“Love the Way You Lie” is a new Eminem song off his new album that they play on the radio a lot, and now there is a music video (after the jump). The song, which features Rihanna, is ostensibly an anti-domestic abuse anthem, which they both unfortunately seem to know a lot about. Fair enough. One could make the argument that the dude who sang about stuffing his wife’s dead body into the trunk of a car and driving it off a bridge, and whose live shows used to feature an inflatable effigy of his wife that he would throw into the audience to be molested and torn to shreds might not be the one to take the lead on this issue, but the song could just as well be about opening bottles of luxury vodka in a private plane on the way to the AVN Awards, so at least some people are trying in this world. That being said, the video for the song (which actually, if we can go back a second, might be a little TOO catchy considering the subject matter. Like if Katy Perry’s “California Girls” was dealing with the difficult subject of refugee displacement in the war-torn Middle East) stars Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings 2, Lost) and MEGAN FOX (Jennifer’s Body) in a super-stylized, beautifully filmed portrait of a passionate and occasionally violent relationship:

Uh, guys? Eminem? Rihanna? If you really want to get the word out there about the horrors of domestic violence, maybe don’t pick two famous super-attractive people (or at least two famous people and ONE super-attractive famous person) and have them filmed bathed in nothing but gorgeous, wistful, golden light having arguments that just inevitably lead to hot make-out sessions. I know that attractive people can be trapped in the violent cycle of domestic abuse (Hi, Rihanna), and that the violence is often entwined with the passion and/or positivity of the relationship, but that is Megan Fox, and she is make believe, and I’ve never wanted to be Dominic Monaghan so bad. MEGAN, WE COULD MAKE SECOND BREAKFAST TOGETHER! (Sorry.)

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  2. Slut, you do’t think I won’t choke no whore til the vocal chords don’t work in her throat no more?
    - Anti-Domestic Violence Advocate: Marshall Mathers

  3. What a downer for a Friday. I’m just going to take a swig of vinegar to flush out my system and forget this ever happened.

  4. This offended the shit outta me, & I couldn’t finish watching it. Good job, Rihanna. Lotsa respect.

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    • Wow. I’m going to sit back and let someone else explain this to you.

    • I think you’re faking this stance. Lowest rated comment must be the last thing you need for the EGOT.

      • Facetaco says he doesn’t want the lowest rated comment, but then he wrote that song about Da Cake Eatur and was in that video with Steve Winwood. I’m not sure that exactly qualifies as the behavior of a facetaco.


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        • Just watch Chris Browns Larry King interview and you will never ask these questions again.

        • You are either being an asshole on purpose, or you have absolutly no idea whatsoever about the complications and suffering of domestic violence and really should seek out someone to explain it to you. I could, but I’d only be talking from basic, passed-on second or third hand knowledge.

        • I really strongly disagree. First off, did you see the leaked police photo? I don’t see how that would support the idea that the assault was faked.

          I know you did not mean offense, but I hate the idea that there is some way that she should act as a victim of domestic abuse, and that deviating from that behavior somehow negates what happened.

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          • Just stop, please. You admit there is all sorts of evidence, you admit Brown admitted to it, you’ve now admitted there isn’t a specific way a victim should act, yet you still want to hold onto this hypothetical “hey false accusations happen sometimes!” when that is an absolute rarity in comparison to the horrifying commoness of abuse, for no reason other than to possibly be able to deny a victim’s suffering. It’s disgusting. It’s the type of horribleness that when enough people believe it, leads to the dismissal and silencing of victims.

        • “I agree with facetaco. You see, when Chris Brown turned himself in to the police, he was doing so because 9/11 was an inside job.” – Rosie O’Donnell

    • Rhianna seriously got the shit beat out of her. I think it’s hilarious how no one likes Chris Brown anymore. He’ll try to start a song and someone will say, “HEY, aren’t you that guy that beats the shit out of his girlfriends?”

      • Actually, Chris Brown still has a pretty big following. He performed a Michael Jackson tribute at the BET awards this year.

        • He sang “Man in the Mirror” and he broke down and cried like always and it was kind of REALLY UNPROFESSIONAL AND EGOTISTICAL, the tribute was supposed to be about MJ and he made it all about CHRIS BROWN, but everybody was like “Awww, he’s so sowwy,” and fell for it and totally forgave him and I hate our culture sometimes.

