A guy in Chicago needs a Honey I Shrunk the Kids role-playing partner. Please get in touch with him if you can help out. Thanks.

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  1. As someone who is still looking for that special someone for my Weekend at Bernie’s re-enactment, I can certainly empathize.

    I hope I get response soon, the corpse is getting really stiff.

  2. I guess this dude has never been to Universal Studios Orlando.

  3. This guy is baring up the wrong tree.

    There are no women in this world that are both verbose and a lover of Cheerios… It just never works out that way.

  4. Oh, that’s nothing. I was worried it was a guy who had a weird lego and/or ant fetish.

  5. I’m just looking for someone to reenact the various roles of Rick Moranis with me. Anyone who wants to play the Vinz Clortho to my Louis Tully give me a call.

  6. “Of course, swapping out Rick Moranis for yourself would be preferred.” I don’t know. I think Rick Moranis would be pretty into this.

  7. I’ll play Honey I Shrunk the Kids with him, but he’ll need to return the favour by being my reenactment partner for Georgia Rule, preferably in the role of the bold and dominating Jane Fonda character.

  8. Sorry to go off topic, but to any and all old timey monsters, yesterday I saw a real life person unironically (I think) wearing the “Just Jack” t-shirt from Lindsay’s classic Double Dog.

  9. I am a verbose female living in Chicago, AND I could use $50. Don’t hate.

  10. What, this guy gets a promotion, but my (sadly languishing) listing for a Baloo to my Bagheera goes yet another week without notice? Anti-furs.

  11. You know it’s a good fetish when it stumps bing.

  12. Does anyone know if that keymaster guy ever found his gatekeeper?

  13. the girl who actually does this needs to record the entire conversation

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