Like I said in my Justin Bieber obsession video…” I need to start more sentences like that. Nothing is worth saying unless it was originally mentioned in my Bieber obsession video.

  16. I need to read more Teen Korner, I guess, because it took her saying “Balieber” three times before I figured out that she didn’t just have a weird speech impedement.

  17. Did she say Belieber!? I had no idea this was a thing.

  18. I don’t care if you hate Sidney Dalton… but you don’t need to post it on youtube.

  19. missvideo28 has the smug bemusement face down. She’s got a bright future ahead of her as a sassy middle manager.

  20. File this under middle-class white teenager problems.

  21. I had no idea Justin Bieber fans used such strong language. Some needs to have their mouth washed out with soap.

  22. I hate today’s youth. I hate it!

  23. I, for one, am happy that there is one less girl to fight with over Justin’s affections.

  24. something about this girl makes me think she’s going to be writing for jezebel in 10 years


  26. Thus begins the new Videogumism That’s Your Progeny.

  27. Speaking of: Bieber’s going to need a bigger Segway.

  28. If Sidney Dalton really wanted to start some ruckus, she’s shave her head and tear a picture of Bieber on SNL. No Sineado.

  29. In 4th grade, there was a clique of kids that worshiped a full set collection of NFL pencils (example):

    I wasn’t really sure why or how that was a thing, just that these were kids that I generally liked and everyone wanted to be like. So, I convinced my mom to buy me the full set of pencils (maybe $5.00 for 28 pencils). Among that set, the most coveted were the San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders pencils. Again, why that is, I haven’t the foggiest…

    One day before a test, I needed a pencil and my last No.2 was broken. So, I took out my trusty NFL set and selected one at random to sharpen. As I was headed to the sharpener, one of the clique kids saw that I had the Oakland Raiders pencil in hand.

    “No way,” he said. “Don’t do it, man.” I looked at him, nonplussed, sure that he realized it was seriously just a pencil and sharpened it anyway.

    It was the next week that the 4th grade “newspaper” ran a story headlined “Dishman Sharpens Raiders Pencil.”

    If YouTube would have been a thing in 1991, I’d be deadmeat.

    PS – Looks like the clique was right! The return on investment would have been at least 3 times that size!

  30. The Cyber Police are going to be pissed.

  31. Seriously? I thought that one girl’s t-shirt said “FREE COOTER.” And that would be so very wrong to be on a teenage girl’s t-shirt.

    Then I listened to Response Girl and her dirty mouth (does she need Orbit?) and suddenly I realized that teenage girls in FREE COOTER t-shirts were really the least of our problems.

  32. Yeah, ten minutes is pretty much my threshold for teenage girls and their shit too.

  33. Real talk, that second girl is terrifying. I am an adult and I’m scared she’s going to smash me in the face with a full wine bottle (cork included).

  34. Sweet Jesus. Thank god the internet wasn’t so ubiquitous when I was this chick and Justin Bieber was Hanson.

    Also, how do I get this to not have my facebook account? I don’t want all you weirds to know who I am.

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