The Hollywood Reporter has found an Etsy account for hand-sewn Bad Batz Maru hemp underwear elegant neckwear, and the model of that elegant neckwear is Christina Hendricks. Ay-ay-ay! Wait a second, THE Christina Hendricks from television’s Mad Men? With the face and the hair and the outfits and the chest? YES! “One elegant neckwear for men, please.” The Hollywood Reporter explains that the owner of the Etsy account is none other than American actress Tamara Mello from the WB show Popular. I guess it just goes to show you, even in 2010, when it comes to selling elegant neckwear that you made in your spare time on-line through a start-up website, it’s all about WHO YOU KNOW.

Truth be told, this makes me a little nervous about my own Etsy store (launching 2012). I’ve got great stuff to sell, including coin purses with funny quotes from Michael Cunningham’s The Hours embroidered on them, stretched out t-shirts covered in sauce stains, and earrings in the shape of my butt, but no famous friends to model them. Does anyone have Chris Kattan’s contact information? Please send it to

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  1. Look at the size of that scarf. How does she not fall over?
    I know, I know, I’m very subtle.

  2. How does she not fall over?

  3. I’ll be in my bunk.

  4. Anybody seen my sock robot?

  5. I was going to write a witty commentary concerning the shallow, fickle world of fashion and the concept of modern celebrity. But then I got distracted by the “Bing Videos” section.

    “I can resist everything except videos of Christina Hendricks”
    ~ Oscar Flapu

  6. I wish I had a herd of boy-unicorns to lounge in assless chaps with my etsy items strategically placed for my store. :(

  7. I’ve been working on a poem for her for sometime! Any of you artsy types care to give me some feedback before I send it to her?

    Roses are Red
    Violets are Blue
    Please, please marry me or I will die alone do not test me on this.
    And so are you.

    Yes, yes. I know. A shame they only give out one Pulitzer at a time.

    • Thou often ravish’d bride of quietness,
      Thou auburn-haired child of silence and overtime,
      Gotham historian, who canst thus express
      A flowery tale more sweetly than our rhyme:
      What office-fring’d legend haunt about thy shape (what a shape!)
      Of switchboard operators or art directors, or of both,
      In Manhattan or the dales of Brooklyn?
      What mad men or gods are these? What underlings loth?
      What ads pursue? What struggle to escape?
      What pipes and timbrels? What wild ecstasy?

    • Roses are Red
      Snozzberries taste like Snozzberries
      She’s already married to the stoned guy from Super Troopers
      Too bad for you.

      - William Shakespeare (1564-2012)

    • Oh! Blessed rage for order, pale Christina.

    • Joan Harris was surely a looker
      For someone else no one’d ever mistook her
      Her friend was Don Draper
      Whose haircut was taper’d
      And who got his face slapped by a hooker

      Limericks, son.

  8. this has been my favourite post ever on the videogum

  9. What a great time to point out that we are in the process of making a Videogum Monster team over on Etsy! And we need a team name! All suggestions are welcome! But some are more welcome than others.

  10. We all know what you’re selling, Gabe. A limited edition line of Videogum Skants.

  11. Ironically, I too have a sort of “Etsy” store where all I sell is pictures of Christina Hendricks modeling scarfs. So, you can imagine how excited I am this morning that my daughter can now go to college.


    Sorry, I just kinda blacked out there for a second.

  13. So will this conflict with my Jon Hamm cafepress?

  14. Not really fair, considering anything you wedged in between that face and those bosoms would immediately skyrocket in popularity.

  15. Of all of the things that this website has told me are mine–boyfriends, fire artists, politicians–this is the only one that I am not embarassed of.

    Well, this and Paul Rudd as my bat mitzvah DJ.

  16. Christina Hendricks has large breasts.

  17. Hey Gabe, I tried to email your account to give you Kattan’s details but it bounced.

    His email is

  18. Gabe, thank you for making me LOLOLOLOL.

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