As you can see, the Worldwide Yo-Yo Champion of 2010, Kenny “K-Strass” Strasser Jensen Kimmitt, is also an incredibly accomplished magician. Here, he simultaneously demonstrates his skill with the yo-yo, while also pulling off the incredible trick of seeming kind of cool and possibly even normal, not anything like the weird, Asperger-y, basement nerd who smells like wood glue and social anxiety that one assumes he must be when the stage lights are off and the smoke and mirrors stored away in their trunks. AMAZING!

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  1. Ooh, do me, Yo-Yo Master. I want you to do me cause you’re the yo-yo guy!

  2. YO-YO MAgician.

  3. HE PROBABLY makes more MONEY THAN most of US.

  4. I’ll do anything to see all my friends in one place.

  5. Does it stop spinning!?

  6. Crappy facial hair aside, I guess I would let him, you know, do stuff with my yo-yo.

    *why do i have SUCH a hard time resisting a euphamism??

  7. Also, this:

    “We usually throw down a yo-yo session to start the day off, then tackle some tasks.” — Yo-Yo Champion

    It’s cute when they try to make it sound badass.

  8. maybe he could give Tila Tequila some lessons on how not to…..ah, nevermind, it’s not worth it.

  9. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?! Colour me impressed. If he were doing all this with one hand and solving a rubix cube in the other my nerdgasm would be complete.

  10. Whenever I hear the word magician I will always think of GOB.

  11. I’m in love with the guy (no yoyo!) who celebrates? at 1:23… how cute!

  12. first that eminem promo and now this, it’s good to see vince the shamwow guy be productive again

  13. Haha! People that like traditionally uncool things sure are losers and probably have no friends! Hahaha!

  14. I love the guy that just turns around and starts walking away at the end of the video. “I’m not ready for this shit!”- That guy / Tila Tequila

  15. Say what you will about the Yo-Yo, but I don’t see the Fushigi making headlines.

  16. Dude’s reaction at 2:15 is one of the coolest reactions I have seen in a long time.

  17. I’m sorry, but no yo-yo routine is complete without doing a Walk The Dog to exit the stage.

  18. They’re illusions, Gabe!

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