This guy is great. I’m definitely very into Jesus now. At first I wasn’t so sure, but then he came out of the tent (?) with the bag of chips, and everyone was laughing and going to heaven, and I was definitely laughing, too, because the bag of chips just made a lot of sense and was very funny and no one was confused at all. Because life is precious, and Carrot Top, and the Bible.


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  1. #religiongum

  2. Coming soon to the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

  3. “This church needs an enema!” – guy making 1989 Batman movie reference

    • Which was worse: the fact that they got Prince – FUCKING PRINCE!??? – to do the music, or the fact that nearly half the movie – ostensibly a movie about the fucking Batman – was really all about this lame badly scripted romance between Kim Basinger and Michael Keaton with lines like “Are we going to TRY to love each other?” ?????

      Sorry, uh yeah this preacher guy, he’s ridiculous

      • “This church needs an amenema!” — 8-year-old in me (that actually digs the 1989 Batman movie references).

        • Ah you just took it to the next level. Let me see if I can one up you on this little number, “Drasko”

          “You ever dance with the devil in the pale moon light?” – Jesus Nicholson

          • Why are you putting my name in quotes, “Steve”?

            And now thanks to you, i have a whole movie in my head dealing with Jack Nicholson’s Jesus trying to resist Devil’s temptations in the desert.

            So, I guess my reply to that quote would be :

            “Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight for forty nights?”

          • “He stole my balloons!” –Jesus Nicholson (about Judas Keaton)

  4. That audience was laughing like it was Showtime At The Apollo.

  5. Take a slaughtering weapon and mark the weak ones, etc. etc.

  6. This guy thinks he’s Jim Carrey cca. 1993…

  7. “Don’t you shmirk at me! You shit right there and have your morals shaped by a bunch o’ demons on a television shet…”

  8. Is it just me or when he puts on the Goofy hat is he making a really racist like black-face type impression?

  9. The seething, vitriolic tone he uses when he says “homosexual” is the same tone I use when I say “charismatic preacher”. Isn’t that funny?

  10. Maybe I’m reactionary, but I like prop preaching. It’s far more enjoyable than all these meta-preachers who are all like “I’m not going to preach — I’m just going to do like this whole COMMENTARY on preaching type thing by not preaching.” Ugh. You all can keep your Pastor Galifinakises and Deacon Mirmans. I’m with this guy.

  11. When does this guy go on at the Videogum “Back to School” Comedy Show & Party? He’s headling right?

  12. I prefer the Reverend Winton Dupree, myself-

    “Now I have a question and I know you all have it, too. WHAT is up Satan’s ass? All he wants to do is fuck us up, the dicklicker!”

    Can I get a ‘fuckin’ A?’

  13. Speaking of preachers with props, I’m sure he has one of these :

    but with the word “homosexuals” engraved instead of “communism”.


  14. “B’fore I die, I’m gonna fuck me a fish.”

    Spanx for the Mr. Show mammories, Gabe.

  15. I don’t know – the smoking on stage was heady stuff. Rated R at least!

  16. His body looks really weirdly shaped. Is he wearing a prop gut? Maybe he’s part of a kidnapping ring and is smuggling our beloved notsewfast in his suit?

  17. Seriously though, how about those east-coast liberal homsexuals, always eating chips and big gulps and vacationing in Disney World.


  18. This guy is a treasure. By treasure, I mean he should be thrown in a hole and buried. ZING!

  19. Always
    Be standing covered in
    Covenant blood

  20. I don’t think they’re props, I think he just lives there…..

  21. Nice Mr. Show reference.

  22. This guy knows how to fill out a pair of pants.

  23. I’m scared and confused by life, and i found that HILARIOUS! Coincidence, i’m sure.

  24. this guy screws goats, but only the satanic ones….which of course are most of them.

  25. I can’t wait to see where the ‘prop comedy’ tag goes.

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