Genuinely great news, everyone. The HBO show Entourage, a stakes-free dramedysenuts about a group of weed enthusiasts who never know whether to get lunch at an outdoor cafe or shop for Maseratis, will be drawing to a close next year after a shortened eighth season (EIGHTH SEASON!). HBO’s Michael Lombardo, whoever that is, said (via /Film):

The plan right now is we’ll finish up this season, we’ll do a shorter order for next season, we’ve talked about six… Entourage next summer will definitely be the final season.

THIS IS BETTER THAN WHEN THEY FILLED IN THAT HOLE IN THE OCEAN WHERE ALL THE OIL WAS COMING OUT OF IT! And very similar. I heard when they wrap on the final episode of the final season, they’re going to fill Adrien Grenier with cement. In any case, the reaction around the world has been rather unanimous:

This is like that scene at the end of The Matrix Revolutions when Agent Smith has been destroyed and mankind has been freed and they walk off into the sunset and you’re like “I don’t know what all that is about, but I’m just glad this shit is finally over!”

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  1. Speaking of nightmares, you guys: Don’t bother with Operation Endgame.

    It’s a woof from start to finish.

  2. What will this mean for Jeremy Piven’s hairline?

  3. Even he’s happy this nightmare is over

  4. Don’t ask how but I found out the plot of the last episode
    Vince is late to work on the new Shane Black film after his date with Eva Green but E makes sure he isn’t fired
    Drama won’t star on a new sitcom since they paired him with America Ferrera
    Turtle runs into Jwoww at the Ed Hardy store
    and Ari calls Lloyd a fat homo

  5. August 27th, 2011

    Adrian Grenier is thrown out of ‘Chateu Marmont’ after a drunken brawl with Paulie Shore following the realization that he is not actually a celebrity.

  6. Remember how Seinfeld was supposed to be a show about nothing? Entourage makes it look like Hamlet.

  7. Nooooooooooooo! They don’t possibly have time to wrap everything up! This is going to be worse than the Lost finale!

    Maybe we’ll get more answers in “Turtle’s Travels,” the spinoff featuring Turtle and a talking monkey going into space.

  8. but what i really need to know is: is vince going to be ok?

  9. Do you guys think everything will work out fine in the end?

  10. This makes me want to roll around in glitter. Anyone else? No? Just me then.

  11. I stopped watching after season 3. Did they ever puke up an episode where there was a flash back of them as kids in Queens???

  12. Thanks HBO! Don’t worry about making any movies of your well made, unwrapped-up series!

    • Pffft. Okay, I must have read somewhere else that the series is ending so they can start making even more money with even less effort via Entourage feature films. But hey! Entourage movies! Good news: we fixed your headaches! Bad news: we did it by giving you brain cancer.

  13. I guess there is a silver lining in the notion that Jeremy Piven will finally be able to his first love… the theater!

    ( “…his first love … rapping biggie smalls songs to prove a point about how his generation is different or something?” would have also been acceptable.)

  14. This leaves Adrien Grenier more time to focus on his role as quarterback for the New York Jets.

  15. do you think it hurts to be in a show where you play someone that is way more famous, rich, and charming than you are? i hope it hurts.

  16. Did anyone else press play on all those things at once?

    Result: very awesome.

  17. Because I don’t want to waste my post on such a terrible piece of television, I JUST SAW TOY STORY 3 at laaaast. It was glorious and tearful and reminded me of all my childhood toys….

    Oh and my nephew dressed up as Buzz Lightyear and that shit makes you a babe magnet (albeit worryingly maternal babes).

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  19. Woo, final season, cannot wait!

  20. They could have just ended it last night. They ended the episode with what appeared to be Vince overdosed on Vicadin and tequila by the pool and his girlfriend Sasha Grey goes for a drunk naked swim as the camera pans out on a crane. The producers had an Inception like ending on their hands but no, now everything is going to work out. Vince is going to get his stomach pumped go to AA and make a billion dollar movie with Stan Lee, marry Sasha Grey(after she quits porn for Vince), and open a chain of art house theaters and show Godard double features, which everyone will love because Vincent Chase sold his soul to the devil back in New York to Turtle who is actually the devil, so that no matter what he does it makes millions of dollars. The gang goes down to hell, but Turtle(the devil) grew to truly be part of the gang so they spend eternity in Hell eating ice cream, fucking models, and making bad decisions that never turn badly for them.

    • Come On! Ya gotta write SPOILER ALERT! Haven’t watched it yet. I got it on the ol’ DVR. I didn’t think the overdose was going to happen until next week. Can’t wait for the rehab clinic episode.

      • Sorry about that, I thought I was still the only one on Videogum that still watched Entourage. Also SPOILER ALERT everything always works out in the end on Entourage.

        • I still watch Entourage. It’s hard to explain why. I mean, I recognize True Blood is a pretty bad show, but it’s also an incredibly entertaining(usually) bad show. There are reasons for watching it. Entourage is fucking infuriating. I hate every character that isn’t Lloyd, and that’s only because he’s too pitiful to hate. There is nothing there. Nobody to root for, no plotlines that extend past one season. Yet I have seen every single episode. The only reason I can give is that it’s some sort of sociology experiment, and that just doesn’t even make sense.

          • True Blood is both entertaining and economical. My husband and I don’t have to subscribe to the Playboy, Playgirl, or Fangoria channels, which is a fantastic $$$ave in these sour times. Sorry people, but the ladies over 12 don’t want to see the Entourage boys nekkid. Or naked.

          • I am in the same boat as you Ray’s Mom. I even own the two first seasons. Halfway through the third season I was asking myself why am I watching this? Yet episode after every episode I still watch it. Although I still enjoy Sloane because as one once famously said on Videogum, “She’s pretty”.

    • That reminds me, I think I have a couple Vicodin rattling around in my medicine cabinet. Rad.

      This is the second useful thing that Entourage has done for me, the first was providing an effective douchebag detector, ala, “Hey, brah, did you see Entourage last week? (brah?)”

  21. Oh, NO! too soon.

    Hopefully Turtle(?) is up for doing a movie version should the prospect of one arise!

  22. Yawn.

    In other MORE IMPORTANT news, comments are closed for the Weezer Hurley album cover art post. WTF?

  23. Ok, I basically had to teach myself some basic GIMP skills for this one, but here it is:

  24. It looks like Turtle is already doing Edge commercials on Videogum.

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