In honor of the most wonderful and important movie of the year, the Home Shopping Network presented an entire program of Eat, Pray, Love products, the purchase of which will help turn any woman into a self-obsessed asshole.

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  1. I’m waiting for the My Sister’s Keeper home cloning kit(tm).

  2. I only buy gurus on QVC.

  3. “Eat, Pray, Queef” and “Eat Me Out.” Bing seems to be leading me to make poor decisions.

  4. Ew, that woman calls her vagina “The Gulf”?

  5. People who have read Eat, Pray, Love always counter disdain with “WELL HAVE YOU READ IT?” and that CAN be an argument winner, but I cheated by not reading and thus win TIMES INFINITY!

    • I always assumed that EPL was something like the Horse Whisperer or something Nick Sparksy. After making fun of my girlfriend for months, I finally broke down and took the “have you read it?” challenge. To my surprise, it wasn’t Sparksy at all. I found it to be well written and, at the core, pretty insightful. Looking back I can actually point to a few things I’ve changed about how I live my life as a result of the book.

      • Well, if we’re confessing things, when I don’t have time to look into a pop culture phenomenon, like the Vampire craze for example, I just look to those who embrace it heavily. I won’t bother commenting on how unfair that may or may not be (it’s basically unfair). In my neck of the woods, the EPL fans aren’t really the “being-white-is-hard” crowd, but there’s something of a suppressed dissatisfaction that they DREAD betraying to anyone outright, so they do it by endorsing something like this. I mean, by all means, be dissatisfied and then go do something, but I just don’t like this because it’s used as some kind of awful social costume. Like “I’m enlightened and adventurous because I read this book about someone probably being enlightened and adventurous, but maybe a narcissist who is richer than God. This season’s Anthropologie catalogue is going to ROCK MY BREAKFAST NOOK!”

        • I meant to write this earlier and thank Lizzing, from the bottom of my heart, for the assist.

          To be clear: PSYCH! My actions are pretty much exclusively based-upon “The Road.”

          My breakfast nook is covered in skulls.

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  7. Let’s be real though, Gabe. If you wrote a book that got turned into a movie, you know you’d be Selling all the Delahaye For Pay‡ Accessories you could move out of the QVS/HSN Warehouses. T-Shirts, Jeans, Jorts, Heald Tilting Exercise Machines, Specialty Cappuccino Machines, Shibu Inus/Inu Restraints, laptop bags, etc.

    ‡The Name of your first release, no doy

  8. Is James Franco for sale? I’d buy him

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