The Wiseausurus roamed what is now known as Southwestern North America during the Triassic period. This ferocious creature is best recognized by its ropy body that seems sculpted out of rotting clay, and its long witches’ wig. It subsisted on a diet primarily of whiskey mixed with vodka and birthday cake. Had humans been alive at this time, they might have been both amused and baffled by the great Wiseausaurus’s nearly incomprehensible roar. “What kind of roar is that? Where is that roar from? Is it made by, like, a computer built by aliens that’s input settings are all fucked up?” For recreation, the Wiseausaurus played a form of primitive football. The mating ritual of the Wiseausaurus was disgusting to witness, and revolted any dinosaur who was unlucky enough to catch a glimpse of it.

There are some who believe that there are still Wiseausauruses roaming among us, while others insist that the Wiseausaurus never existed in the first place. These people claim that it was too weird, and that it’s horrifying body and ridiculous head were physically impossible. The debate rages on!

Click through to enlarge. (Image via SuperPunch.)

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  1. Is Wiseausaurus a thing now?

  2. Long hair and funny clothes drawn on a dinosaur. Hm. That might as well be the Rick Jamesaurus.



  4. “I get ze picture.”

  5. It’s better than the Wiseausaurus, which was known throughout Pangea for making films that were disgusting to witness, and revolted any dinosaur who was unlucky enough to catch a glimpse of them.

  6. “much like the dinosaurs, Wiseau is of unknown age or origin and will most certainly be dug up and studied for centuries to come in order to get a better understanding of our universe.”

    - your college professor

  7. He should be holding a football.

  8. “Everybody betrayed me. I fed up with this world.”

    Little did the mighty Wiseausaurus know, he would shortly be extinct. Do you want me to order a pizza?

  9. Just wait until the discovery of the Housethatdripsbloodonalexadactyl.

  10. “I’m tired, I’m wasted, I love you dinosaur.”

  11. I bet the book this page is from probably deserves the Emmy for best “Graphic Novel”

    LOL! Ha ha ha, “graphic novel” ha ha

  12. Gabe, where’s the True Blood recap?
    Don’t make me bring out the Mace:

  13. You don’t understand anything, man. Leave your *stupid* comments in your pocket!


  15. Remember to grab your plastic spears

  16. This just makes me really happy because it reminds me of the time my friends and I got extremely drunk and colored in a Disney Princesses coloring book to tell the story of the time on Grey’s Anatomy when Izzy cut the lvad wire on her financee so he would almost die and qualify faster for a heart transplant. Good times for everyone.

  17. That must have been a really big room to hold such a big and mysterious dinosaur.

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