TCOAT, you guys! We made it! (Via TheDailyWhat, WarmingGlow, BuzzFeed, and TheHighDefinite.)

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  1. Just had the sudden, horrific realization that my life can be summed up in an 18 second YouTube video.

  2. It’s Friday!
    Time for chat and/or quit your job at Blockbuster.

  3. This video is literally the best thing that happened to me today. And I do mean “literally.”

  4. they need to construct a wider treadmill so all three of them can devour my heart at once.

  5. Sorry to be off-topic, but an adorable dog post seems like the appropriate place to tell you guys that I’m heading back to Michigan on Monday to get married! I don’t know why I thought I should mention it, but I’m super excited and you guys kinda seem like friends to me. Yay! The next time you hear from me, I’ll be a married monster.

  6. I totally wanted that third Corgie to go unplug the treadmill with his teeth and send the other two careening into the camera. #corgiepranks

  7. This is what Michael Cera is running TOWARDS!

  8. Now I have no excuse not to get off my lazy ass and work out, thanks dogs

  9. I want to watch this forever and ever and ever etc.

  10. wow double corgis all the way…..almost a TRIPLE corgis! whoa!!!! what does it mean?

    • TGIF: This Gif — It’s Friday!

    • Snap! I didn’t see you’re double corgis reference…My bad…Forgive me with double dachshunds…

    • Oh yuck, what kind of nightmare simian is that? The way it moves and how it holds its arms ugh ugh ugh ugh

    • I’ve got lyrics!

      (Sung to the melody of the double rainbow song)

      Whoa, those are cute corgis, all the way
      On a treadmill, oh my God, double corgis
      Those’re double corgis all the way…damn
      Those’re double corgis all the way…damn, oh my God
      What does this mean? They’re so cute, so precious
      Double corgis, on a treadmill, They’re so content (content)
      What does this mean? It’s startin to look like triple corgis
      Those’re cute corgis, man, ahhhh!
      Double corgis on a treadmill cute little guys
      Yeah, Yeeeeaaaaah, so content
      Double corgis on a treadmill I could die
      Wow, wow, oh my God, look at those corgis

    • I keep watching this gif, wanting the monkey to run inside that phone booth (it’s a phone booth, right?) and have it take off into a time wormhole a la Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

      That concept would win an Emmy for best gif ever.

  11. Fucking corgis, how do they work!?

  12. Look Gabe, I made you a gif(t). Now they run forever!


  14. 2 Corgis 1 Treadmill.

  15. while i enjoy the corgi’s running on the treadmill, i feel the third corgi who takes a look and decides to leave more matches my attitude towards this day

  16. so intense… it’s almost… THREE corgis on a treadmill!

  17. Holiday edition!
    ps: there are a shocking amount of corgis on treadmills on youtube…

  18. Ha ha ha!! these dogies are really very funny. I think they are trying to reduce their weight.Bactium

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