The New York Times has a pretty good profile of Food TV star, host of Minute To Win It, and walking heart attack, Guy Fieri. FUN FACT: he wears wrap-around mirror shades because his eyes are just puddles of grease!

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  1. This is your youth pastor

  2. This article is way longer than my interest in him warrants.

  3. I don’t know what it is, but something about this article makes me want to go to TGI Friday’s.

  4. I inexplicably caught half an hour of Minute to Win It while folding laundry yesterday night. I was kind of hoping they’d have a T-shirt folding round so I could play along instead of desperately questioning my entertainment choices.

  5. I’m sorry, Guy Fieri, but there is only room in my heart for one walking heart attack.

  6. I’m disappointed the article fails to mention the issue of whether or not Guy Fieri is, in fact, a member of Smash Mouth.

  7. I stopped reading at the first use of “sincere” because the article stopped making sense at that point.

  8. I don’t know who this clown is but when I was wee I had an idea I thought was the best in the world; Jackie McChan’s. A traditional Scottish pub that served Chinese food. A few years later and I realise this idea is dumb and borderline racist. So what I’m trying to say is, basically, it takes a 14 year old to invent an idea like Tex Wasabi.

    • Restaurants Still on Guy Fieri’s Backburner:

      — Boris Sigh’s Borscht Bungalow
      — Muhammed Martinez’s Berber Burritos
      — Giovanni Ngongo’s Hippo Carpaccio Hut

      That reminds me, isn’t Top Chef on tonight?

  9. Jeb, just because someone posts a link to something doesn’t mean you have to click through and begin reading.

  10. AS the first chords of “Sweet Home Alabama”…. That’s as far as i got.

    The guy was born in Ohio and raised in Southern California. Whoever set up this image for him should really get fired. The “Guy” really knows a lot about food, but he doesn’t have to try so hard to be a douche.

    Now Alton Brown, There’s a Food Network star you can set your watch to.

  11. Guy Fieri likes to eat at restaurants where I live, and he always spray paints a little stencil of his face on the side of the building afterwards. At first I couldn’t figure out what the hell it was, because it looks a lot like Frylock. You can imagine my disappointment when I found it out it wasn’t.

  12. passage submitted without comment:

    “[…he owns 10 sports cars (all American-made except the Lamborghini); and last year was grand marshal of a Nascar race, a ceremonial honor that has also been bestowed on Kim Kardashian, Kevin Costner and the radio host Todd Clem, known as Bubba the Love Sponge.”

  13. “The charisma that recently inspired a middle-aged mom to throw her lavender-colored bra onstage during a cooking demonstration was on full display. “

  14. Ha, Just found this:

  15. So many body nightmares this week, you guys!

  16. Also, how hard was it for the reporter to discuss a chef’s upbringing in HUMBOLDT COUNTY, his parents’ hippie CANDLE business and not mention weed once?

    • ““Will organics prevail?” he asked, furrowing his rubbery, normally cheerful face as he fretted that America is at a culinary crossroads. “I don’t know. Will schools get the funding they need to feed our kids? Will we be able to bring back all the cooking skills that got lost in the drive-through and the microwave?””

      Aww, brain-damaged Michael Pollan is a sad clown.

  17. tonight we’ll be making awful with a side of nightmares.

  18. I’m of two minds about Guy Fieri. As a guy who’s very much into cooking and eating good food, someone who travels to eat at restaurants doing new and interesting things – I just went to David Chang’s Momofuku Noodle Bar – Fieri intrigues me. He clearly has an audience of NASCAR-nitwits watching because he’s big and flashy, just the way Emeril had nitwits watching because he said BAM a lot.

    When I watch Guy’s Big Bite I can see the man truly cares about cooking with good ingredients, even if he sometimes creates nightmare sandwiches that will lead to heart attacks. He brings on good chefs and does neat stuff with some of his dishes.

    Yet I can’t help but think he’s playing down to his audience, rather than bringing them up to his level. Guy is pandering to them, and to me, that’s definitely not cool. Anthony Bourdain has a similar badass image, and he eats both low and high cuisine, but I always feel like he is going to say what he wants even if his audience doesn’t agree. Not so with Guy.

    So unfortunately I have to put Guy into the same category as Rachel Ray: people who should be teaching us how to cook, and cook well, but instead end up reinforcing our own national culinary stupidity.

  19. Of the 2,234,583,75634 annoying things about Guy Fieri – the most annoying is that he laughs after everything he says. As if every word out of his greasy pie hole is funny. And, to make matters worse, he is invariably surrounded by other people who are NOT laughing at anything he says. You’d think at some point he’d get the memo. Though, I suppose, if I was making as much money as he’s making with that d-bag schtick, I’d ignore the memo too.

  20. Guy Fieri is the TGI Friday’s Buffalo Wings of people.

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