This is a very fresh alternative.

I think it is fair to say that this is the HOTTEST song of the summer! Do you get it? Let me know if you get it. Hot drinks! (Thanks for the tip, adgied.)

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    • Do you have copies of EVERY restaurant review I post, or just this one?

      • No, I don’t not have copies of all your resteraunt reviews but I did find this:

        facetaco SOONNNnnnNNnnNN

        ***** By Gerald – Dec, 2012

        This salad is BALLIN yo! Torteeya strips be crispy like you never SEEN! I tasted one and waz like “DAMN TACO, you mad!”

      • Are you Kenny Fisher?

      • True story, this review is for the Wendy’s in Waltham, Mass. I went there for lunch one day because of this review. he was right, the ugly girls working the friers definitely would not let me holla. nuggitz be crispy though. I’d give it 4 stars, not the full 5.

  1. I need some hot drinks. And a warm bath and a pile of tissues and a pound of sleeping pills and a barf bag. #sickgum

  2. I can get a slice of lemon with my tea at Wendy’s?! Thanks awesome training video guy! Nice tunes!

  3. The downside to this video is the number of Wendy’s employees that don’t even know about “the line” because they were too busy bumpin’ and grindin’ during the training session.

  4. And that young man grew up to be Wayne Brady.

  5. Billy Ocean is still mad about getting ripped off so flagrantly.

  6. I put the mp3s here:

    Chili can be served with cheese is much better, I think.

  7. Billy Ocean got robbed.

  8. Did you guys know Dave Thomas studied under Colonel Sanders? Probably my favorite fast food lineage fact.

  9. THIS is the hottest song of the Summer… Hands down. Best lyrics ever.

  10. I think I GET it, Gabe! They’re HOT BECAUSE he peed IN THEM, right?


    …I’ll SEE myself out.

  11. I get it… Hot like I’M IN HELL.

  12. Digging the B-side on the Japanese import:
    ♫ Our burgers: shaped like a polygon that’s called a ‘square’
    Please try our Frosties, that’s our milkshake’s nom de guerre

  13. I just fell into a time hole with that link, Gabe.

    Man, you guys hated me huh?

  14. Man though for real, I kind of wish this were my training video. I’d definitely know how long to keep the coffee on. And I would never, ever be able to forget that.

  15. Color me interested!

    Back in the day, it was all about weed, so I missed the point of this, but still. Good effort, Wendy’s.

    Not totally unrelated, the Baja salad. It is gloopy and good. Has anyone tried it?

  16. Corporate suits: Leaving no bad training idea un-executed since forever.

  17. I now consider my unemployment to be worth it. :)

  18. Terrence Trent D’arby had to start somewhere.

  19. Consider me TRAINED Mr Wendy!!!

    Now, where does the gang meet to dance?

  20. this is the best james ingraham song EVAH

  21. oh my sweet dear lord. i worked at wendys and laughed at these videos when i was 14. i even stole a VHS copy but foolishly gave it to my boyfriend at the time. i found this boyfriend on facebook about a year ago and send him a message asking if he still had the video and if i could have it back. he did not respond.

  22. i’m glad that Wendy’s employees are reminded to use a clean spoon to mix the hot chocolate. Dirty spoons should apparently be saved for Sanka drinkers.

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