People are going out of their minds for the new Cee-Lo song! “I’m crazy, put me in the hospital!” That’s what people are saying when they call up the radio to request it. (Haha. Remember when that was a thing that people actually DID? Remember when radio was actually a THING?!) It is very catchy, and wisely throwback in a way that capitalizes (literally, $$$$!) on contemporary society’s nearly frantic addiction to the pleasures of nostalgia. Seriously, we are all getting so hell-bent on recreating the emotional states of the past* that we might miss the kick and never come back to the present. Personally, it’s not my favorite song. I think it trades too hard on shock value, and as much as this is going to make me sound like a very old man (which I am), I think it is too coarse! I believe that words are ciphers and that intent and meaning are much more important than empty signifiers, and I’ve used the word “cunt” in casual conversation, and yet, a pop song with a sing-song anthem chorus of “Fuck You”? It’s a little much. THERE MIGHT BE FRAGILE WOMEN WITHIN EARSHOT.

That being said, it’s clearly one of the songs of the summer. And as such, it requires its share of Internet mash-ups. Luckily, the Dallas Observer just knocked that s#*! out of the park. After the jump, three Cee-Lo “Fuck You” Internet movie mash-up videos, all from the Dallas Observer, all pretty great:

Shawshank Redemption

Say Anything

Dirty Dancing

That’ll do, Dallas Observer. That’ll do. Just in general, that will also do on the Cee-Lo “Fuck You” mash-ups, rest of the Internet. You work is done here. (Via GotchaMedia.)

*Basically, anything from before 9/11. Someone should write a paper for their class on this.
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  1. I think I like Lily Allen’s “Fuck You (Very Much)” better, especially when it comes to the juxtaposition of a somewhat sweet-sounding song vs. a chorus of “fuck you”s

  2. Gold digging v. Viral Video Mash-Up digging. The battle is on!

  3. “Man, I used to love watching the ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ when I was a kid. I should do an internet mash-up with that Cee-Lo song. It just takes me back.” –Marcel Proust

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      • It was just a joke based on Gabe’s “recreating emotional states of the past” comment. I meant no larger criticism of our culture (though certainly it is one thing for a person of 35 to have nostalgia for the 80s and another for a person of 20 to have a nostalgia for the 80s–one is authentic and one is eating the madeline because it is funny and dated).

        But I was just trying to be funny.

    • I hear where you’re coming from, Mans. I’m pretty upset that this gets all kinds of popular, while my much more poignant, mature, break-up anthem, “I Should Probably Eat Something, Seeing As It’s Been 4 Months and I Still Spend Every Day Drinking Jameson In Bed and Throwing Darts At That Picture of Her Stupid Face but Oh, Hell, What’s Even the Use” wallows in obscurity.

      • Yeah, but that song had one of the Neptunes’s weaker beats. And the guest verse by The-Dream was really just totally unnecessary.

        • I am, frankly, tired of explaining that picture. So I’ll just say that it’s been blown wildly out of context, that gun was part of a regular prank in our house, and that man is a dear friend who had a full recovery.

      • How are your vocals? I’ve been working on, “You Can’t Love Anyone If You Don’t Love Me Anymore (You Heartless Jerk),” but my singing voice peaked in eighth grade. Don’t worry it’s non-gender specific.

  4. Patrick Swayze is singing “Fuck You” with the angels now, in heaven.

  5. What kind of golddigger has to aim higher than Cee-Lo? He’s probably pretty rich! I agree, fuck her.

    • Maybe she was with Cee-Lo, but then at a party she met Kanye and was like “Oh, Kanye has some real money”. That happened to me once, but instead of Kanye it was Dwayne Moorehouse, and he managed the Subway in Como Park.

      • … Dwayne Moorehouse! Why does the ‘other’ guy always have a name that just SOUNDS like a jerk. It’s a phenomenon. You never see a dude named Brad Bradderson get dumped for a guy named Soren Mallom III.

    • probably the same golddigger that was hanging out with Kanye and Ray Charles 2.0

  6. Generally I would agree that it’s gimmicky to have someone sing in an old timey style and say shocking things. But I loooove this! Because, you know what, that’s exactly what I’d say if I saw my boyfriend in a car with some chick I’d be like “You know what? F you guys.”

  7. huh. Did anyone else not find these mash-ups particularly funny or interesting? “Fuck You” is a perfectly well done song that happens to have swearing in it. It just uses actual common vernacular rather than make up some nonsense phrase to say the same thing ie: “whoop that trick” or “skeet skeet skeet”.
    The musical style wasn’t nearly as big of a contrast to the original tracks from the films to create any sort incongruousness humor………..put myself to sleep there. ugh.

  8. There’s nothing wrong with Atari. Some girls like a classy guy with a good old-fashioned joystick.

  9. “it’s got a good beat, and i can dance to it.”

    - america

  10. I hadn’t heard this song before! I really like it!

  11. The problem with this song is that in theory it is something everyone can relate to, hating your ex. But, in reality the lyrics are about some rich dude getting burned by a gold digger. That bothers me. I am for the Gold digger. GIT THAT MONEY! GIT IT GURL!

    • But it’s not though, it’s about a broke dude who got dumped by a gold-digging chick. I think the line “I guess she’s an XBOX, and I’m more Atari” should have made that pretty obvi.

  12. I sent this song to my 58 year old conservative mother and even she liked it.

  13. Nobody puts baby in a fucking corner.

  14. Oh, shit, I thought Cee-Lo was a woman. Well, there goes any pop culture cred I might have accumulated over the last five years of pretending to know what my friends are talking about. (In my defense, the only music I listen to passed out of popular circulation in 1302. BCE or CE? I’ll let you decide.)

  15. First of all, Gabe, I’m pretty sure f-bombs been having been dropped in pop tunes for a pretty long time (“All Right Now”, anyone?), maybe not so blatantly (in the TITLE, Cee-Lo?), but still. And if by coarse, you mean catchy-as-f@ck, then yes. Coarse, indeed.

    • Agreed, there certainly has been plenty of FUCK-bombs dropped in music. But I have to admit, the first thing I thought of before I even heard this song, upon seeing the title, was Idiocracy. Just the notion that the most popular songs have titles like “Fuck You” or “Suck My Balls”. By this logic, the most popular movie is soon going to be called “Ass”. And that’s all it is for 90 minutes. (Winner of Best Original Screenplay 2012).

  16. I have a hard time understanding how anyone couldn’t like this song, but hey, that’s just me.

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