No comment. Well, some comment, but the same comment. (Via Jezebel [?!])

UPDATE: We were forced to take the video down by THE MAN. He’s the worst, right?! Video has been replaced by an ancient artifact of herstory. Sorry, pals.

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  1. Best. Shark Week. Ever.

    needs to go back to the Island to help Michael move on… umm, cool?

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  4. Why is there a polar bear on an island?
    There’s more than one polar bear
    Question Answering 101 failed

  5. where’s nikki and paulo?

  6. TGIF!! Amiright or amiright?

  7. I liked the part with the fish biscuit.

  8. thank goodness, this easily clears up all questions and im sure will satisfy the internet as much as a good cat picture.

  9. Why were those guys so passionate about loading those palettes? They really didn’t wanna leave that job.

  10. Also, nice Beta Max joke, guys, you are so tongue-in-cheek

  11. if i watch this will i be able to skip the last 10 episodes that i’ve been putting off watching forever because, let’s be honest, around the start of season 3 we were all just in too deep to stop (TWSS).

  12. “Knock knock?”
    “Who’s there?”
    “Your friend.”
    “But I don’t have any friends.”

  13. Damn, Walt is the Next Leader?

  14. Because I have been TV obsessing over Justified recently, all I could think of was that long haired, confused Dharma guy is the sadistic, sex-pest criminal in Bo’s gang—I was waiting for him to molest Ben…

  15. Um. So I only made it a few minutes in before my internet crapped out, but…this felt like a parody video, and maybe a mean one where Carlton and Damon are making fun of us fans (But we’ve been loading this palets for 20 years! We want answers!), and I am sad.

    • I actually thought that was kind of funny, like “C’mon guys, it’s a 12-minute epilogue for a 100+ hour series. No way in hell are we actually answering all your questions.”

      Which, as I’ve said since the beginning, WAS NEVER THE POINT OF LOST. You want answers, go watch Jeopardy.

      • The downvotes aren’t unexpected, but I stand by my statement 100%. LOST was never The X-Files, it wasn’t about explaining weird occurrences. Rewatch the first season – it’s about people and relationships. They explained what needed to be explained, and the rest really just doesn’t matter in the long run.

  16. I’m so glad they finally explained why Chang calls himself Candle in those videos. That was the final piece of the puzzle!

  17. I literally wish I could watch an amnesia video that would make me forget all about this show. No restraints necessary.

  18. Hi, I’m Troy McClure. You may remember me from such Dharma Initiative training films as Hanso-cross America and Linus? I don’t even know us.

  19. If elected governor of Magic Island, will do several issues:

    -Plant vegetation
    -Make flag fly right
    -Stop traffic stops
    -Move the island to Chattanooga

  20. It’s good to see Jorge Garcia is getting work.

  21. Awesome. That made me happy.

    • Yeah, for all of LOST’s imperfections, they do something right as I remain hopelessly devoted to it. I would keep watching a series with these three dudes running ish. Alpert, Kate, Aaron, Claire, Lapidus, and Chang’s son can stop by and visit from time to time. Boat drinks.

    • And Sawyer

  22. …I thought it was cool.

  23. For the last time hopefully….

    Damon Lindelof, please GET FUCKED!

  24. God I miss Lost.

  25. But is the top still spinning?

  26. The polar bear mystery is so 4 seasons ago.

  27. The bit with the covered Hurley bird cage looked like a Leslie Nielsen gag…

  28. That was cute and actually answered more questions than finale did.

  29. also…no blueray player…so thanx!

  30. I felt like it was a little Lost for Derps? But like, I don’t mind all the derp? I mean, it cleared up all of the boring plotholes in a hamfisheded way that would have been dull in the finale: OH! Let’s take a break from KILLING EVERYONE to explain why the Polar Bears!!!

    And, Walt was not forgotten (I mean, HE WAS, but…whateves) and what can we expect? I give it a solid Meh. and also: VINCENT IS GOING TO BE SO HAPPY TO SEE WALT ♥ !!! that is, if he isn’t dead yet. (derp.)

  31. Who plays Connect Four by themselves? I am sooo glad the two questions those stand-ins for the LOST fanbase asked such stupid fucking questions that didn’t even qualify to be in the Top 500 Crazy Insane Unexplained Things On LOST Island.

    Gabe is right; LOST should have stayed dead.

    • See, what I always found funny was that those usually were two of the most frequently-asked questions, at least among the LOST fans I always encountered on the internet. I thought it was so stupid whenever people listed those among the unanswered LOST questions because it’s like…uh, what are you actually going to gain from those answers? So now we have the answers. Awesome. I hope everyone who bitched about “OMG WHY ARE THERE POLAR BEARS?” is satisfied with their useless trivia.

  32. I was hoping they mentioned Vincent, like “Vincent will be so happy to see you!”. I mean who knows how many years have passed, but on a magic island can’t the next next Jacob’s dog live for-ev-er? Vincey was always my favorite character–what a range that dog had. Esp in that final scene.

    • What they didn’t tell Walt is that they need him to defeat ZOMBIE JACK, who awoke right after the end of the finale, and who upon awakening devoured Vincent whole and is now running amok around The Island.

  33. The Man doesn’t like it when you show people how shitty his extra features are?

  34. Man I don’t get this. All the questions were answered more or less. Do you guys really want this? Long boring scenes explaining every minute detail? The pallet drops could have easily been automated for a set time, like… 30 years or WHATEVER. But OK, there are dudes still working away, yaaaaay answers.

    Seriously people, they show was pretty good and you don’t have to shit all over it because it wasn’t tailored to your crazy needs.

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