Oh good. You’re awake. Enough snoozin’! (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. Pretty sure I saw one of these on Sunday night


    What did I expect, huh? I could blame Gabe for ruining my morning, which was going so well, I could blame the creators of this video for shoving a CGI Birdman package in my face. Or, I could take responsibility and blame myself, because what the fuck else did I expect?

  3. Nice to see Birdemic 2 has better effects than the first.

  4. Also, does anyone have this lady’s number? I’d like to make her life.

  5. I almost turned it off, then they started a conga line FROM HELL and I watched the whole thing.

    • Yeah dude, they literally spiraled out from the magic escalator behind your Cool Uncle’s couch (the same one that can remove his thumb and has found many coins in your head, incidentally).

    • You almost turned it off…they they birdmen *turned it on*!

    • How could you not stop watching?! First the one divided into four (WHAT? Did you see when he got broader and had so many legs?) and then they started coming out of the ground at different times (!) and then the conga line which was crazy enough until they kept popping out of the ground into each other’s anuses! I am just thankful it stopped on its own because i was just waiting to see what happened next.

      Now how do I translate this into a tattoo…

  6. Well I’m happy to report that the drugs are working!

  7. I was going to make some joke about this being a nightmare instead of something to wake me up, which made me think of dreams, and then, of course, Inception…

    Anyway! I like to imagine Dom & Co. going into someone’s dream and encountering this and just being like “Shiiiiiit.”

  8. Anyone (besides wwwest) make it past :40?

  9. Their creepy chests make creepy faces if you look at them long enough. I looked too long.

  10. Truly, the best part of waking up is high octane nightmare fuel in your cup.

    • I think it’s almost worse when you’ve already been up for 3.5 hours, because if you only just woke up you can actually think about going back to bed, but once you’ve been up that long, that’s impossible, you’ve already done so much, but at the same time it’s still early so forging ahead is difficult also; in the end, you’re just left to feel a lingering despair, horrified by the moment, but neither able to begin anew, nor to go forth and seek the new.

      • And you’re in that half here half there state anyway on account of the poor sleep… You’d have these dudes Encircling You to Techno Tunuk Tunuk Tun until you fell through the street and onto a pile of manneguin bodies with eagle heads, and finally had an eating contest with Thoth, wherein he devoured the earth and you ate your face.


  11. Did Videogum just fall backwards in time?

    Oh yeah, the video, it was great, very inspiring/inspired. Reminded me of Heaven, if you were a punjabi Babylonia-egyptophile.

  12. This is actually just the latest step in a very old tradition, guys.

  13. Ain’t that America? Home of the free yeah

  14. I need to get my Katamari ball and roll this crap up immediately.

    Uh. Great, now I’m imagining a Katamari ball covered in spastic birdman legs. I just can’t win this morning.

  15. I was promised NUDE bird men. These bird men have thongs on. This blog is a lie.

  16. In Japan, they call birds “tori,” which, I would like to point out, rhymes with “lorry.”

  17. Well, good morning to you too, internet.

  18. Wait, this is Lil’ Wayne’s daddy?

  19. I’m going back to bed.

  20. So is the voting system not changing permanently?

  21. It is good to see that the practice is paying off:

  22. my favorite posts are the ones where gabe tries to get me fired. good job!

  23. This is my favourite Taiwanese news report yet!

  24. Best Pride Parade ever!

  25. Is this game available on PS3?

  26. i would like to traumatize a friend by showing her this, but i don’t want her to know i’ve watched it. eff.

  27. Who else was waiting for them to form a swastika?

  28. Hey these look like the guys from “Night At The Museum 2: Battle at the Smithsonian.” Ya’ know? Night At The Museum 2? Battle at the Smithsonian? Anybody? No?

  29. American foreign policy sure is hard to follow sometimes… “NEVER FORGET” – Muscle Eagle.

  30. Is this what happens when you win Muscle March?

  31. This is what happens when you leave a sentient computer on for ten years.

  32. Finally CGI animations are so good that they are indistinguishable from reality… or not.

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