Did anybody notice that there was a new Saturday Night Live on Saturday? JK! Everyone’s talking about Tina Fey’s Best Impression Ever of Sarah Palin, but there were actually three other amusing parts! Here they are in their practically Phelps-free glory (He was so bad.)

1. Tina Fey as Sarah Palin and Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton, duh. Historic:

2. The T-Mobile commercial that creeps everyone out 5x/day finally gets noticed by the comedy world:

3. The Jar Glove:

4. The Digital Short — The Space Olympics:

SNL‘s ratings are apparently up 62% from last year’s premiere. They should try to keep having funny parts now that people are watching!

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  1. Rich  |   Posted on Sep 15th, 2008 -9

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  2. drab  |   Posted on Sep 15th, 2008 +3

    absolutely genius. Tina Fey’s impression was dead on and flawless, and i’m sure she enjoyed it seeing as she was a hardcore hilary supporter and actually endorsed her on SNL, and i’m sure the comparisons of Palin to Clinton make her ill. Her and Amy Poehler are perfect together and this was hilarious. And Tina’s hot.

  3. Jar Glove reminded me of a better TV sketch comedy fake commercial about how annoying jars are (“There’s got to be a better way!”)


  4. ber  |   Posted on Sep 15th, 2008 -4

    amy poehler’s impersonation of hillary clinton is really bad.

  5. Nick Grizzle  |   Posted on Sep 15th, 2008 +3

    Actually, the Space Olympics sketch was a disaster and proof that Samburg needs to take a step back in his life and reconsider everything he has ever deemed funny.

  6. i was too distracted by kristen wiig’s new nose to laugh.

  7. maude  |   Posted on Sep 15th, 2008 +3

    true, that digital short was a little too stupid.

  8. Kevin  |   Posted on Sep 15th, 2008 0

    Couldnt tell is tina fey was doing sarah palin or marge gunderson from “fargo”.
    either way, pretty funny

  9. What? Space Olympics was hilarious. I love the Lonely Island’s ability to tell a story with practically any absurd idea they have. And Jar Glove was awesome, too. SPACE SWORDS!

  10. Chadams  |   Posted on Sep 15th, 2008 0

    I give Michael Phelps the benefit of the doubt being that no one was expecting much, were they?

    The best sketch was Quiz Bowl, not any of the above (especially Space Olympics). And Bobby [New Guy] was pretty good as Pizze-rye-a Uno waiter. Felt like they made a good choice from the NYC improv pool to make SNL just a little more interesting for a change.

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  12. by far the funniest part of SNL last night was Fred Armisen’s Political Comedian on Weekend Update. Also, I know that Michael Phelps probably had the lowest expectations as a host since…oh I don’t know, maybe Lance Armstrong, but still, he was so bad. He just looked mostly miserable the entire episode. You should do a new clip list, the Most Cringiest Michael Phelps Moments. Number 1) Him dancing with Will Forte….barf me.

  13. B  |   Posted on Sep 15th, 2008 +2

    What, no “Fancy Pants”? The sketch was generally bad, but Will Forte dancing is comedic gold.

  14. Absolutely the only good thing about the premiere was the opening sketch. It was amazing, but the rest was some of the worst television I’ve seen in a LONG time.

  15. hahahahah the T-Mobile thing was hysterical

  16. Kate  |   Posted on Sep 16th, 2008 0

    What about that fellow that wanted to know about all the pepper? That one had me in stiches.

  17. Tina sounded a bit Canadian, but that skit wasn’t bad.

    It speaks to how terrible SNL is when the best part of the show is the intro.

  18. zac  |   Posted on Sep 20th, 2008 0

    well…. alaska is pretty much canada.

  19. What? Space Olympics? The hell was that?

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