Told you.

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  1. What they lack in technical prowess they make up for in persistence.

  2. I still give these guys more credit than people who form Rock Band bands. These guys are LIVING IT.

  3. But what of you slowed down the speed by 800%?

  4. For the love of God, can someone make our bass player wear a shirt!

  5. what’s going on? Is the mixtape full?

  6. You can’t mix Axl Rose music with David Lee Roth spandex pants, Mr. Guitar Player. That’s probably definitely why this song sounds off.

  7. I was trying to write a comment about the Brazilian trending topics on twitter, but I couldn’t focus with this playing in the background. Sorry y’all.

  8. If anybody says “They’re pretty.” I will find you and murder you.

  9. Take it to the bridge!

    … Take it off the bridge!

  10. I knew I shouldn’t have bought Chinese Democracy.

  11. “Better than the Beatles.”
    -Frank Zappa

    (That guy just really didn’t like the Beatles!)

  12. You win, Gabe. You win.

  13. Well, They may be young, but they are already better than Animal Collective.

  14. I was shocked that this video was over six minutes long, but then I checked and Sweet Child of Mine is 5:55. So they actually played the whole song. They actually managed to play the whole song.

  15. Band name?

    Fat, gangly and blind?

  16. Appetite for Destruction (of my ears)

  17. Who’s up to see the Brazilian garage band tour with Final Placement?

  18. Having been in bands since I was 14, and having been in many, many terrible bands, the narrative here is painfully clear.

    The guitar player, who watches the DVDs that come with his guitar magazine, has been playing for a year and is saving up for a Les Paul (but at some point will end up with a seven string ESP once he discovers Disturbed). He really thinks that he is great, and he things that he looks great.

    He has pulled his two childhood friends into the band to play, though they would rather do other things, and now has them shirtless in a basement, after hours of very passive agressive bullying. They stand there, cold and afraid, as he sets up the camera on the tripod, assuring them, “No, man, we are going to sound, and look, great.”

    This happens everyday in basements across the world.

    • So true, Mans. That’s how I ended up joining TODD’s NEAT FUTONs in high school.

    • Ha.

      The difference is, up until about 5-7 years ago, the basements didn’t get televised. I feel for the struggling artists of today. The internet robs you of privacy when you are terrible (and getting better). A coworker of mine tried his hand at some standup, and of course his routine got posted on the internets, and let’s just say he did not have the genius of a Nick Madson. And now all his coworkers know that. We all saw him tell mediocre jokes unevenly and break into awkward sweat. Maybe he’ll get better? But O man — it made me afraid for every just-starting-out guy/gal out there — because they’ll all fail in the beginning, and instead of having to gin themselves up to fail for one night in a room of 50 people, they have to gin themselves up to fail in a way that might be viewed by billions for the next 1,000 years (or until this whole internet thing blows over). We’re going to need a bigger gin.

      I hope this doesn’t scare off the next Patton Oswalt or Guns n Roses or whoever.

      • A fear of being humiliated does not stop the great or the terrible, only those in the middle.

        There are plenty of video and audio cassettes of me doing the exact same things as these guys, except I kept my shirt on and I was ruining R.E.M. songs–but it is essentially the same thing in the end. The good news is, at some point all of our mothers will convert those tapes to DVDs and upload it for the world to see and we will all be ruined.

    • Its awful, but still I bet there is a gaggle of 13-year-old girls who think these dudes, or at least the guitarist, are just the coolest thing ever.

  19. I liked the John Zorn Influences as well as the nods to Peter Brötzmann and Oxo Max Oma. I will listen to this when I work on my modded moped with my friend Tigerbeat.

  20. This makes me feel much better about being tone-deaf

  21. “6.8″

    -Pitchfork, 1995-2012

  22. I teach guitar for a living and last week one of my students, who is ten years old, asked me to teach him this song. After watching that video, I really don’t know what to do. Knowing that my instruction could lead to the creation of something like this absolutely terrifies me and puts me in an awkward moral situation.

  23. When the drums kicked in at the totally wrong tempo, I actually said “No!” out loud.

  24. I didn’t know the Mars Volta does covers. Learn something new every day!

  25. If that’s the worst cover, this is the best one. Surprised none of you monsters have posted it yet.

  26. Either this is a joke or I’m coughing uncomfortably and looking the other way.

    And throwing up in my mouth. Every instrument is boldly and erratically going by its own beat, and that beat keeps changing. Disorienting.

  27. It’s like a live version of an StSanders video.

  28. Sounds fine… Your bourgeois audiophonics just arn’t capitulating the sounderonomy on the right quadrant. Clearly.

  29. God I hated puberty.

  30. this house is a prison.
    a prison of raw talent.

  31. Seventy-one comments and not one person has mentioned The Shaggs?!
    (These guys are no Shaggs.)

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