When the Internet was invented in 1842, it was developed by the military for secret battlefield communication over huge distances. Eventually, Perez Hilton got his hands on it, and now it is the sprawling, noisy mess that we know today. Now, with the advent of Lycos and About.com and this blog about bodegas, it can be hard to remember what the Internet’s original purpose even was. “It’s just to make as much noise as you can and be forgotten within 20 minutes, right?” WRONG! The point of the Internet is for human beings to CONNECT with each other! The point of the Internet is to facilitate human interactions over huge distances so they know where to drop their bombs and bring us closer together.

Luckily, this young man still remembers what it is all about.

Just one human being (with swastikas tattooed on his Dune head) reaching out to another human being (who is three years old), through the vast darkness. (Thanks for the tip, @curlysiren.)

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  1. Usually it’s the child that’s a little Hellraiser.

  2. I always wondered what it looked like in a neo-nazi commune. Now, I know thanks to this guy who looks like he’s the next host of Sprockets.

  3. Now we know why Darth Vader kept his helmet on.

  4. His accent is like one of those nihilists from The Big Lebowski. A nazilist?

  5. yikes. just…..yikes.

  6. Isnt this guy in terrifying/disturbing/weird/german metal group Rammstien?

  7. If I’m not mistaken, this is a pretty standard test that all parents are put through. Ignore it and you pass; no harm done. Show up at Paradise in Boulder and a Protective Services SWAT team jumps you and takes away your child (which is totally justifiable.)

  8. “Children’s Hospital” continues to look great!

  9. There’s no warmth greater than that of a Nazi father for his estranged three year old child living in Boulder.

  10. “Dad, you’re so embarrassing.” –Haley

  11. I hate to give this man more of our time, but another one of his videos features him cursing the world upon seeing a sign reading, “Please return my Barbie scooter.” This guy really has a heart of gold for the youth.


  12. I don’t know about you guys, but I have a really hard time taking this man seriously!

  13. I feel like American society has failed because this guy doesn’t feel the appropriate level of shame.

  14. “I suspect my childhood into early adulthood is going to be complicated”

    - Zorian’s rather grave realization on his third birthday

  15. “this is the part in schprockets when we dance!”

    - this guy, 0:41

  16. I would try to explain that a swastika is not necessarily a symbol of evil, it has just been co-opted by the Nazis, but that would be tiresome and overwrought.

    I’ll just say WOW Someone’s Lucky to have such an Awesome Uncle

  17. Is anyone surprised by the fact that this guy’s family lives in Fort Collins?

    • It’s a cra-azy place man, lemme tell you. There were some weird gothy kids from the 1990s that hung out in the public square some times.

      • Whoa whoa now — I had no idea there was anyone else reading Videogum from the Fort! Me too, hello! And I think my husband was one of the weird gothy kids you speak of from the 90s hanging out in Old Town. Ha!

        • Sadly, I am no longer in the Fort :( and with the comment I meant that they are there currently, but appear to have time traveled from the 90s, because you know, the style is the same.

    • i lived in foco for 4 years…i have to say that the transgender goth crowd that came into the 7-11 on shields and mulberry (in 05 when my friend was working there) made for pretty entertaining acquaintances

  18. For real, I guffawed until tears came out of my eyes.

  19. Looks like Voldemort’s getting desperate to fill the void now that Harry Potter is done filming

  20. Why do strangers on the Internet insist on making my terrible week worse?

  21. For some reason, I’m trying to figure out the story on the guy in the background.

  22. I don’t know if this is supposed to be performance art, but if it is, it’s blowing my mind.

  23. I really do enjoy a good youtube lunatic, which isn’t saying anything good about me, but this guy’s videos rip me apart. He’s either totally alienated or is part of a community full of REALLY crappy shlock-art and fake german aphorisms. I WANT IN.

    • I sometimes have this philosophical argument with my dad, where I say the great thing about America today is that it enables you to become any person you want to be, not shackled by social pressure to meet any standards or join any groups or become any person you don’t want to become. His position is that our culture lacks cohesion and has really fallen apart in the past 40 years, and no one respects anything or feels any responsibility anymore and it’s a terrible crime that there’s no prayer in school, because there was when he was a kid and it WORKED. Usually I win this argument by pointing out that he went to Catholic school. But I think today, he just won forever.

  24. Someone give this man a monocle.

  25. It’s a bold new direction to be sure, but I predict most of iCarly’s fan base will stick with her.

  26. with 341 i would say this dude had a problem, but it stopped three years ago, so either he is dead, or no longer into german expressionism

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