Harvey “Bombe Eclate” Feinstein is BACK!

Clearly, I’m going to the wrong parties. We all are*. (Via TheHighDefinite.)

*Unless some of us were at THIS party. Doubt it. Nerds.
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  1. Paul Rudd is looking rough.

  2. If by “the wrong parties”, you mean “jail”, then: yes. We are all going there.

  3. In retrospect, the peyote-laced muffin Harvey ate before the event would turn out to be a bad idea.

  4. It’s probably a little sad that a) this guy seems to have more job satisfaction than anyone else in the history of ever, and b) he is a legitimately better dancer than I am.

    • I was definitely going to comment that I wish I could have a job that allowed me to sit in a chair and rock out that hard. I guess I technically do, but people might look at me funny for trying to talk on a phone and fill out spreadsheets while headbanging.

  5. Whoa! I thought this was going to be the boob slapping guy who gets slapped back by the chick who he boob slapped. Turns out my German/English is REALLY bad!

  6. Ah, I see he too has the Local Fireworks Megamix. This is the pre-show side. Part ‘B’ is when the fireworks starts and Rock You Like a Hurricane kicks in.

  7. I would still party with this guy (Conference Room B in the Tempe, AZ Marriott, natch)

  8. I WAS at this PARTY. Where the FUCK WERE y’all?

  9. If this senior center is a-rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’

  10. Sad how no one is helping this stroke victim.

  11. I apologize for my brazen use of Parks & Rec GIFs, but man do I miss this show.

  12. facepalmed at the end haha

  13. “Back in my day I LOVE ECSTASY!” – Grandpa

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