Don’t you hate it when you go to a party and all you want to do is play a pun-based word game centered on your obsessive love or, or at least knowledge of, movies, but all the guys are standing on one side of the room and all the girls are standing on another side of the room? That’s the worst. And so common! It happens almost every day to most people, probably. Well not THIS party. Get out there and have fun. Mix it up!

Guy movies! And so:

Stan By Me
Lou the Right Thing
Dan’s With Wolves
Million Dollar Barry

Girl movies! And so:

An Inconvenient Ruth
The Silence of the Pams
• Dude, Where’s My Carla?

Especially fun for couples in love! (Via @HateTheDrake.)

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  1. Romeo + Juliet

  2. Annception

  3. The Toddfather

  4. Juan Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

  5. Jurassic Mark

  6. Terminator Drew: Judgment Day

  7. Geoffrey Or Die Hard

  8. Glengarry Gwenyth Paltrow Ross

  9. Indepedence Dave

  10. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  11. All the movies I am thinking of already have names in the title!

  12. The DaTrixie Code

  13. The Seventh Neal

  14. Winwood a Date with Tad Hamilton

  15. Drop Dead Gwenyth

  16. In Gloria’s Basterds

    • Actual title of a softcore porn production I recently discovered at the local video rental:

      “In Diana Jones”

  17. Twila: Eclipse

  18. Saturday Night Beiber

  19. Phantom Dennis
    Attack of Lee Jones
    Revenge of the Seth
    A New Bob Hope
    The Empire Strikes Glenn Beck
    Return of the Judy

  20. What’s Eating Gilbert Gabe?

  21. Return of the Fred-i

  22. Eat. Pray. Lou.

  23. The Bicycle Keith

  24. Gabes In Toyland

  25. Dennis To Society

  26. Sarandipity

  27. Ann Bruges

  28. No Country for Old Mindy

  29. Kids in the Hall: Brain Cindy

  30. Roy Story

  31. The Good, The Brad, and the Ugly

  32. Sun Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest-or Carbonell (Lost Edition)

  33. Bjorn on the Fourth of July

  34. Southland Dales

  35. There Bill Be Blood

  36. In Diana Jones and the Temple of June

  37. Werttrew Romance

  38. Stranger Than Rick-tion

  39. Raging Bill

  40. Up In The Claire.

    …wait, ew.

  41. Bad Stutenant

  42. The Shawn-shank Redemption

  43. Cabin Bieber

  44. Blake Hawk Down

  45. Mary Poopins

  46. The Thin Ted Line

  47. Citizen Kanye

  48. The Depart Ted

  49. Zack to the Future

  50. Love in the Time of Carla

  51. The Bills Have Eyes

  52. 2 Fast 2 Florence

  53. The Jake House

  54. You Got Merv’d

  55. The Passion of the Chris

  56. V for Vendela

  57. 28 Faye’s Later

  58. Kevin Can Wait

  59. The Natebook

  60. Daves of Heaven

  61. A Tanner Darkley

  62. Despicable Meg

  63. The Green Kyle

  64. Danny Hall

    Norma Ray

    A Fish Called Wendall

    Any Kevin Sunday

  65. A Clockwork Florence

  66. A Streetcar Named Desirée

  67. Murray Vengeance

  68. Who can forget Wes Anderson’s “The Royal Shelley Longs”?

    Shut up, I’d totally watch that.

  69. Vanilla Guy

  70. Jack Brown
    Heath Proof

  71. Raging Beyoncé

  72. Halloween 3: Season of the Mitch

  73. Doris Day Afternoon

  74. The English Patrick

  75. Full Metal Patrick

  76. There Will Be Bud

  77. Zack To The Future

  78. Seven Sam Murrays

  79. The Colleening Limited

  80. Judge Judith Sheindlin’s List

  81. The Bert Locker



  82. Dead Man Joaquin

  83. Mary Potter and The All Those Movies

  84. You’ve Got Mal

  85. The Red Bill-oon

  86. Bess-side Story

    (alternately Wwwestside Story)

  87. There’s Something About Marie

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