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Holler, dogs. You know, high school is pretty tough what with all the homework and tests and adults who don’t know anything and are such failures in their own lives that they’re just stupid teachers and principals and don’t even have their own TV show like how you’re going to have when you’re an adult. And it doesn’t get any easier when the hormones start kicking in and you get a total case of PIZZA FACE. P’zone! The bullies don’t need any more ammo, word up.

But you don’t have to look like Pizza the Hut (Space Balls, dogs!) with ProActiv. It’s super awesome and totally rad, and nothing to be ashamed of because the human body is natural. And famous people use it. And if famous people use something, you know that thing is a great thing that you should use, too. “Oh sure, like what famous people, old man who is basically dead and so old? You probably don’t even know who any famous people are, you probably think a famous person is, like, Tobey Maguire.” I’ll tell you who, brohams, JUSTIN BIEBER THAT IS WHO! Who’s the man now, dawg?!

Not just for hard-core cases. People who don’t even have zits should probably spend money on this stuff. And the best part is, it’s perfect for kids like Justin Bieber. So, kids who are internationally-renowned multi-millionaire child stars and BFFs forever with Usher. You know, normal kids! (Via Vulture.)

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  1. So if I use Proactiv I can shoot hoops with the Biebs?

  2. “Hormones kick in… I don’t wanna stop that.”

    Aaaaaaand we’re all in jail.

  3. Disclaimer: ProActiv does not work on foreheads, so hair should be grown out to hide breakouts.

  4. Justin Bieber does not have any black friends.

    just an observation.

  5. Justin Bie-ball over here.

  6. I don’t think Justin Bieber knows what “behind the scenes” means.

  7. Look at him, transforming into a little douchebag right in front of our eyes.

  8. I still prefer Aaron Carter’s Stridex commercial, but maybe that’s just me.

  9. Behind the scenes commercials for ProActiv? And I love that quick little “clear skin, ProActiv!” shout out. But he forgot the classic “Look out for my album droppin’…” nod.

  10. Proactiv: It’s Pretty Chill

  11. Clear skin, full hearts, can’t stop the hormones.

  12. A Canadian talking about Zit Remedy? What is this, Degrassi Jr. High?

    Am I too old to be reading this blog?

  13. I will never understand why they have these stars introduce themselves (multiple times even) and have their names written on the bottom of the screen, we know who you are by now, jerk.

  14. They need to make a proactiv all-star (all-the-worst) commercial – there are so many celebrities with zits.

  15. This is actually his audition tape to be the killer in the next “Urban Legend” sequel/reboot.

  16. a) justin bieber is 3 feet tall and cannot play “ball.”
    b) proactiv is for the absolute mildest of acne. trust me, the “hard-core cases” need medicine that requires we get monthly blood tests.

  17. I like how they gave him “friends” his own age when we all know (from watching MTV’s Bieber diary) that the only people he hangs out with are his bodyguards and his mom.

    I wasn’t the only one who saw that show right guys?

    • he has friends his own age Ryan Butler, Chaz (dont no his last name) and Caitlin his X GF and her brother Christian and he cant always hang out with his friends back home he is a famous pop star and cant live a normal life other teens have!!!

  18. He’s worried about the effect of puberty. It’s not the acne that’s gonna kill him, it’s when his voice changes. Can that happen soon? Please?

  19. Imagine poor Bieber’s surprise when ad pitch came across his desk (Zune) and dispelled his longstanding misconception that Proactiv was only for hardcore cases. Just another Bieber Blooper!

  20. Celebrities. They’re just like us.

    Only not really.

  21. My favorite part is when the Biebs proclaims “it’s pretty chill” on top of a video of him performing on stage in head to toe white denim.

  22. Why is the tiny child counting like a German. In “America,” little Bieber, we start with our index fingers, not our thumbs.

    Justin Bieber’s entire identity is a lie.

  23. Looks like we’ve got a mini Marky Mark on our hands…

    “POW!” – J Biebs.

  24. “your feet grow like crazy. you cant stop that”
    A notable tip from Biebers cauldron of knowledge

  25. If that water bottle that hit him in the face was full of ProActiv then the joke’s on us.

  26. OH Justin, I hope the hormones never stop.

  27. I’ve made a huge mistake. – America

  28. His voice is changing right before our eyes (ears?)

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