        • Man, I am tempted to downvote because your comment makes me sad. But as mother tables always said, it is unfair to downvote the messenger.

      • So the other day I heard this new song “Deuces” on the radio and I really liked it and went to look it up on the internet so I could buy it but then discovered it was Chris Brown and man I was all “GOD DAMN IT NOW I CAN’T BUY IT SHIT WHY COULDN’T YOU HAVE LET DRAKE OR JEREMIH OR NE-YO OR I DON’T KNOW, FUCKING ANYBODY ELSE HAVE THIS SONG OR AT LEAST NOT BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR GIRLFRIEND FUCK YOU CHRIS BROWN,” literally.

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    • Are you saying maybe she faked it by having somebody else bash her face in and then take police photos of it? Because this is one of the most cut and dry celebrity violence cases I’ve ever seen, Whoopi Goldberg. I realize you’re not trying to offend, but this isn’t really the “FAKE!” battle to pick.

    • Hey, Face Taco, you think THAT’S bad!? Eminem has been faking being black for years.

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      • I seriously can’t fucking believe you fucking people started this fucking discussion. Fuck everything, shut this Friday down.

      • i don’t understand my downvotes. is it because my comment is gossipy and annoying or is it being misconstrued as supporting the shithead that is chris brown? or both…

    • Someone has clearly hacked Facetaco’s account.

  6. Don’t cry there Megan I’m here baby

  7. They argue a lot because he thinks she loves her skull baby more than she loves him.

  8. DESMOND: I’ve tried, brother. I’ve tried twice to save you, but the universe has a way of course correcting and — and I can’t stop it forever. I’m sorry. I’m sorry because no matter what I try to do you’re going to be in a really offensive and off-putting Eminem video that glorifies the very cycle of abuse that the song, in the most shallow way possible, attempts to address because songs and videos like this are made by horrible greed machines that can’t be bothered to think about the product that they are actually putting out for the youth of the world to consume, Charlie.

  9. Guys. The number is 911 and you should call it.

  10. Sigh… apparently I’m a sucker, cuz I liked it. I really like Eminem’s new album. I really like looking at Dominic Monaghan’s mouth. I think the visuals were effective. I think we were supposed to be disturbed by this video, so it wins.

    • The problem I have isn’t that I am disturbed by the video, but that it disturbs me for the wrong reason. If the video had been a gritty or artistic vision of what actual abuse is like, it would have been disturbing, but would have gotten the point across. In this case, the video makes the abuse glamorous–the people are hot, they fight each other and then they make out, which I think reinforces the bad back-and-forth of domestic abuse (“Oh, I won’t do it again, I promise, let’s make up”)

      Also, Megan Fox gets some good punches in, which I think reduces the discomfort of watching a woman get beaten by a stronger man. You think, “Well, they are both fighting,” but in reality, I think she would have a hard time defending herself against him, and also, shouldn’t have to becuase, you know, don’t beat people.

      While I am not a fan of the song, I can see that it might work, but the video I think sacrifices the actual meaning of the song in favor of a pretty video.

      • Exxxxxxxactly.

      • Finally, someone gets the point. The “it’s okay to beat the shit out of my girlfriend becuase we just make out later” excuse has gone on for too long and seems to be fairly non-chalant these days (Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Chris Brown). They should make a song about throwing their asses in jail.

      • I thought the video being pretty was the point it was trying to make. It’s really easy to vilify domestic abuse (and it sure as hell deserves to be vilified) when you just show a man beating the shit out of a woman.

        If you make it pretty, and show them making up and the whole “exciting” roller coaster relationship, it’s easier to see why someone would stay in a relationship despite abuse.

        I’m no expert on the subject, but that’s my two cents.

        • That would make sense, if the target audience weren’t largely middle-class adolescents who would be unlikely to make that connection and far more likely to just enjoy the aesthetic in ways that are troubling and potentially damaging.

          • I find it difficult to believe that anyone that could find any enjoyment in domestic violence would be reached by any type of music video. That type of person needs help on a different level.

            I also think we need to talk down to people a little less. In many cases, matters are simplified to the point of being insulting. You’re not going to scare kids away from drugs by telling them every bag of pot they buy is funding terrorists, and you’re not going to get people in realistic domestic abuse scenarios to relate to something that’s really one-sided.

