Bill Cosby iPhone App

Here’s a normal conversation you might overhear at the grocery store or the therapist’s office waiting room:

“Do you think Bill Cosby should have an iPhone app?”
“I don’t know, I don’t think about Bill Cosby.”

And yet here we are. From a press release:

The message of Bill Cosby’s timeless rapport with children and families may not have changed, but the medium has. OBKB is his latest creation that brings to on-line media the same special qualities that made The Cosby Show and Fat Albert iconic television favorites the world over. Through your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, Cosby’s inimitable storytelling and priceless interactions with young people—plus Fat Albert’s “Hey! Hey! Hey!”—are now available as a weekly streaming series on demand at your fingertips.

Fans can now download the OBKB mobile app, which also features rare videos, audiobooks, news updates, fan wall, alarm clock and more at Apple’s iTunes for a cost of $1.99. This new series is presented as part of the entertainer’s renewed association with JELL-O, one of America’s most beloved brands. The title “OBKB” is drawn from the “Fat Albert” cartoon character, Mushmouth, saying “OK.”

Haha, sure. THE FUTURE IS NOW. Also, how many audiobooks is this iPhone app really going to have? Bill Cosby is just constantly writing books and recording himself reading them for this application? My favorite part actually came in the next part of the press release, when Cosby said “There are many things I have to say without going through the national networks.” Haaaaaa! Total V for Vendetta over here. Bill Cosby straight smashing the system. For example, based on the pilot posted after the jump, one of the things Bill Cosby has to say without going through the national networks is asking a child questions about the game of tag:

BOOM! Choke on your breakfast, SUITS! Bill Cosby fucking TEARING IT UP. And not just tearing it up on some old television. This guy is tearing it up MOBILE. The sheeple are awake now, and the tower is crumbling. Very cool. Very necessary. Very 2010. Very $1.99.

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  1. Call me when they finish the Picture Pages app.

    • No sarcasmo, I wanted a Mortimer Ichabod Marker more than anything when I was a kid. Until I realized it was not actually sentient.

      I have never forgiven Cosby for his marker-related lies.

    • The daycare I went to had the workbook for picture pages, but the pages were all colored over so we couldn’t use it with the show. Apparently, I’m still really upset about this injustice because as soon as I read this thread I went over to Amazon to see if I could find it, because dammit I’m an adult now and I have my own money that I can use to buy my own workbook that dumb, boogery daycare jerks can’t ruin with their stupid crayons.

      • How can you remember this? I spent five minutes the other day trying to remember what kind of car I had in high school. Oh man… Medical marijuana = NOT REAL MEDICINE.

      • It’s true–daycare kids will fuck stuff up. I both went to and worked at various daycares, and even now when I get out the art supplies in class I tell my high schoolers not to daycare that shit up.

  2. Please locate the closest Jell-O pudding snack.

  3. Hopefully this is the app that will tell you where to buy Jell-O Pudding Pops, because it has been a long, hard road for ol’ Baby Friday since those disappeared from the local grocery store.

  4. If it brings me more of this video, then Bill Cosby apps for everybody!

  5. It’s actually like the new Netflix app, but it only plays Leonard: Part 6 over and over and over…

  6. With a few small alterations, this could be an Ionesco play.

  7. So I should only have to wait a few more years for the Different World app, right?

  8. Bill’s got some really fuzzy logic going on hear, he must have become friends with Glenn Beck

  9. To Be Fair, Gabe, In this Clip, Mr. Cosby is engaging in the classic discussion of ‘Tag vs. It’ (First Undertaken by Aristotle in his Nicomachean Ethics), a discussion that, today, produces contentious debate and blood shed in the inner city.

    How do you think the Crips and Bloods Started? It wasn’t drugs or Socio-Economic factors or the CIA. It was tag.

    The Cos has my backing for speaking truth thru big iPhone Apps

  10. Gabe, i think you mean “Blam! Don’t make breakfast with rubber cement, Suits!”

  11. As children, my sister and I would always say “OBKB” for okay because our Dad always said it. I didn’t know why until right now. The more you know.

  12. Once again, as a Droid user, I get SCREWED.

  13. How is this not an augmented reality app? Using your phone to view the world around you, it gives the illusion that everyone around you has pants on at waist level, it bloops and bleeps out bad words, and makes every look like they’re wearing a Cosby sweater.

  14. Mr. Cosby has a lifetime pass for many reasons, not the least of which is a shared birthday with Mr. Topher Grace.

  15. It puts the puddin’ in the skizm and the skazm puddin’

  16. I, for one, am very very very excited about this. Bleeble blabble.

  17. When the stars are right Bill Cosby’s timeless rapport will awaken from its slumber and we will all be crushed before its awful cosmic majesty.

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