You don’t have to watch it, but if you want to, you can watch it here.

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  1. I have never reacted with laffz and joy to child abuse till now.

    [insert laffz and joy]

  2. You forced us to watch the maggot in the eye video and we did, so of course I am going to watch this video. Makes me happy inside.

  3. Can we instigate a JUSTIN BIEBER ACCIDENT PROMISE? Because this kid can’t seem to go two weeks without being pummeled by something.

    • Remember when he took over Funny or Die? It’s going to be like that, but instead, he performs choreographed dance moves and gets taken out by an ice cream truck.

  4. I was like baby baby baby, don’t hit me in the head with a water bottle

  5. that water bottle seemed pretty full. girl was not fucking around.

  6. I’m not allowed to watch this video at work because the website has been blocked due to “nudism.” Is this a site run by nudists?

  7. More like Justin Beaned-er. AMIRITE.

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  9. Is this the trailer for his 3D movie? I’m way into the different angles of it, and the dramatic zoom, but I can’t even fathom how much better this would be with my Real-D glasses on!

  10. Am I the only one who thinks this is mean & sad?

  11. Looks like that concert was sponsored by a station called “The End: Today’s Hit Music.” And, wouldn’t you know it, we were about two inches lower on that throw from seeing the end of today’s hit music.

  12. In related news, girls ages 9-14 are swearing to never-drink-water-ever-again-ever-I-swear-because-I-hate-it-so-much.

  13. I think the water bottle was supposed to be a metaphor for the javelin I wish she would have thrown.

  14. Blocked by my work for “adult” content. Since when is Justin Bieber an adult!??!

  15. Looks like the screenwriter and the 3-D dept. is about to get some new notes for the Bieber biopic.

  16. This is so going in his movie. Probably filtered in black and white, done in bullet time, with Eenie Meenie Miney Mo Lover playing in the background. This clip will probably last a good 3 minutes.

  17. This was so, so, so much better the time it was the lead singer of Nickelback getting hit in the head with a rock.

    Terrible, sexist, boring, disgusting, adult lead singer of a band that is doing reprehensible damage to music getting hit in the head with a rock > annoying child singer of crappy pop music that is just the latest in a long line teenage girls’ obsessions that is distrubingly decreasing in age, getting hit with a water bottle.

    • Not as good as the time when the Kings of Leon guy got a pigeon turd land in his mouth while playing at a concert recently. LOL Cakes for everybody in my opinion.

      • I dunno, my hatred of Nickelback rises pretty high, and there is video of the stone-throwing, along with video of the whole crowd either booing or being silent when he asks them if there are any Nickelback fans there. I watch this video reguarly when I am in needs of cheering up.

      • Wow, did that really happen? I was out Friday night and a coworker I thought I liked actually paid money to make the jukebox play “Sex on Fire” or whatever that song is called. Wha?

        I have met several people who like Kings of Leon, and I always wonder which part it is that they like: the part where the band is musically boring, or where they’re lyrically retarded, or where the singer sounds like if Dane Cook did an impression of a friendless 8th-grader with severe constipation hoping he can take Tom Waits to the next level of rock at a church carnival karaoke contest.

  18. I do like how Justin Beiber is handling all of these head traumas like an absolute trooper. Every time he gets hit in the head he just starts laughing and smiling, I guess because someone impressed upon him the importance of never letting them see you cry or even rub your head.

  19. My mother taught me not to hit girls

  20. Trailer for Crazies 2: Beiber Fever.

  21. Also, kudos to Bieber for taking the bottle to the head more like David Yow and less like Morrissey.

  22. meh…I’ll take Bieber walking into a glass door over this.

  23. “ow. that didn’t feel good.”
    typical programmed response for a robot.

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