          • But this video is one-sided too. I think a portrayal of the “exciting” part of an abusive relationship would have more value than simplifying…if it included the dangerous reality, like hospital visits, the downward spiral as it just gets worse and worse…and on… This video didn’t do that.

          • Well, it was less PSA and more realistic scenario, in my opinion.

            That said, it’s far from perfect (it has Rihanna and Eminem in it for starters), but it’s a step in the right direction, as opposed to what you see most of the time when it comes to issues of domestic abuse. You usually get a woman being beaten and crying, and you give the real-life abused women another excuse to stay with their shitty partner, in that “He doesn’t treat me like that. He only hits me when he gets really angry. Most of the time it’s great!”

            I’m simply arguing against the archetype of the abuser who’s never nice. I just think it’s a good idea to show the good times as well, to let people see that the rights that are there don’t correct the egregious wrongs. If you really want to get into what this video did wrong, let’s start with the fact that it ends with them still together.

          • Cool, I think we’re on the same, or at least very close, page now. Huzzuh for thoughtfully talking through things.

      • BOOM goes the Mansamite. — from way back

  11. Eminem’s long discussed his wife/ex/wife/ex-again in positive terms, but recognizes Kim has similar faults to his own. This song is about the way he love love loves her until they get crazy, and the time he physically assaulted her (the only time, apparently).
    Even though Slim Shady LP had his wifes leg hangin out of his car trunk on the dock, or made “Kim,” off of Marshall Mathers LP, he still loved his wife and had actually taken much more abuse then he dished out.
    All of these songs are a record of his internal struggle with the feelings he has for the mother of his child. Some of the expression of this struggle is fictional, some autobiographical, but it is entertainment as well.

    I am not defending domestic violence, or Eminem, and I get that you were making jokes, so sorry for getting all EminemProfessorGum over here.
    #Pushes Up Eminem-Nerd Glasses#

    The Video sucks, and this song is so-so anyways

    • Having been in an abusive relationship, I can tell you that it’s really complicated, and sometimes the sex was incredibly hot. I can identify with this video more than I care to admit.

      • Thank you. As I explained in a post above, it’s not a black and white world and I think the video does a good job of portraying that.

        Also, as someone who finds domestic abuse to be one of the most disgusting things a person can do, it makes me very, VERY happy to know you’re no longer in that relationship.

  12. Swing and a miss, Dominic.

  13. Don’t fuck with the witch.

  14. The evolution of Dominic Monaghan=

    Innocent, tiny and good-willed liccle hobbit (Aawwww)

    Drug-addict but good willed Rock Star (NOT PENNYS BOAT!)

    Mutant in sub-par comic book spinoff (Tut tut)

    Science whiz flip-flopper between GOOD (yay!) and BAD (boo!)

    Megan Fox beater (What went wrong Merry?! Whyyyyyyyyyyy?!?!??!)

  15. I wonder if this song/video will inspire other pop stars to make catchy solutions to real world problems?

    Ke$ha should think about making her next record a concept album about female genital mutilation, and she should shoot the first video in Abu Dhabi with the ladies of Sex and the City.

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    • None. Zero sympathy for them whatsoever. I think I read that somewhere. On my step-dad’s back tattoo, if I remember correctly.

    • Whoa. No. This is far more complicated than “Just leave.” First, there is the psychological aspect of abuse: if you’ve been told for years that you are worthless and no one else would want you, you begin to believe it. The women and men who are subject to abuse often have been subject to it for many years, and from childhood as well. It runs deep.

      Second, often there is the threat of additional violence or death for leaving. Are you going to disappear?

      Third, lots of people can’t afford it. If you are living with someone, or own a house together, it isn’t easy to just pick up and leave one day. How far do you go to escape the violence? Another town, another state? That means a new job, and a job search, and money which you may not have.

      Fourth, what about the kids?

      • Oh, Mans, so patient. My response would have been more like thinking all those things in my head but just typing “How has no one explained this to you before?!?!!?”

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        • That’s still not how it works though. First, it’s not like a relationship that is going to become abusive is that way right from the start, early enough when it would be “easy” to leave. Second, absuve relationships are often based on deep, deep, attraction. The sort of attraction that happens quickly and instensly and is incredibly hard to ever step away from. Third, Mans’ first point still applies. There is a good chance the abused has been abused in the past, by family or past partners, and their self-esteem, self-belief, whatever, does not have the same reaction to abuse as you do, as you think they should.

