It’s fine to goof around and have your fun and virally market your new movie, but at the end of the day, how about throwing an actual forecast in there, as well. SOME PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO GET DRESSED OUT HERE! Nice to see Michael Cera branching out, though.

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  1. A Jason Schwartzman forecast has historically been a predictor of Wes Anderson stoms, so everybody make sure your quirky shelters are well-stocked!

  2. Jason Schwartzman’s a Braves fan? I might have to rethink my love of his movies…

  3. Don’t be silly Gabe, your only question when getting dressed is gray slacks or gray slacks

  4. Looks like Jason’s been doing some Nighttiming with his porn ‘stache.

  5. It looks like the forecast is partially charming with a chance of swoon!

    No, I don’t know what I mean by that, either.

  6. Needs more solid color zip up hoodies.

  7. i didn’t know that jason schwartzman was an option in getting my weather.

    dear universe,
    i want this every day.
    sincerely, bird

  8. Am I the only one who is furious that Michael Cera threw Jason Schwartzman under the bus like that??!

  9. Look guys! It’s Gabe and Benji Meyer!

  10. How come Michael Cera just stood there acting all aloof and awkward whilst also young, innocent, naive and quirky?

  11. Jason basically carried that report. Poor guy.

  12. I’ve never been so proud to be from Atlanta. Except for the Olympics. No, wait. I was right the first time.

  13. Looks like they made a stop in Athens on the way in…

    (Party in the UGA)

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