This video is almost not worth posting, since it’s just a completely normal guy singing a Carrie Underwood song really well as part of a local news contest.

You see what I mean? What’s even the point? (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. Two thoughts:

    1. That’s Dick Cheney’s half-brother

    2. FTW, Epic, and Fail have quickly come some of my most hated words/phrases, but still trail well behind LOL

    • The other half being Asian, apparently

    • I have and will always love ‘epic,’ but that is because I mentally turn everything associated with the word into a tiny reenactment of Beowulf. Everything is more entertaining with Grendel!

      • In high school, I directed/wrote a short film that was a parody combination of Grendel and Rocky. We used a joke involving the word grundle a few times, and an egg joke, and lot’s of our Rocky/Beowulf being out of shape jokes.

        I’m fairly certain that the entire thing was brilliant and that if I still had the tape and watched it now, I would be proud and not horribly embarrassed.

        • Oh God. I think I taught you.

          • I am unsure if you are joking or not, as the dude who taught that class could probably enjoy Videogum, though I’m not sure he’d actually end up posting, and besides, I figure he’d have had suspicions at this point, as I use my actual name, he knows I’m a Vermonter now, and I’ve made references to my Boston-area roots, but I’m still curious because my life has been filled with coincidences of this sort lately.

          • And, if you did teach me, you should be ashamed of my terrible misuse of an apostrophe in “lots.” What the fuck was that all about? I get paid to fix that junk. I’m blaming my lack of post lunch nap for the poor construction of that whole damned sentence actually.

      • And Shield Sheafson, scourge of many tribes, a wrecker of mead-halls!

  2. Didn’t we already talk about the T. Mills video?

  3. What he lacks in technical proficiency (and possibly, sanity) he more than makes up for in passion.

  4. I find it apropos that a Lifetime Channel ad played on the bottom of this video.

  5. First Cathy, then this guy. I’d say its a banner videogum day for lonely middle aged people everywhere.

  6. This is really just a cultural thing. Infidelity never happens in Japan, so his response is completely normal.

    • This song is about infidelity? I’d never heard the original but I could have sworn that this song was about rape of a woman and the murder of her samurai husband.

  7. I somehow, subtly get the feeling this song is so very personal for him in some way and wish and pray that our boyfriend finally works out his demons through the medium of local news talent contests.

  8. Maybe we are the weird ones and this is how Karaoke is supposed to be done. The Japanese still have so much to teach us.

  9. Hell hath no fury like that normal man scorned.

  10. It’s only a matter of time before we’re commenting on this guy’s political campaign videos.

  11. This is beautiful.

  12. I am genuinely envious of the grit in his voice.

  13. Gabe’s son sure is good at karaoke.

  14. I have two theories.

    1. This man is still impressively drunk from the night before at the karaoke bar, where he was a huge hit late in the night, and on his stagger home in the morning he passed this audition and couldn’t pass up the chance.
    2. His friends said something along the lines of, “Dude, I bet you won’t get up there and do that impression you do of a horribly stereotypical Japanese business man absolutely trashed being a star at karaoke.”

  15. FREEBIRD!!!

  16. What is the culmination of yelling that?

  17. Edgy! Someone please stop him “Before He Butchers Another Song.”

  18. and i thought william hung couldn’t go any lower.

  19. Wavves just can’t catch a break.

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