I’ve got mixed feelings about the Antoine Dodson meme, and have had since the beginning. It’s just hard to understand the motives of the original news team in including him in their report, and it’s hard to understand the motives of the Internet (always) in spreading the clip. But mixed feelings is the right word, because motives and ebonics aside, he is funny. And funny sells. It’s not nearly as blatant and terrible as Epic Beard Man. What was WITH you guys on that one? (You guys = Information Superhighways.) “It’s hilarious how that overtly racist old man punches a black man in the face.” Cool. Finger on the pulse. We are getting off track. All of us, we all share an equal responsibility in taking this conversation off track. Back on track: every meme would probably–almost certainly–benefit from getting a marching band involved, and the Antoine Dodson meme is no exception.

After the jump, the original “Bed Intruder Song,” just in case you needed a reminder. Or a song to listen to while you get dressed. In your rape-protective clothing.

“What meme should the marching band do next?! Tell us your thoughts in the comments!” Says some boring old blog. Blogs are the worst. (Marching band video via HighDefinite.)

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  1. “All your marching bands are belong to us”
    ~ Nerds

  2. I vote that before they move on to other memes, they actually start marching. I want to see a bunch of kids out on a football field actually MARCHING. Kids all rickrolling an entire midwestern town, parents who came to watch a football game genuinely enjoying the musical stylings of Rick Astley, not even realizing that it’s being played ironically. THAT is the world I would like to live in.

    • I was totally picturing them playing this on the football field and marching to form the word RAPE with their bodies. Yikes!

      • The percussionists and tubas split off to march in a moving “U,” while a group of Flautists Roam around the larger group until they “FIND U”. #PercussionSectionLeader

  3. Pro attempted rape high school marching band? What a time to be alive!

  4. Give me an “R”! Give me an “A”!..

  5. Honestly, I find myself singing this song to myself all the time. It’s pretty catchy.

  6. Whoever took the time to arrange that for an entire marching band…

    This is a beautiful way to break out of that horrible Thursday morning funk (why oh why isn’t it Friday? it feels like it should be Friday).

  7. I feel like this meme has unjustly surpassed Double Rainbow All the Way in popularity. This marching band sealed the deal. This makes me sad.

  8. I’m sorry, I can’t process anything over how huge that marching band is. My marching band was pretty much me, a few clarinetists, and a squirrel that always hung out in the parking lot when we practiced roll stepping.

  9. Look out, look out behind you!
    It’s the, it’s the ice cream truck!
    It’s gonna, gonna smakc you!
    Oh no, now you’re good and

  10. Alright alright, my dudes on the piccolo held it down

  11. Um, does anybody know if they’ve found him yet, by the way? Because I’m still hiding my kids and my wife.

  12. Agreed, though: very complicated. It was smart for them to have all the white members of Band sit this one out.

  13. I have been watching Arcade Fire videos all morning from Lollapaloza, boy have I been missing out.

  14. My marching band covered “What What In The Butt”. I don’t see what the big deal is.

  15. I played bass clarinet in marching band (of course i did) and so I never really had any of the cool parts…. the skiddliedoos or the trumpety trumps… it was always DUH duh DUH, DUH duh DUH duh duh duh duh DUH duh DUH duuuuuuuuuuDUHduuuuuuuuuh duh DUH duh DUH over and over. And that was our School Song…it wasn’t about rape though…. but MIGHT have been about violence towards football players. oh well.

  16. “I mean, a woman almost got raped, sure, but I say let’s make a joke of these people and get some Youtube views.” –These guys.

  17. I was at the dentist this morning getting a tooth refilled and am going through the usual “I am tripping and now very angry” phase when the anaesthetic runs out while trying to do a backlog of typing.

    I have watched this three times in a row now. I deserve to be in pain.

  18. “I told you we should stop funding arts education”

    - some bureaucrat

  19. You guys they aren’t just any band, they’re the North Carolina A&T Marching Machine! Meaning they’re all at least 18 years old, which doesn’t make it more questionable for humanity, but at least makes it all right in the eyes of the law, or something.

  20. Holy shit! If my high school marching band experience involved grand scale reproductions of internet meme songs I probably wouldn’t have dropped the class in the middle of my sophomore year.

    Instead, I was marching in the Winter Parade in freezing cold weather in the small mountain town in CO where I lived, so cold that I just hooked my marching band coat’s sleeves up to the appropriate keys on my alto sax, put my arms inside my coat hugging myself, and fake playing my instrument until we reached the end of main street. Fuck that noise!

  21. Time is being compressed at a greater rate now. The distance from Crime to Meme to Marching Band Cover of Popular Song within a Meme has now shrunk to less than a month.

  22. “No one hears YOU when we play Devon (Tuba guy in the middle), they HEAR THE BAND.”

    ~ Dr. Lee, Marching band conductor

  23. The face the clarinetist makes at the 3:23 mark is the exact same face I made throughout the entire marching band cover video, song remix, and original news report.

  24. [IMG]http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m8/strandedlad/MV5BMTQxMTc4ODk0MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwNDI4MjY2_V1_SX485_SY322_1.jpg[/IMG]

  25. i love seeing kids explore their love of music via internet flash in the pans. this song climbs up into my face and snatches my tears up

  26. Aggie Pride!

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