It’s the closest we’re ever going to get to the universally shared dream of an episode of the Leonard Lopate Show being hosted by an actual Christopher Walken impersonator. Second best thing!

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  1. Jay Mohr said that he will also be available, under any circumstances

  2. I like how Christopher Walken speaks. When he hosted SNL he introduced the Foo Fighters by emphasizing the second syllable, “Foo FIGH-ters.” My brother and I had a good hearty LOL at that little number.

  3. Poor Brian Lehrer got stuck with Christian Slater.

  4. I couldn’t see the article, as I was too distracted by this:

  5. Oy. This is going to sound like one of those pointless, made-up, internet stories, but oh well. Walken’s dad ran a bakery in New York, my grandfather worked there, and his major memory from that experience was how weird his boss’ son was. I unfortunatly didn’t find out about this till my grandpa’s funeral, so I never actually got to talk to him about it, but knowing him, he probably found young Walkne’s weirdness to be awesome.

    • I read that new yorker piece a few months ago where they follow him back to that bakery. It was one of those times where I was sincerely like, “Good story,” and it wasn’t a snide bit of sarcastic snark-o-rama.

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