You would be the first to admit that your girlfriend has a bit of a temper. You know that, of course you know that. If she can’t have her way, if, for example, a woman at a McDonald’s drive-thru window tells her that she can’t order chicken McNuggets because it’s 6:30 in the morning and they are not serving chicken McNuggets yet, sure, she’ll get out of the car and start trying to crack some skullz. No doubt about it. And there was that one week that she worked as a flight attendant, but quit in a huff after an argument with a passenger by activating the emergency exit slide and jumping out of the plane. But that’s just her passion coming to the surface. She is a woman filled with passion. And covered in pink jersey cotton. You love her so much.

Much like 6:30 is too early for chicken McNuggets, it is currently too early for this sad video. But unlike your girlfriend, we are all adults here. Adults who understand that sometimes in life things happen. (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. Why would you even TRY to order chicken mcnuggets when mcgriddles are available?! That’s a dealbreaker, ladies. This relationship is terminated!

  2. Soo…if I was waiting in a drive through line behind a car with a woman who was screaming into the window, punching the Mc Donald’s employees, and eventually bashing in the window…I’d probably just wait for my Mc Griddle and not drive off and call the police. That makes total sense.

    • “Never leave a man behind” also applies to mcgriddles. You NEVER leave a mcgriddle behind.

    • That was by far my favorite part of the video. The car managed to enact that expression, that way of moving we have all seen and experienced ourselves. The attempt to act normal and casual, but really you’re moving wicked slow and hesistant, and often silent. I bet that car was actually silent.

    • I used to work at a Starbucks with a drive-thru, and people will wait through pretty much anything. One time, someone entered the drive-thru via the exit. They were really drunk at 2 in the afternoon, and really wanted some coffee. The best part was when the cops came and pulled him out of the car, he had no shirt on, was barefoot except for a flipper on his right foot (and he denied that he was driving even though he was alone in the truck). Anyway, this whole escapade lasted a good 30 minutes, and people continued to wait in the drive-thru! TRUE STORY!

  3. My girlfriend does love McDonalds. We only have sex when the McRib comes back.

  4. You know, one thing I look at when beginning a relationship is how my date treats waiters/cashiers/bartenders/people in customer service/the service industry.

    Needless to say, this woman passed with flying colors. I am going to go pick out the ring today!*

    *scream at a jewelry store sales clerk until mall security threatens to call the police.

    • Oh. Maybe we wouldn’t get along as well as our Zelda love would suggest. In days past, I was on the opposite end of this spectrum, being the movie theatre employee who would ask customers things like “Are you this much of an asshole everywhere you go, or just when you come here?” and once had the police called because of a stand-off I had with a customer…

      • I never had the police called when I worked in customer service, people just made me cry a lot.

        But seriously, if there is a hell, there is a special place in it for people who treat store/restaurant/whatever employees like crap.

        • There better be. Good god, the endless steam of incidents that made me just want to scream “You are not a decent human being!? How do you even act this way!! HOWWWWWWWW”

          Also, you would have done well at my movie theater. The people who were more likely to cry when someone was terrible to them were protected by the people like me who didn’t hesitate to tell customers they were garbage, to throw their tickets or trays at them, or to refuse to sell them things.

          • I work at a restaurant and we catered a wedding a couple of weeks ago (think Party Down with the illusion of class). Towards the end, one of the guests and his date walked up to where some of us workers were standing and he thanked us and told us that he had a great time.

            His date immediately pulled him back and loudly says, “WHY are you THANKING them? They’re getting PAID.” And she stomped off.

            I almost turned into Chicken McNugget Lady right then, but somehow resisted.

          • Even reading about that turns me into Madeline Kahn from Clue — Flames! Flames on the side of my face.

            Although kudos, miss e, on not nuggeting out right then and there (take that, the Hulk).

          • I would pay to sit and watch you do this to a succession of terrible people.

          • I was a barista for a year in my 20s, which is 8 months too long to be a barista, and one day near the end an English tourist asked for his tea in a real ceramic cup instead of paper. Now, that is not a garbage-face inhuman request, but I just totally lost my sh*t. Because it was always me stuck in the back at midnight washing those. “I’ll get. you. one,” I said through gritted teeth, and I went in the back and started yelling, as loud as I have ever, “G-DAMN TOURIST SPECIAL REQUESTS TOO GOOD FOR PAPER CUPS LIKE EVERYONE ELSE FOR YOUR ONE DOLLAR TEA M*F’ER BLL-SHT WASTE OF (etc).” This went on for a solid 30-60 seconds, during which I was picking up ceramic dishes and hurling them against the wall. Finally, I regained my composure, picked up a cup, walked back out front — which, by the way, was 8 feet away, and there was no intervening door — handed him his tea and said nicely, “There you go. One dollar.”

            He grinned and said, “Thank you very much.”

          • Oh man, the flipping out in the back, so much fun. I had a really really shitty customer on an insane day, faced the next one, said politely, “I’ll be just one minute, hold on please.” Then went out back, swore my head off while punching the walk-in freezer, then walked back totally calm. The coworker next to me, knowing what just happened, was trying really hard not to laugh.

          • miss e – maybe his date was mad because she wasn’t getting paid and he hadn’t properly “thanked” her.

