You’re gonna need a bigger Zune! Also: no offense, but I just listened to your song, and apparently you’re a horrible racist ignorant stupid asshole! (Thanks for the tip, Danny.) (P.S. this is pretty solid.)

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  1. Ha, ha. Nice try Trey Parker and Matt Stone…

  2. Finally, somebody wrote a song that doesn’t capture my thoughts or feelings at all! I’m putting this in my playlist with Cisco’s “The Thong Song”.

  3. Unfortunately the jingle I wrote, We’ve Got To Stop The Muslim Community Centre A Qurater Mile From Ground Zero, is less catchy, and will probably have less of the media exposure.

    • If I’m not mistaken, you’re British, right?. I only bring this up because you’re better informed about this ridiculous non-issue than most people here and it makes me sad.

    • That kinda reminds me of when “Whoomp There It Is” came out and there was the similar song called “Whoot There It Is” and also there were two versions of “The Macarena” that came out at the same time. You win some, you lose some, Capu Flapu.

      Also, I am really disheartened every time I’m reminded how well-informed the rest of the world is and how they know about all the insufferable people who live in the U.S.

      • Liberal British newspapers love being able to use Glenn Beck etc as an example to say “at least we don’t have it as bad as America” whenever the inherent bias in our own media is exposed. So thanks for that!

        • Hey Capu, do the british news media types introduce the Glen Beck bits with “And now… for something completely different…”? Ahhhh?

        • Same here in Canada, and I must admit, the temptation is pretty strong. I live in Alberta (you may have heard of our oilsands? We were killing ducks back before BP made it cool). We’ve had the same conservative party in majority SINCE 1971, and a few weeks ago my (Asian-Canadian) friend was called a racial slur and threatened with a shotgun for supporting a left-wing party.
          And still, I sometimes think to myself “what a progressive paradise this is.”

  4. I never thought I’d say this, but I wish these guys would just go back to covering Guns N Roses songs.

  5. tea parties are better at turning 9/11 into a mockery than any mosque ever will

    • You think that’s bad, how do you think male strippers feel about literally tea-bagging? Probably not terrific, I have no idea, since I’m not a male stripper nor do I patronize such businesses.

  6. We gotta stop the blacks from always votin. Sure they are humans but that misconception soon will change imma hopein. Gotta put our two “sense” in when the Asian are drivin…

  7. It’s too bad this issue will likely be resolved before Sarah Palin has the chance to use it as her presidential campaign song!

  8. Needs more Bieber. (Mainly, I want to throw a water bottle at this song’s head.)


  10. This is the EXACT SAME melody as my song: “We’ve got to stop the mosque at Century 21.”

  11. You have to give them credit for haveing the foresight to record this song 23 years ago.


  13. I could get really really really angry, or I could post pictures of adorable animals.

  14. Needs more star swipes.

  15. You’re a bit preachy, dawg.

  16. I’m confused as to why this band? and other people like them are claiming that Americans died in 9/11. I thought that there were no real Americans in cities like New York.

  17. I like that one part that looks like Inception and that other part with the slap sound effect.

  18. I may fuck this up, but here goes:

  19. I think it is an outrage that churches should be built on the same continent ‘Christians’ wiped out 95% of the indigenous population.

  20. I love when dumb people form political opinions and then write really bad songs about them. It’s so cute!

  21. “This song makes me want to build a mosque at Ground Zero.”


    • “None of this shit matters”

      • “Unless we can somehow get to a plane”

        -Common Sense

        • “LOST sucks.” – Gabe realizes how wrong he was right before he dies of old age in his bed and lets go of a snow globe … with a Dharma Initiative logo on the bottom!?

          • Hey “Steve Winwood,” I think the previous poster is referencing the movie 2012, not LOST. But perhaps I am misunderstanding you. If so I apologize. Good day sir.

          • Wow, I’ve only just found this blog but i must say the polite and positive correction to Mr. Winwood’s comment makes me feel that somehow Mr. Winwood has hacked your hard drives and found that video that you all have.

            Or that he is actually Tom Hanks and you guys who are insiders know this and “so what if he’s not funny anymore.”

            But not actually Steve Winwood because even though I tell people Traffic was great (I have no idea if Traffic was great) that Roll With It shit was fucking cocaine clownshoes.

            But fuck if it’s not manners on a comment board.

  22. I would really like to have a long thoughtful comment about how appalling I find all of this bigotry, but for once my rage and despair are nearly beyond my control.

    I would love to say something meaningful about the ignorance behind equating all followers of a major world religion with a few fanatics; to make the point that we do not ban Christian churches Oklahoma because of the crimes committed by Timothy McVeigh or any other Christian. I want to say something that will make those that disagree with me, that sing songs such as this, change their mind and understand that this type of hate, this bigotry, is the problem. And that it is not only the problem, but is the very attitude that they claim to hate in Islam.

    I would love to say something calm about the history of religious intolerance, about the millions and millions of human beings who have suffered and died because of hate like this; to say something sensible that would make the other side listen and perhaps change their hearts.

    But I know that I can’t do it and not just because I am too angry myself that this country seems to be devolving at a rapid rate, that the base racism and hatred that I saw growing up and that I thought was abating is flaring back to life at the stoking of horrible monsters like Glenn Beck, who stoke and stoke for no reason other than to increase their own market share. I see that we have reached a meltdown point where it is not longer shameful for people to be hateful and when people take pride in their ignorance, there is no amount of wisdom that can help them I am afraid.

    • The Nazis bombed London during the Blitz in 1941.
      There is a German embassy in London.

      I really hope the equivalent British media don’t pick up on these two facts any time soon.

