On Monday mornings, it’s hard not to feel at least a little bit overwhelmed by the Sisyphusian task of pushing another week up the mountain. But it is nice to remember and to be reminded that there are Mad Decent block parties out there, and that it’s not all company-wide Q3 earnings report review meetings and getting that file on someone’s desk by 3PM. Sometimes you strap on your fanny pack and head down to the boardwalk and dance in a way that is both unexpected and delightful. And as “Grandma Tracy” shows us, sometimes you do this until you are 1,000 years old. Let’s hope. And LET’S GO!

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  1. Sisyphus actually courted Grandma back in aught six, but he took back his promise ring when he realized such an exuberant woman could never be content with someone who pushed a rock for a living.

  2. Also, “She’s pretty.”
    – Steve Winwood

  3. She needs to defend herself against irritation.

  4. That woman is unfathomably old, and is participating in an event clearly intended for a much younger generation. But she can still break it down better than I could ever hope to. I just got served by grandma.

  5. Grandma’s the man now, dog.

  6. This is what would happen if Mike Chang from Glee wasn’t oppressed by the other members of the group and allowed to dance for a full 4m39s.

  7. Your little sister is always trying to impress you, Gabe.

  8. That’s the best popnlock I’ve seen since

  9. Are you sure that’s not just Martin Lawrence in an “awesome”-suit?

  10. We can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind.

  11. I must be the truly old one, because everytime she went all the way to the ground I wanted to shout, “You’re going to get a splinter if you keep doing that!”

    • What was it about that generation and splinters? Both of my sets of grandparents were always on and on about splinters, like it was the scourge of people born in the 1910′s 20′s and 30′s. Everywhere you looked, rogue wood was lookin to mess you up, and puncture your soft, sweet thumbskin.

        • Honestly though. The swingset in my backyard growing up was pretty much that, but worse. The slide had old sidewalls of wood that were decaying, the slide itself was metal. Everything was made of old, splintering wood, the climbing bars, the whole of the ladders, the little fort/cage thing. The swings were crappy plastic, I think, but the ropes were that old, fraying, burning type.

          • Man, I think that was EVERY swingset, and we’ve all been blinded by nostalgia. Even if the slide wasn’t wooden, it was metal that would get too hot to be used in the summer, and the immutable laws of friction would usually cause you to just sit there until you scooted yourself down anyway. We were SO easily entertained as children. Not anymore, though! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go watch Family Guy.

          • The one in my back yard was that hollow aluminum, the whole swingset/slide probably weighed about as much as I did and ALWAYS felt like it was going to tip over even if you just swung a little bit. Damn that thing was cheap.

    • Another sign of my age — I was confused as to why there wasn’t a zombie in the background groaning after the “Ah get higher girl” bit. If I were a young man, I wouldn’t know such things because I would be too focused on werewolves, or vampires, or such things.

      • Wait, when we’re Gabe’s age (approx. 107), we can shout about how back in our days we had to walk to school, in the snow. uphill both ways, being chased by zombies? Oh man, I take back all of my whiny angst over aging. This is going to be awesome.

        • Kids are going to have no concept of the past, at all. Culture changes faster and faster all the time, and generally people only learn with true coherency a few culture shifts back. At some point this would have been say 200 years, then 100, then 50, and at some point it’ll be like 5. So yeah, we will benefit from that when we’re old as shit, and just be able to make up insane stories about what life was like. I relish this.

          I also relish being able to be an uncontrollable asshole and having it be okay. It will also stop being weird when I complain about skimpy clothing, loud music, the use of AC or heater, and the wearing of inappropriate t-shirts (Why are you so angry son? Why do you feel the need to insult everyone you see? Don’t you realize you might be hurting someone’s feelings?)

        • Oh, by the way. At the risk of upsetting our own self-aware, living version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders III, check this out:


  12. Its Monday and this lady just got paid. I don’t know – maybe the old people corporation was unable to mail out the paycheck before bingo-diplo night at the office.

  13. Gabe must be doing research for his new show concept: Gabe Delahaye Presents America’s Best Arthritic Dance Crew. He’ll also be pitching “So You Think You Can Dance And Not Break Your Hip” in the spring.

  14. I bet all those Life Alert bitches are hatin’ SO hard on Grandma Tracy right now.

  15. Gabe, this your girlfriend.

  16. I’ve read all these blog posts about grey hair being ‘in’ and I’m a little bit unsure. Are you sure this is actually a break-dancing old woman?

  17. I was highly entertained for the first two minutes and even began to believe that true happiness and self acceptance is possible, but then the Monday morning madness took over. Once the video ran past the two minute mark I began thinking about how annoying this lady would be if she was dressed the same way and dancing like that, but young (fanny pack?). Then I began wondering how annoying and weird she probably is old (fanny pack?). I basically destroyed my ability to enjoy the novelty in this video. Why do I do this to myself?

  18. I hope that when I am 110 I can go back in time and be this video. (then kill Hitler)

  19. Am I going to be in trouble for mentioning that it should be “Sisyphean?”

  20. that 4:39 was probably 1,000 times better than Step Up 3D

  21. “One move can set a whole generation free.”
    –this lady, circa 1937

  22. She keeps her hands perfectly straight just like I do! Just like it should be done!

  23. Sheila E looks old.

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