As you know, the first of the two-part Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movies will be released this November, followed by the second part next July. (SPOILER ALERT: MAGIC ISN’T REAL.) Obviously, lots of children are very excited about this. And some children are too excited about this. From ONTD:

The image depicting Harry letting Hedwig fly away included the following description from WB: “Everyone mounts up and leaves Privet Drive. Harry says goodbye to Hedwig.” So this does confirm that Harry lets Hedwig go prior to his departure.

Some MuggleNet readers are saying a leaked copy of the script reveals that Hedwig flies back to save Harry during the Seven Potter fights, and THEN she gets killed as she protects Harry.

WHUUUUUUUUUUT? Are you trying to tell me that there was a publicity still from the upcoming Harry Potter movie featuring the owl flying away, but something something nerds are always so mad something something magic something Hogwarts something SCANDAL? Obviously, we are all pretty excited to find out what happens to the mail owl in the high school movie!

REMINDER: nerds have until November 19th to have their Relax Pills prescription refilled.

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  1. Relax Pills are the best.

  2. Gabe’s just mad because Harry Potter is going to end better than LOST did.

  3. Wait, what? Was Harry holding an owl captive for all of the previous movies? I am confused by this, is PETA aware?

  4. Oh, nerds have the worst habit of taking all the fun out of everything! “I really like this thing and yet I will talk about it and analyze it and pick it apart until I find all sorts of little things to not like about it!” Good luck with your marriages, nerds!

  5. No word on Harry’s plans for the Angry Inch?

  6. I heard that there’s a deleted scene where Hedwig builds a lightsaber. It’s just not right.

  7. If Warner Brothers really wanted to cash in they’d call it Harry Potter and the Sexy Vampires

  8. This is quickly becoming Now can someone get me down from here?

  9. Books r dumb.

  10. Best new party game, English nerd style:

    “To be or not to something something slings something fortune something something WHETHER ‘TIS NOBLER something Denmark.”

  11. Hollywood fatcats, always trying to change the plot of our beloved literature just to appeal to the casual fan. I am so sick and tired of owl release and return scenes being fudged into movies just to bring in the owl fan demographic.

  12. Does anyone else remember when Harry Potter first came out that parents were actually getting their kids owls that eventually began to maul their children because they’re BIRDS OF PREY that shouldn’t be around children who are shoving sticks in their face yelling “expelliarmus”?

    I don’t know what any of this has to do with nerds being nerds but hey when else do you have the opportunity to bring up a good “Harry Potter birds of prey mauling children” story, right?

  13. I saw a girl at a concert this weekend with a Harry Potter tattoo on her ankle, and I bet she is really angry right now after hearing of this scandal.

  14. God Gabe, you are such a muggleNoob

  15. I was going to defend myself, but then I realized I brought up Emma Watson’s adorable new, post-filming haircut in a completely unrelated conversation the other day. Harry Potter is literally my version of discussing the weather. Only Judy can judge me.

    • I realized about a year ago that I say, or at least think about, something related to Harry Potter literally every day. And not ‘literally’ like Rachel Zoe says it.

  16. How lame is it that that was basically the first thing that came to mind when seeing that picture, before even reading the story? “But THAT’S NOT RIGHT, blah blah blah IN THE BOOK blah blah blah!” To be fair, though, I am very nearly still a child.

  17. I once walked through the woods and saw an owl. MLIHP

  18. This is the book where they went Wizard Camping for 700 pages, right?
    What a good two movies this will be.

  19. I actually wouldn’t have minded if they changed that in the movie, since I cried when Hedwig got killed in the book. Apparently I should ask my doctor to change my Relax Pills prescription to Happy Pills instead.

  20. In nerd (my) defense, if Hedwig was set free and not killed, that would be a pretty big betrayal to what are the best-selling, most beloved and universally-respected stories of our generation. Just sayin’!

    Yo Monsters! I thought we were all in agreement on liking Harry Potter, but hating Twilight?

    • In my nerd indictment I was momentarily relieved that we wouldn’t have to see Hedwig murdered in the movie. It was the saddest core

  21. Someone needs to tell those nerds to chill because it’s all FAKE and GAY!
    -D. Rad

  22. Technically, I may be Hedwig but today, we are all Hedwig.

  23. Hedwig is a terrible name for an owl. To cause a real scandal, they should change his name to Deathattack or Hawkbird. You know, something less nerdy.

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