    • No way I can say it any better than mah Mans here, so I will just cosign and say this:

      There are ugly, dark elements we are facing that want nothing more than to keep us whipped up and upset. There are entities that feed on negativity, and hate, and seek to keep us in a state of perpetual confusion, angst, and fear, for the purposes of eliciting the emotional response that is being seen.

      I’m not going to sit here and tell you that HAARP is causing us to have ill will towards our fellow man.

      But the fact that we are being suppressed while this sort of foolish inciting of hatred and anger continues with the tacit approval of the right wing and their press is beyond insane.

      They don’t want you to vibrate at a higher rate, because they can not follow you. Better to suppress and feed off of you then to allow you to reach your true potential.

      Link text

    • Dont worry, the right wing will have totally forgotten about this “mosque” after the election.

    • At the end of the day, it’s just going to be Nigel Tufnel staring back at you and insisting: “but these go to 11.”

    • What really concerns me is that this sort of projection seems to be a common theme in many ‘western’ nations nowadays – what with the burqa ban in Belgium, the minaret ban in Switzerland… People are afraid of a hooded monster that’ll slave their women and cut their head off with a dull knife because they don’t know any better. Professional arsonists like Mr. Beck certainly have their share in this witch hunt, but where are the schools? Where are the quality media? I hardly ever read anything about Islam in the papers without there being a number denoting the casualties. If there’s anything good in this whole argument it may be that people get to talk about it at all, no?

    • word. can’t say it better.

  23. I don’t think it can be mentioned enough that there is STRIP CLUB 3 blocks from ground zero. And yet Fox News/YouTube songwriters seem to okay with that. I guess it’s one of those hallowed, true American strip joints.

  24. Muslim community center: “We bring you peace and religious tolerance”

    Americans: “Its a monster kill it! kill it!”

    Muslim Community center: “We bring you love and support”

    Americans: “It brings love and support! Don’t let it get away! Break its legs!”

  25. Stealing a line I saw a few days ago:

    To be fair, we’ve been building ground zeros next to mosques for almost a decade. (A decade! Fucking assholes)

  26. This has to be a fucking joke.

  27. That’s it. I give up. I’m finally ready for the zombie apocalypse. At the very least I can take-out a bunch of assholes with a chainsaw and a machete for a while.
    Who’s with me?

  28. Does anyone know if these guys play youth group retreats?

  29. Stupid freedom of religion as guaranteed in the constitution, hurting our feelings.

    Seriously, do these people have any arguments that are NOT based in religious bigotry and racism?

    • It’s about appropriateness. Like on John Stuart’s show last night, the bit with Charlton Heston saying it’s totally appropriate to have an NRA show near Columbine. That has nothing to do with religion, friend.

      • Apples and oranges. This is about denying the rights of a religious and ethnic minority on the grounds of “sensitivity”. No Steve, it really does have to do with bigotry. There’s a strip club and a betting parlor near the Ground Zero. Is that appropriate? Why? Never mind the fact there’s ALREADY a mosque near Ground Zero. Should we tear it down because it’s inappropriate? How far away should a mosque be before it’s appropriate to construct one? Never mind the fact that THESE Muslims have nothing to do with the attack at the world trade centre. Never mind the fact that the Muslims who perpetrated the attacks on the world trade centre were Wahabists, a violent conservative sect of the Sunni branch of Islam, and the people who are starting the Cordoba house are Sufis, which is a mystical, pacifistic interpretation of Islam that can be practiced by either Sunnis or Shias. Never mind the fact the founders have already spoke out against and do not approve of acts of terrorism. Never mind the fact that it’s not even a mosque, it’s a community centre. None of this matters of course, because all Muslims think and act totally alike and believe all the same things and all hate America.

        Sorry about being all seriousgum.

  30. This makes me extremely sad. But at the same time, glad of the fact that none of my facebook friends (or real-life friends) feels this way. I’m proud of myself for staying vigilant about who I surround myself with, including you monsters. Thank you so much for being awesome, you guys.

  31. I really want to know what this guy looks like.

  32. What do you guys think about politics?

  33. say what you will about this guy, that electronic handclap coinciding with the line “it’s a slap in the face” is pure production genius.

  34. I’m having a pretty epic youtube comment war with a guy who just called me a terrorist for not liking an Alan Jackson song. Join the fun!

  35. This guy gets it. I mean, I’m no genius, but I know a red blooded American when I see one and he is spot on. When it comes down to it, I don’t want a mosque in a location where the ground zero isn’t even visible. Put it in the village, let the queers deal with these terrorists. Yes, everyone who practices this religion is now deemed a terrorist. It’s easier that way. I’m just saying, it’s much easier and less time consuming to just base everyone’s life story by their appearance (shout out to Arizona!). Let’s face it, if you have a sitar and shop at Linens and Things for headwear, you might be a terrorist.

  36. “We’ve got freedom of religion, I understand”

    p.s. hears you hears you hears you hears you hears you hears you hears you hears you hears you

  37. Youtube commenters FTW

  38. Unlike the Islamic Center, this song IS NOT protected by the First Amendment. On the contrary, Conspiracy to violate rights is a Federal Felony as is INCITING OR ATTEMPTING TO CAUSE a conspiracy to violate rights. (Federal Statute 18 USC 241)

    (i.e. Organizing a cross burning is a conspiracy to violate rights. Writing a song telling people we should get together and burn crosses is inciting or attempting to cause a conspiracy.)

    Not only should Trade Martin be sued, but he and everyone involved in the making and promotion of this song and video should be indicted by a Federal Grand Jury, which I would personally love to see. Perhaps sitting in Leavenworth for a few years will teach them the meaning of the word FREEDOM.

    At least 59 Muslims died on 9/11 including children and pregnant mothers. The World Trade Center was attacked by Al Qua’ida. The Islamic Center is being built by Americans. Therefore, who is this “They” this song speaks of?

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