A portrait of the man who painted memorable posters for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, and more, featuring interviews with Stephen Spielberg and Michael J. Fox (?).

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  1. Best there is! Love Drew!

  2. anyone who painted The Goonies poster is okay in my book.

  3. He practically invented the disembodied head.

  4. i studied art at a liberal arts school with a guy who was pretty obsessed with drew struzan. he managed to give a presentation on drew struzan in like every class, even when it was not even when it wasn’t connected to the assigned topic.

    anyway, it is crazy to think about people making movie posters BEFORE photoshop.

  5. LOVE Drew Struzan. I also love that Thomas Jane’s character in “The Mist” is roughly based on him and they use his art in his studio in the movie.

  6. George Lucas’ under-beard chin-neck is so fucking comical. How fulsome it is! How graceful; how wobbly!

  7. His body of movie poster work is ridiculously impressive:

    Big Trouble In Little China, Blade Runner, Adventures In Babysitting, An American Tale, Better Off Dead, Cannonball Run, Coming To America, Cutthroat Island, Harlem Nights, Angels In The Outfield, Ducktales: The Movie, E.T., First Blood, The Great Muppet Caper, Harry And The Hendersons, Hocus Pocus, Hot Pursuit, Johnny Dangerously, Ladyhawke, The Lonely Guy, Masters of the Universe, Pan’s Labyrinth, Return to OZ, John Carpenter’s The Thing, The Mist, a poster of the fictional Dark Tower movie that Tom Jane was painting in The Mist, Zathura, as well as promotional stuff for AMC’s The Walking Dead, and SO much more. He even did movie posters for the Corcodile Hunter films.

    Not to mention the Back to the Future films, Police Academy films, the Hellboy films, The Harry Potter films, the Star Wars films, the Indiana Jones films (although not the original poster for Raiders), and the Muppet films.

    I’ll probably see this documentary. :)

  8. I am making a Thriller in a group for media studies at A Level, what do you think should be involved (scene and graphic wise) if I were to make a trailer of it and poster.


  9. He’s the Storm Thorgerson of movie posters. http://bit.ly/bfcfK8

  10. One day it will inflate, light up, and carry him to heaven.

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