There is absolutely nothing new or interesting about this report on the Antoine Dodson meme from this morning’s episode of the Today Show. I’m simply posting it for the historical record as the day the Antoine Dodson meme reached completion.

“Have you heard of Anton Blobblum? He seems nice.” — Your mom.

R.I.P. Antoine Dodson Meme (2010-2010).

(Via EpicPonyz.)

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  1. i thought the end of the antoine dodson meme was when ron livingston made a youtube account to post an antoine dodson parody.

  2. Good for those Auto-Tune the News fellas (and gal), they make me laugh, so I’m glad they’ve made a hit.

  3. the meme was too beautiful for this world

  4. guys I’m concerned Antoine Dobson has morphed into Andre 3000

  5. I was waiting for Daily Show to start the other day and had the misfortune of catching a few seconds of that terrible, execrable Tosh.0 shit. He had as his closing bit something on the double rainbow meme, which I thought “wow how cutting edge…” and then waited for his high powered joke. I’m so glad I waited. The frankenstein-necked douche Tosh – if that is his name – said “Double rainbows come from a leprechaun’s queef.” Wow, hilarious, he said queef. He used the word queef in a comedic fashion in regards to a meme that is so fucking old now. “Ha ha ha, queef, how edgey.” – writer of Family Guy.

    • I saw that too. Any time I have the displeasure of catching some of that show, I think “Thank you God for Videogum and all who sail with her.”

      • “What … is tha DEAL … with his freakish giraffe frankenstein neck!!??” – Seinfeld impersonation

        Seriously, if you have this giant freak neck, why wear all these low cut v-neck t-shirts? What a dick

    • Upvoted for “execrable.” #GREvocabularygum

    • And that guy is, like, WILDLY POPULAR!!! He regularly outdraws Colbert and Stewart. Gross, America.

      • F’real. So does Glen Beck-tard. We live in a fallen world, brohams. A godless god forsaken world and we are carnivores pushing our grocery cart of our stuff down the road of life alone on our own, going down the only road we’ve ever known, like a drifter we were born to walk alone and we aint wastin’ no more tiiiiiime

  6. Why so serious, Professor Carlton?

  7. I haven’t had the internet for about two months this summer, so this guy is actually news to me. Glad I missed that one.

  8. The Ed Hardy has really gotten to his head. For shame, Antoine.

  9. Any word on whether they found the attempted rapist yet?

  10. UGH. If Antoine Dodson hadn’t been there, his sister would have actually been raped. He and his family can move out of the projects, but the other residents are still living in a presumably high-crime neighborhood. You can’t blame the victim even a tiny bit–how could she have been asking for it in her sleep?–so let’s laugh at her funny little protector and his rage-song.

    Man, fuck this country. All rape giggles and “Bomb Patrol: Afghanistan,” the reality show in which contestants might literally die!

    • that’s kind of harsh, meaverly

      • This entire thing is gross and depressing, Steve Winwood.

        • well yes and no. look at how gracious he was about accepting the meme status, it turned in to something that surpassed the circumstances that spawned it. it’s like it evolved in to something above and beyond the horrible origin and turned in to something akin to an internet version of the double rainbow

          I’m not smart enough to talk about it but I feel like I get it, the internet. I get it on some level that I cant articulate. no one is seriously laughing about how a woman almost got raped they are laughing at the weirdness of the expressions and the auto tune decontextualized elements – okay I give up, I’m definitely not smart enough to tread in to this territory

    • I’m finding it difficult to understand what you’re pissed about here. Nobody is blaming the victim, nor are they laughing at her attempted rape. It’s her brother’s over-the-top response to a local news reporter asking him about it that’s the funny part.

      Yeah it’s sad to think that there are people who have to have to live in the projects and other potentially dangerous areas, but sometimes you have to look on the bright side of things for a change. And if you can make a funny auto-tune song out of it, everybody wins.

  11. I most definitely agree that we shouldn’t be laughing at an effeminate black man discussing his sister’s attempted rape BUT Jesus that song is catchy and funny. What is wrong with me? I hope this isn’t a slow un-PC slide down to Jeff Dunham fandom.

    • There is nothing wrong with finding this meme humorous because it has nothing to do with a grown-ass man using puppets to make the most cliched, stereotypical, and racist comments.
      We love sass. We love auto-tune. This meme gave us both. Thank you Antoine Dodson.

    • related story: I was on family vacation last week (in my 30s and still somehow doing that shit) when my uncle (in his 60s!) was on his laptop surfing the tubes (so not allowed at the lake house, boo uncle!) and what was he watching? A youtube clip of Jeff Dunham. No ventriloquisto. He calls me over “Nephew Tankerbell, have you seen this Jeff Dunham guy?” I stayed seated and said ruefully, “Oh, yes…. I’ve seen him.” And took another slow sip of my Mt. Gay and tonic and glared contemptuously out the window.

  12. “we give up”

    - the music industry

  13. Currently, “The Bed Intruder Song (feat. Kelly Dodson)” is at number 38, and is still beating Lady G$G$, but not beating Ke$ha. More shocking, though, is the song in the 39 spot called “2012 (It Ain’t the End) [feat. Nicki Minaj]“. Apparently, some people aren’t as worried about 2012 as they ought to be. How dare they profit off of a little-understood, apocalyptic occurrence that will happen for sure? I just want my voice to be heard: the Antoine Dodson meme IS dead and buried at the end of a double-rainbow, and 2012 will be the end.

  14. “I like this song! Catchy. Good beat!” – My mother

  15. I can’t wait for the end of the word “meme.” I’m not even sure how to pronounce it.

  16. Yeah, it’s hard because the auto-tune the news guys autotune EVERYTHING, so I can’t really see racist (or unintentionally/subtly racist) underpinnings in what they’ve done, but yeah, you can’t bank on some weirdo racist people laughing at this for insidiously racist reasons…if that makes sense? I’m gonna take a nap.

  17. i am really comforted that antoine dodson is getting cash money from this. every time god closes a door…

  18. Who gets the other 50% of the song money?

  19. “We’re not that interesting.” -MSNBC

    True story.

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