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          • Dude, no one was making reasons or excuses for the abuser, we were explaining why people stay in abusive relationships. And if you continue to try to insist that there’s no “excuse” for staying in abusive relationships, with a strong implication that you think less of a person who does, you’re making them a victim all over again.

      • i love mans. every comment you leave explaining something leads to me loving you more. look at you with all those books behind you! you’ve read them and now are sharing the knowledge with us.

      • Mans, you’re my Videogum hero in all srsgum matters.

    • Ugh. I wish enough down-votes could summon a serious punch in the butt. Cause this deserves one serious butt-punching.

    • And I’ve always explained being stuck in an abusive relationship like being accidentally addicted to crack. It ruins your life, you feel terrible. But there’s that tiny litttle bit that feels good. Makes all the terrible go away for just that short period of time. And you are chasing that. And it’s the only good. And you’ve been beaten down in every way, so the only good that you’ve been convinced is there or ever will be is that which is coming from the bad relationship. It must be reeeeeally awesome to not be able to understand this. I’m jealous beyond words.

      • I’m sorry. This is why I feel weird opening my mouth when people say stupid things on an issue like this in a public forum. I always know that even as I’m trying to explain better and say things well, there’s someone who knows much, much more.

    • If someone told me they would tie me to a bed and light the house on fire if I tried to leave them, I doubt my very first thought would be “I feel horribly disrespected. I must do exactly what he threatened me by pain of death not to do.”

  17. “now you get to watch her leave out the window. guess that’s why they call it ‘window pane’”

    • i cringe every time i hear that one. come on, slim shady! did you not once make the beautiful couplet “i don’t rap to get the women, fuck bitches/give me a fat slut that cooks and does dishes?!” then again, slim shady would never collaborated with america’s sweetheart, rihanna; he probably would have sung about making a smoothie out of her and killing some puppies while he was at it. i’m calling it: this music video marks the official death of slim shady. brown hair, megan fox, meriadoc brandybuck? it’s over.

  18. I think in a couple of years Megan Fox’s face is going to morph into Mickey Rourke’s. And vice versa.

  19. i really related to the getting drunk part of this video.

    • Except for me it was about getting drunk and playing Eve Online? Until you’re multiboxing three accounts on two monitors, you don’t know what “window-pain” really is.

  20. As far as vapid “issue” videos from unlikely sources go, Papa Roach’s take on alcohol abuse in “Scars” is much more hilarious.


  21. This is probably the best acting Megan Fox has ever done. So suck it Michael Bay.

  22. The real abuse is that awful back and forth Frankenstein stomp Eminem is doing in that field.

  23. This song was good until that little blonde kid started yelling.

  24. All this time I thought this song was about his relationship to drugs. Because, really, still writing about Kim?

  25. No one is talking about the real conundrum here: that wall that got hit!
    People will be like, “What happened to you?” and it will be like, “Oh, I’m so clumsy, I walked into myself.”

  26. Oh man, rihanna’s longingly waiting for Eminem in a candle lit room, and where’s he? Taking a refreshing walk in a pretty sunlit meadow. TYPICAL MAN!!!!

  27. If this is unpopular, I don’t care. MEGAN FOX IS OVERRATED. She looks like a gross blowup doll.

    I’ll take Olivia Munn instead, thanks.

  28. Okay so hopefully this doesn’t come out wrong.

    Maybe, just maybe, Eminem is growing up and growing out of the crazy Kim crap he used to pull. I mean look at the Beastie Boys. They have some terrible misogynistic lyrics (not the same level of course), some so bad they inspired the boys from the Glen Ridge rape case. But they later came out and apologized for their earlier work, spoke out in protecting girls at shows, etc. People can evolve.

    I just know after I write this the next single will be misogynistic crap again.

  29. Goddam it.
    This video is a crime against humanity.
    I really, really don’t get the lazy glamourisation (English spelling. Jealous?) of sexual violence. This and the poster for ‘I Spit on your Grave’ and every other freaking video being produced now.

    Shame on everyone who made this video.

  30. You see now, though, the journey with the Ring had a detrimental affect on ALL the Hobbits in the Fellowship.


  31. Did anybody write FAKE or GAY yet? Shit.

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