See her be for them here. Remember when London Fog was actually featured on Mad Men? And yesterday’s Etsy store? Other loosely-made, poorly thought-out associative connections?

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  1. Even the tea baggers protesting the so-called ground zero mosque have to admit that Christina Hendricks is the fucking shit

    • The Tea Party is concerned primarily with fiscal conservatism. The “mosque” protest is a separate matter. There is significant overlap, but the popular support for each is too high for there not to be. Having said that, all of the involved parties can probably agree that Christina Hendrix is the fucking shit, with the possible exception of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf.

      • Why, is Imam Feivelwitz whatever his name is gay?

        • No, he is just very religious and might consider her manner of dress to be immodest. I think that most gay people can also agree that Christina Hendricks is the fucking shit.

          • That’s your problem. What I don’t get is why can’t they move that mosque some place else.

            PSYCHE! Just kiddin’! This whole stupid made up controversy is dumber than a hundred health care town hall protests by Coke brothers astroturf douches. I dont care where they build their fucking shit. HA ha ha idiots

            Anyway, does anybody have any more pictures of Christina Hendricks?

  2. Those pictures make me feel lonely. Is that weird?

  3. This woman is so hot everything in my brain except my reptile center completely shuts down.


  4. I’d totally go straight for her.

  5. “She’s pretty.” -London Fog

  6. I think this is the one time I’m actually thankful for the Bing ads.

    “YES, I will search for more info on Christina Hendricks’ cleavage. Thanks, Bing!”

  7. Do yourself a favor. Mute the sound on the video, put on a backing track of Let’s Get It On and let Marvin Gaye take care of the rest. Thank me later.

  8. The final ad copy is so obviously photo shopped it’s sickening. That woman’s curvy build is a national treasure and it is a disgrace what they have done to her hips!

  9. …could be a really good idea. With a la carte Cable, apps, etc, users are getting used to tailoring their content….”

    You listen to FLW drone on and on using industry jargon. Is he serious? 98% of his comments are puns, gifs and lewd comments about Christina Hendricks (I mean even this comment is in an old Christina Hendricks post.) Yeah, keep opining away, Mr. Hollywood.

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