        • When I worked at McDonalds, anytime someone treated me like shit (all the time, especially working with the manager’s vile daughter), I calmly walked to the back, through the walk in refrigerator, grabbed an egg, proceded through the next door to the freezer and whipped it at the back wall. Amazingly satisfying and froze pretty quickly, so not too messy.

  5. Clearly Gabe has never had a chicken McNugget before, and doesn’t know about the murderous rage that comes from chicken McNugget denial.

  6. Wow. Shit like this would never happen at Good Burger

    • I’ll let you know whenever I stop calling Keenan Thompson “Goodburger”. It hasn’t happened yet. Probably never will. He’ll be an old man and I’ll be an old woman and if I see him on TV I’ll still say, “Is that Goodburger?”

  7. How does this piece of human garbage own a car, much less a hooded sweatshirt AND the moneys to attempt to acquire Chicken Nuggets?

    Also, I love the way they just keep serving at McDonalds, busted window and all…

  8. The next car slowly pulls up. The window rolls down to reveal the same woman wearing a red wig. “Chicken McNuggets, please,” she says.

  9. McNugget withdrawal is a bitch.

  10. Gabe, your joke is premised on the fact that my girlfriend wanted chicken nuggz at 630am, but if your old-man-eyes could read military time stamps, you’d see that she was trying to buy a 10 piece to feed our 10-piece family at 7:44 AT NIGHT. So maybe you should worry about your own girlfriend.

  11. Methamphetamine’s a hell of a drug.

  12. I did not think you could make working at McDonalds seem like any less of a desirable job, but there ya go pink sweater lady. Now we have to add ‘threat of being punched in the face’ to the job description.

  13. And how convenient of Gabe to forget the time he mashed down the deceleratrix, screeched up to the apothecary window, and gesticulated wildly over the absence of his precious, precious opium.

  14. I was really hoping for a nice big smile at the end so that I could confirm my meth theory.

  15. “My girlfriend has the wrist strength enough to take on that of nearly three McDonald’s employees combined. And it affords us great sexual pleasure, is what I’m saying.”

    - me

  16. damn my girlfriend is strong, taking on three maccas employees trying to close a window on her fingers. if only she loved me as much as she loves chicken nuggets.

  17. If anyone ever needed to see a double rainbow….

  18. The eerie silence really adds to this drive-thru docudrama, I think.

  19. Its not fair because I love her but mom says I can’t bring her to Thanksgiving because she stabbed Grandma’s hand and the knife got stuck in the table at Christmas!

    Come on, mom. Let’s be real. Grandma WAS chewing SUPER loud.


  20. So, just to make sure we’re all on the same page…the flight attendant who quit his job by cussing out a plane full of people before adiosing down the emergency chute with a couple of brewskies is our new collective hero, right? Right.

    • Yes. Yes he is. I loved that.

      I once quit three hours into returning to a crappy job for Christmas break (in the middle of meeting with managers and some new coworker who tried to fight me, where they told me I couldn’t swear, and they just let the girl continue to rant after I had tried to solve things about five times), and it felt awesome, but not as wfucking awesome as that.

    • Dude has just become a national treasure. Biopic is already in development.

    • It’s now my life’s goal to be arrested for “criminal mischief.”

    • That guy just won the Bill Murray Epic Achievement Award.

  21. Chicken Nugget lady IS my girlfriend, but my heart belongs to Air Steward Guy, an American hero.

  22. I heard she just watched Falling Down and saw how Michael Douglas (I call him Mike Doug) got his order. She forgot to bring a gun and instead opted for a tomahawk-fist-swing, which only works when you order an apple pie before the appropriate “apple pie hours” begin.

  23. Of course her name is ‘Melodi’, spelled with an I.

  24. Sorry, my girlfriend is just pissed off because I told her we had to sell our tickets to the Gathering to support her McNugget habit.

  25. I’m telling you man that stuff in chicken mcnuggets isn’t real chickens, it’s actually genetically modified meat. Don’t be surprised when that shit gets into people’s brains and they start acting *pfft* bonkers.

  26. Punching two people in the face= Vandalism

  27. Guy who pulls in after her: “Ummmm… forgot the second order of hashbrowns”

  28. That’s exactly how I react every time I try to get breakfast after 10:30 a.m. I WANT MY MCGRIDDLES!!!

  29. don’t you think its kind of unfair to come to judgement on this poor girl so soon when we dont even have an audio feed??? It could have gone down like this :
    “Can I have some McNuggets? I will gladly trade you this open beer and a sample of my hair for some extra Sweet and Sour sauce……thanks, I’ll drive to the next window to pick up my order.”

  30. Viral Marketing has gotten really dark.

  31. Danielle Staub (of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, duh) needs to watch this video and take some notes. You do not cry and lock yourself in a car when someone pulls your weave, you KEEP SWINGING

  32. Shit, this lady just made me remember how good McNuggets are. Damn my girlfriend, I was just getting straight. (TWSS)


  34. My girlfriend just watched the first season of The Wire and was really upset to hear about how they’ve been treating the inventor of the McNugget. Her rage is almost understandable if not misdirected.

    “You think Ronald McDonald go down to that basement and say, ‘Hey, Mr. Nugget, you the bomb. We selling chicken faster than you can tear the bone out. So I’m gonna write my clowny-ass name on this fat-ass check for you!’?”

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